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  1. Eagerly following your progress, Adam. Talked with you at South Bend when Flight Pitches were a concern. Hope you can get to Strongsville.
  2. Very sorry to learn of this. Tons of admiration and respect for Joe. I was very disappointed when he left the BCA; but always looked forward to his posts and opinions. Thanks for posting this sad news Roberta.
  3. Stuart: Last year I referred one our chapter members to your 2010 post on the subject of his 1935 Model 46 overheating. Owned the car since 1983 but was not aware of the baffle inside. Using your pictures as reference, he used a brass door kickplate available at many home centers or hardware stores. He cut, fit, and installed it. So far this seems to have cured the problem, although he was not able during this last year to really give the car a good long drive. I met you at BCA Danvers Meet in 2011. Good to see you're continuing to post.
  4. Looks to be folded over judging by pictures posted by Matt.
  5. Looks like a Special. Price a little high but if the floors etc are good might be worth it. A concern would be if the center posts are missing.
  6. Just to be sure my recent posting refers to the photos posted by 39BuickEight. Still curious to what others think about the photos originally posted by Pete.
  7. Exactly on splash control for oil control. First used in 1942 and noted in the 1942 Service Bulletins.
  8. Pete: My thought is that these are water jacket covers for the early straight eights. Group 1.140 used from 1931 through 1935 until the water passages were cast into the block itself. Of course each of those 8's had its own sizes as shown in the parts book; so hopefully some of the guys on this site who have one of these engines could measure theirs to compare with yours so you can determine what series covers they fit.
  9. I believe this issue is due in the stores Oct. 8 if you do not have a subscription.
  10. I found that to be true on my 37 as well. That is how I was able to establish that the transmission was original to the car. The engine itself was missing. I made a post on this a few years ago; but I don't recall any response by others. Maybe your post will cause others to verify this on their cars.
  11. All of us remember the restoration Bhigdog did on the 55 Century convertible a few years ago. This would be a piece of cake for him relatively speaking.
  12. Grant: Your initial post had started me thinking about this again. Posts by Matt, Neil, and Lawrence then pushed me to check out my Bugle collection for the article. Looks like you were on the right track on this.