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  1. really enjoyable seeing all these wonderful photos this meet was the one I looks forward to for a long time but it was not to be thanks for all the posts Chuck Kerls
  2. Booreatta


    thanks very simple to get to the speakers, Strange size speaker
  3. Booreatta


    Sorry I am talking about a convertible. The speakers behind the seats.
  4. Booreatta


    can anyone tell me the easiest way to change the rear speakers. I haven't taken a hard look at it but do I need to remove the seatbelt retainers? I don't have a lot of time so any short cuts would be appreciated Thanks
  5. still looking for a room for Wednesday thru Saturday nite. call me before you cancel 316-655-1099
  6. we are going but still don't have a room hoping something will open up if not we will find something when we get there driving down Wednesday
  7. one question to ask is where did the PEWTER MODEL came from. Still a mystery
  8. we are going to drive down sometime Thursday from Wichita about 160 miles. Don't have a place to stay but there is a lot of places close. Not doing any tours but we are just going to do our own thing. Barney you may drive all day to get out of Texas but I can drive 100 miles just to get away from ORANGE CONSTRUCTION CONES. The official sign of Summer in Kansas Is there a meeting schedule posted any where, I have not seen one Driving our Select 60 Who has to drive thru Wichita Kansas
  9. Staples had easy buttons that they sold and when you pressed it a voice would say " That was easy" but some body was able to change the button and put in a short recorder that you can record anything and I recorded the Buick song on about 6 of them and gave them away. They were fun. I recorded one for a very ill friend that simply said " Have a great day and get better soon" He later told me that he pressed the easy button many times a day while he was in the hospital and it always made him smile and today it is on his desk in his office.
  10. I have put this song on several recordable easy button and have given them to a couple of members at the forum breakfasts in the past. Lamar I think you got one. Maybe ill do another one in OKC if time permits and we have a forum breakfast.
  11. resume stay on until you hit resume on the turn stalk or slide the switch on the stalk as well one bump on the resume will increase speed by one MPH each bump of the set button will slow the car by 1 MPH
  12. Has anyone figured out where this car went and if it is going to be fixed or parted out. I could sure use a red floor MAT
  13. Oklahoma publishes a travel guide that is worth asking for. They break the state up in sections and each section has some good information depending your route. This book is free of charge. Contact Travel Promotion Division P.O. Box 52002 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152-2002 or email them at Lots of interesting stuff to see .