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  1. 2021 will be my 9th meet. 2012 in Concord was my first! This will be an awesome meet. Can't wait!
  2. I am making an effort to buy this car on Copart. Hoping it can be saved. I just hope this post doesn't end up like that Select 60 in Houston several years ago. A bunch of tire kickers driving the price up with pure speculation. The car has a salvage title, so that affects the value a but it still looks repairable.
  3. I ran a Compnine report on this car and it's a factory white wheel and pinstripe delete car.
  4. I own 621. I had come across similar info on build dates in my digging before. Good to know. Looks like my 91 Reatta convertible truly was the last one to roll off the line.
  5. The painted cover is not plastic, it's pot metal just like the rest of the assembly. Parts of #12 are plastic.
  6. Just to clear up some confusion.... On 1990 and 1991 Reattas, the lines are stainless steel starting at the fuel rail and going to about halfway down the incline where they go towards the back of the car. On a coupe, this is where the fuel filter is located. Padgett is presumably working on his 1990 convertible. On the convertibles, they transition from stainless to plastic at the same point. HOWEVER, if you've owned a convertible, you know that the fuel filter is located just in front of the drivers rear wheel. '88 and '89 Reattas are a whole different beast when it comes to fuel lines. You can buy kits to splice GM plastic fuel lines together. They're not cheap, but they work well.
  7. That tab was only added for 1990 and 1991. Probably to combat the issue of them not laying flat on the 88 and 89 models
  8. That part is supposed to be like that. If you seal that gap shut you will never be able to replace your seat belt without breaking that bezel. All Reattas are designed that way so you can replace the bezel or the belt independently.
  9. I have used Apex Transmission multiple times with good results. They may not work on older cars though. Call them and see though.
  10. You cannot press the play button unless there is a tape in the deck.
  11. We had quite a fun time getting it home. I also bought two (almost) identical blue 1989 Reattas that were part of the caravan. Lots of honks and thumbs up on the way back.
  12. All you need to do is remove the defroster grille and tighten the T-15 screws. They get loose after 25 years.
  13. I sold my car before Hershey so if you're looking in B14, you won't find me. Now in RNG 9 with some junk. I bought a Sinclair dinosaur yesterday. My big purchase for the weekend. Not sure what else I can afford. Another day in the rain!
  14. I will gladly pay you with a third-party out of state starter check. How much should i make it out for?
  15. How bout I just save you a bunch of trouble of hauling them all that long way to PA and you just drop them here on the way up? I'm only about 10 miles from Matt!