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  1. NCReatta

    Crt touch screen dead spots

    You cannot press the play button unless there is a tape in the deck.
  2. NCReatta

    Hershey 2018

    We had quite a fun time getting it home. I also bought two (almost) identical blue 1989 Reattas that were part of the caravan. Lots of honks and thumbs up on the way back.
  3. NCReatta

    Dashboard shaking

    All you need to do is remove the defroster grille and tighten the T-15 screws. They get loose after 25 years.
  4. NCReatta

    Hershey 2018

    I sold my car before Hershey so if you're looking in B14, you won't find me. Now in RNG 9 with some junk. I bought a Sinclair dinosaur yesterday. My big purchase for the weekend. Not sure what else I can afford. Another day in the rain!
  5. NCReatta

    Hershey 2018

    I will gladly pay you with a third-party out of state starter check. How much should i make it out for?
  6. NCReatta

    Hershey 2018

    How bout I just save you a bunch of trouble of hauling them all that long way to PA and you just drop them here on the way up? I'm only about 10 miles from Matt!
  7. NCReatta

    Buick Reatta - Meets, Tours & Car Shows

    This tour has been cancelled. Please see below from one of our chapter members who has been handling registration: I am sorry to inform you that the Tarheel Chapter is cancelling the SE Regional tour for this year. Our hotel in New Bern is closed for a minimum of 60 days due to flooding and it is too late to find another venue. We hope to have this tour in the Fall of 2019. I spoke to several of you this morning and left messages with others. Please remember to call the hotel if you have made reservations to cancel them. The number is (252)638-3585 - press 1. Our treasurer will be sending you a refund. Thank you for registering and we hope to see you next year. If you have any questions, you may respond to this email or give me a call at (336)599-9589. Anne Gibson Tarheel Chapter, BCA
  8. NCReatta

    Hershey 2018

    There may already be another thread like this but I couldnt find it.. I've talked to several of y'all already, but I was wanting to compile a list of Buick guys who are going to Hershey and if/where you have spots. I'll be in Car Corral B14 with a white Reatta convertible. Swing by if you can!
  9. If the CRT and dash are dimming, the photocell is good. Try turning your fog lights on and see if it returns. If it does then the circuit in the headlight switch that controls the back lighting may be bad.
  10. NCReatta


    Yes, I was prepared for power outages with a generator and plenty of gas just to keep the sump pump and fridge running. Lucky that was never an issue.
  11. NCReatta


    All is well here. Reattas are ok, we had some water in the basement/garage after a sump pump failure Monday morning. In just a few hours we got ~10" of rain. Most of the last few days was spent drying out the garage. Nothing important damaged though. I moved the Reattas to a parking deck downtown before the storm hit. I'm glad I did, because I checked on them later in the week and the deck was full of a dealership's inventory. Thursday-Sunday were pretty tame with no major issues, but Sunday night into Monday morning the remainder of the storm hit us hard on it's way out of the state. Tons of water, several tornado warnings and rivers rising. Here is the Eno river (about 3 miles from my house) Monday around lunch time. The river is usually 15-20 feet below this bridge. Over all we didn't get as much bad weather as our friends down east for sure. Which is forutate because a week ago it was supposed to make a direct hit on Durham. Sorry for not getting back to you VIA email, Dave. It's been a nutty couple days getting it all back in order. Just now getting some time to catch up
  12. NCReatta

    1990 Vert Trunk Lid Unlocking By Itself

    I have also had issues in the past with a bad keyless entry module providing power all the time to the trunk solenoid.
  13. NCReatta

    Off-road Reatta!?!?!

    Buy it and drive it out to Raleigh and leave it here!
  14. Why waste your time on cheap gaskets that may or may not fit when you can go buy a $25 set from your local auto parts store that you KNOW will work, and will probably last longer?
  15. NCReatta

    Looking at a 91 questions

    Depends on miles and color combo. Security light flashing is completely normal, and lots of them have the tape deck issue. Not hard to fix. If under 100k miles or a rare color combo sounds like a steal at $7k