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  1. I have had to replace the rack on 2 cars now, I tried the stop leak and found it to only to be a temp. fix..
  2. another great edition Thanks for the hard work
  3. the problems with the retractable hard tops is the lack of trunk space and then there is the issue of hydraulic cylinder failure after a few years I know it can get pricy to repair the tops in good working condition Pontiac G6 can cost a lot to maintain maybe that's why most of older retractables are always up
  4. I also have a hardtop for my Mercedes SL500 I have never put it on the car
  5. I just get tired of leaking hydraulic cylinders on my 500sl the darn car has 12 of them fix one and another starts leaking that what I like about my Reatta MANUAL TOP ALWAYS WORKS
  6. now that's a win win for everybody. glad you sill have the 88
  7. cockpit cover is sold
  8. i have a few items that need to go they are just taking up space full cockpit cover make off and pay shipping fits convertibles front tag holder I have 2 used ones make offer and pay shipping black cover with springs for trunk lock again make offer and pay shipping set of McGard lug nut locks with Key Kent Moore convertible top pin alignment tool all items best offer and pay ashipping contact
  9. look like an Idaho tag on the last photo
  10. this sounds like something that I had to deal with on the hard part of the dash the hard part that touches the windshield. it attaches to the padded part and the hard part cracked and looked like circles I had the dash top pulled and had the hard part repaired this was on my 89. you could tell it was repaired if you didn't look too hard
  11. I see the pewter was for sale for 550.00 did it have the wood stand did the hawtal car have a price did either car sell
  12. not sure of the purpose of it but both sides had it check with one of the parts guys listed they should have one for you
  13. really enjoyable seeing all these wonderful photos this meet was the one I looks forward to for a long time but it was not to be thanks for all the posts Chuck Kerls
  14. Booreatta


    thanks very simple to get to the speakers, Strange size speaker