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  1. Booreatta

    BOD Candidates

    John I want you to know that I agree with Jack you set the bar that it is going to be tough for the next person that has to follow in your foot steps. While I don't always agree I always respect your opinion. The BCA owes you a big thanks for all of your efforts during your time on the BCA I can think of easier things to do than run for the BOD but I wont go into that Thanks for your efforts Chuck
  2. Booreatta

    BOD Candidates

    If I may state a few issues I continue to see with past BOD and continue to see to day. Its call listen to the folks who pay the bill, by that I mean the members. The members have and always will have the best answer to the problems of the club {not always} The job of BOD member will always be an on the job training and it takes a full year to get up to speed. By then there are now members to get up to speed. The Board has an odd number for one reason, and that is to avoid a tie and a non elected member on the board should NEVER HAVE A VOTE. It upsets the balance period. The Board in the past has not been flexible to new ideas. The board has become bogged down with audit, parking, membership decline, and now office staff and what hours the office will be open and what can the office staff can do. Talk about OJT. Who will do what and when. Lets face it the number one thing the club has to do is publish the Bugle and do a National Meet. The Bugle and the National meet are complex issues and seem to be done very well. The old adage is if it aint broke don't try to fix it. That leaves the Boards one job to put out REAL FIRES and fund the BUGLE and the NATIONAL MEET and to listen to their customers which is us the folks who pay the way. Its pretty simple a candidate should be someone who is willing to learn and listen and be prepared to swim up stream. Just a side note I have written the current board about some issues I have seen in the past and I have only heard from 2 so when the time comes to assign duties to the new office folks don't ask them to do what you as a board member wont do. This board and the future one needs to adapt the SUNDOWN RULE. For what its worth. .
  3. Booreatta

    BOD Candidates

  4. Booreatta

    BOD Candidates

    Dynaflash ask anyone around these parts and you will find out about old and grumpy
  5. Booreatta

    BOD Candidates

    Brian I have to agree with you I served on the BOD for a few years and no body asked me to run. It was interesting to say the least. Brian I think you should run again, most of the club has respect for what you have done in the past..You have the time as organized as you are. If the board had a draft policy you wouldn't be asked you would be DRAFTED.
  6. Booreatta

    drink holder

    I also have a center console tan with the built in cup holder fits 90 or 91 I purchased it from Jim Finn a couple years ago I sold the car I listed it on buy sell also
  7. Booreatta

    Reatta Forum Moderator

    I think Dave said it correctly, there are simply less Reattas being driven on a daily basis so the need to be on the forum are less. it really has nothing to do with who is posting what. Ronnie from what I have seen it is not an issue you have caused. As my college son says IT IS WHAT IT IS. If you enjoy what you are doing keep going Chuck
  8. Booreatta

    Items for sale

    \I have the following items for sale 1 complete Reatta zippered portfolio 1990 owners manual, pen, flashlight, tire gage, the how the Reatta was built, road map. plastic keys uncut, etc $250.00 Shipping included in the US 2 Key remote works good just needs to be programed to your car 1989-1991 buttons are in good shape $50.00 shipping included in the US 3 1991 center console tan in color with cup holder great shape $125.00 shipping included in the US fits 1990 and 1991 I will take checks or money orders. I do not take paypal I can furnish photos if there is an interest text 316-655-1099 no calls please. you can use voice mail but this phone is not answered on regular basis or email I am also open to offers I NOW HAVE PHOTOS THAT I CAN EMAIL THE PHOTOS ARE TOO LARGE TO POST HERE
  9. Booreatta

    Liftful thinking

    wish I had the room, I had to cut a hole in the top of my garage. works ok but I could use a bit more head room. My wife is short so I just give her a towel and cleaner for the underside. she does a good job most of the time but I have to stay after her..I told her that I should be able to down a couple of brews and she should be done by then I hope if anyone buys into this I have some ocean front property for sale
  10. Booreatta


    There is also a web site AUTOPEDIA will have recall info on any car. There is also information on TSB's that most people don't even know there is other information out there if they don't ever take a car to the dealers
  11. Booreatta

    SOLD! - 1990 Red/Tan convertible for sale

    This car is sold
  12. Booreatta

    The Grinch

    Ed the point I was trying to make is most of the imports, not all but most do not manufacture parts here in the US they assemble thus the JIT inventory control plays a big part. The cost to produce the part overseas is less labor due to as you said we pay our workers here more than workers in Japan or Korea. The final cost of a car could be reduced for the import labor cost being less. Then there is the tax issue. Import parts are taxed differently than a finished product. I have dealt with global procurement and its a different ballgame..yes there are labor costs on both shores but the savings for Hyundai and Toyota and other import companys are large cost savings that GM does not have for all models Buick makes a lot of cars in China for just that reason..The bean counters in these companys don't want us to have all of the details. Scrub down the P&L of GM or Ford or ? and see just how much funny money you can find. Follow the money which is why cars don't sell like they used to. The bigger the beast the bigger the profit
  13. My red tan convertible is for sale Photos are on Craigslist. Car is in good shape no rust clean body. Just replaced water pump, and belt. have owned since 2004 and it is always garaged.Everything works except cd player Top does show some wear. Good wheels and great center caps. Have a complete zippered portfolio and new re pop tan floor mats. I can send photos if you contact me. offered at $5000.00. Need the room. 70,000 miles contact call or text and leave msg I will return your call CORRECTION I HAVE OWNED CAR SINCE 2006
  14. Booreatta

    The Grinch

    from what I have read VW Toyota Kia Hyundai are not made here they are assembled here. if that is the case half the labor, equals less costs
  15. Booreatta

    1990 Reatta Convertible for sale

    this looks like a really nice car and the fact that Padgett owns the car would make it a well maintained auto