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  1. They're covers for the subframe mounts. Only on the front two mounts on the engine subframe.
  2. I stopped there last year and tried to talk him in to selling me a car or two. Still no luck. I've been trying for years.
  3. I recently picked up a 91 Reatta that still has the 20lb dampener weights under the rear bumper. These were the subject of a service bulletin and most were removed. From my understanding, this was one of the many things they did to try to reduce vibration.
  4. Chuck, I am about 3.5 hours from there if you can't find anyone else to take a look at it. You might post it on the general Buick or general AACA forum as well.
  5. I had a white 89, several years ago that had a two tone painted stripe on red and grey. It appeared to be factory. Not sure where the car is now to check the service parts sticker.
  6. Interesting, I own 2 of the 3 1991 convertibles built on the last day of convertible production (3/11). I will also note that both of them have one odd thing in common - they both have two service parts stickers one placed right over the top of the other. Sadly I can't remove the top one without damaging the bottom one to figure out what the difference may be.
  7. I'll be at Hershey in RNG 8. Not sure what I'll be in. Thinking about trailering a Reatta but also thinking about just taking my '92 Park Avenue Ultra. Call me if you get up to Hershey. I may be leaving mid day on Friday.
  8. The ignition has to be on in order to open the give box on 88s
  9. I'm curious on judging when it comes to tires. Obviously, tires must be the correct size. But will having an incorrect white wall be a deduction? Or having something such as Vogue tires? Just wondering what procedure is. On both AACA and BCA for that matter. Thanks in advance!
  10. Correct. I had one customer who was dead set on doing this. He ordered an entire roof panel and sunroof assembly. He had a body shop remove the glass, cut his old roof off, reinstall new roof with sunroof assembly. Repaint, rewire, and reinstall glass. All said and done he had over $3500 tied up in this project. Plus having to repaint the rest of his car. Also assuming they don't break or damage your glass taking it out. Might be cheaper just to go find a Reatta with a sunroof and have two cars.
  11. Very nice cars, Anthony! I ended up with sequential polo green coupes. 1425 I bought in 2014 in Philadelphia PA. It was a parts car with 268,000 miles. 1426 I bought in 2018 in Abilene TX. That car I did up for this year's national meet. Even though they were sequential, one was a sunroof car with body color moldings, and the other was just a hard top with black. Both has standard seats and factory CD. Come to think of it, I also had green coupe 1154 (wrecked parts car with 16 ways, body color moldings, and CD player) and 1153 (13k mile car with sunroof, body color moul
  12. John is a good customer and friend of mine and has several 1991 convertibles at any given time. He has some pretty impeccable cars in his collection. I sold him a 1988 black coupe with 762 original miles on it several years ago. He's since sold that car, but is a die-hard Buick guy and has gotten the Reatta sickness bad. He bought a 1991 convertible last year that he ended up sending over here to me for some refresh work. I think the VIN on that car is 386.
  13. All I'm saying is that I've seen this multiple times and every time it's the power supply. It was a known problem with the early variants of the CPS. So well known that GM issued a bulletin on it. Some fail quickly, some don't. What do you propose for Shawn to do in terms of troubleshooting besides checking a fuse? No reason to get combative and snarky just because Im trying to help someone fix their car. No wonder forum attendance has declined...
  14. In 1988 there was a service bulletin regarding faulty Central Power Supply units. I have seen this same issue on 3 other 88s, and one 89. It's the central power supply. If you need one, you can contact me. I have 8 or 10 sitting on the shelf ready to ship. The CPS is not located in the console, it is up next to the top of the gas pedal on 88s and 89s.
  15. If all goes as planned we should be there around 4:30 PM.
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