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  1. Does anyone know the nomenclature/numbers on the round "bulb/tube" for the sign please. Hesitant to take sign apart before ascertaining if a "bulb" is available...... Thanks !
  2. OK - I still wondered....the recycler I called was run/owned by.....females :). They quoted me $0.25 a pound or about $5 - 6.00 a wheel. I just decided to call another recycling yard.........depending on the true weight of course....@ a $0.55 quote per pound I imagine the 4 wheels are ..... really ..... probably worth $45.00 to $50.00. Mr. Finn, With that return you could take the Mrs. to dinner more that a couple of times I would think
  3. Why for how come cans are worth something, and the wheels not ? Many years ago I remember a fellow that worked for me took several wheels to a recycler, and received 22-23.00 each......is there magnesium or something maybe mixed in with the aluminum lowering the value ?
  4. Good Grief Charlie Brown.......or Jim Excellent tree display for sure. The Arbor Day Foundation would probably find the picture interesting..... I was just holding on to the wheels for when I traveled close to the recycler - I was under the impression that the metal had some value - Wrooooong. I will put a "for free" posting on the NextDoor site.
  5. For some reason I have been hoarding 4 ..... 90 model wheels for years. I thought when I had time I would trailer them to a recycling location 30 miles away. I called the recycler, and out of curiosity asked what they would bring cash wise.....answer was $0.25 a pound........Is that right ? Any other suggestions of what I can do with them please? Thanks !
  6. Well Folks, Years ago (maybe 2012-14) I picked up a SS badge for a very reasonable price (don't really remember the price but it was "cheap") because I had bought a SS and with intentions of keeping it. My thoughts were that even then it was supposedly rare.....and if I did have the misfortune of some front end damage I would not have to hunt one down. And besides, I do have right much Reatta memorabilia. Since the topic was being discussed anyway, I was just curious as to what one was ..... really ..... worth these days.
  7. Hi Folks, Just out of curiosity ...... Jim, Barney, or other knowledgeable member/s, what is a reasonable (if can be found) price one should pay for SS hood emblem/ornament please? And Thanks !
  8. Wow and Thank You Padgett. I may have to close this thread due to something out of my control.... I will write you a PM to explain Nic
  9. Wow Y-JonFan.....Thank you as well - you might have brought something up. The rear bow has always been very difficult/hard to engage - that is the pins in the bow with whatever is in the "top cover" or receivers that engage. I always have heard something like a solid click. However at some point within the last couple of years I do remember seeing a small amount of daylight in the right inside corner part of the bow seal/gasket after raising the top. I lowered and re raised the top and did not see it again. I will definitely take another look at this as well - that is again raise and lo
  10. Thanks for the suggestion 28 Chrysler . will take your advice
  11. Thanks Padgett - we have had that type of weather-rain conditions here as well, but I think afterwards the leaks / "pooling" happened...
  12. Thank you both Gentlemen........Barney, I am fairly sure I understood your explanation on the channel drain running down to the tube......I took an air gun and blew (about 90-100 lbs.) into the tube where the tube disappears or exits the trunk, and with the action I did not feel any back pressure/resistance. It seemed/sounded that the air was escaping or exiting............somewhere. However I could not locate where the drain/s in front of the rear wheel exit the cars wheel well ? Barney could you provide a general/approximate area or what to look for please? And Thanks Padget -
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