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  1. Hi Folks... Any sources anywhere for new or used bulbs please?
  2. Another repair venue...I have had the below very well known company repair one for me several years ago. We also have several Very Reliable sources for used speedometer panels (and most everything else) right here on the forum.... Shipping to and from is at n/c See below website ***************************************Southern Electronics******************************************** Cost $265.00 Business website Phone number (804) 423-1100 Get Directions 730-A Research Rd Ste A Richmond, VA 23236
  3. I need a close to mint as possible black shift console insert, and just saw Ronnie's Post (2nd post down on the Buy/Sell Forum)....Outstanding as usual - Thanks !!!!
  4. Curious - I have no present problems but I have 2 - 90 models. I bought a used headlight switch from Jim several years back and so far no problems. Does anyone know if there are new parts available, and if so where please (such as the accumulator, cylinder rebuild kit, etc)? .... Thanks !
  5. Something that I laid (like something plastic that had a chemical reaction with the bezel material) on the long bezel from the dash area to the arm rest damaged it (like melted the plastic darnit). This is on my low mileage nice Select Sixty so I need a replacement in excellent condition (the silver outline trim etc). I have a collection of spare parts so I may have one, but will still need to replenish if I do and use - no rush as car is operable. Need suggestions or where to go to find one please and thanks....
  6. Waaaaay To Go CarGirl....Absolutely Gorgeous 1991 Automobile ! ! ! Nic
  7. I was driving along a secondary road last week and saw a for sale vehicle sitting on the side of the road. I kept driving and it hit me - a Reatta !!! Actually felt silly after that, but turned around and had a look-see. 1988 with a sun roof and burgundy interior. Body looked straight, but had aftermarket mags. Didn't spend any more time as I want another 91. If anyone is interested send me a message and I will forward contact information.......
  8. I bought this one. I now have two - one for the office with other Reatta posters and one for the garage. Two bothers or confusing issues: 1 - Not the same size - 1 small and 1 big ????? 2 - I paid 30 some dollars for the 1st and smaller print many years ago - maybe 2006 thru 2008. Wonder want happened to the value? Any comments or knowledge appreciated.......
  9. Good Sunday Morning !!!! And thank you both for the replies/information and the film. Film is a Good - Great - Excellent Tutorial and very much appreciated ! I have dyed some automotive and boat upholstery before, but never actually repaired age or accident related damages (reason/s for my post), and did not even know that there was a leather filler available. The saying about teaching an old dog new tricks certainly applies here as the film provided Great Information and Tips. I found the venues 866 telephone number in Canada, and intend on calling Monday with some product questions and an order. I now won't have to place an order on Amazon for products that are guesses. As usual you fellows and the forum are the Absolute Best !
  10. Thanks for the reply Digger914. Appreciate the advise greatly - could you possible suggest a better kit that you suggest - not wealthy by any means but in complete agreement as far as spending more to get better - thanks again..... Opps - when searching for a better kit I noticed a ton of leather "restorers". Would really appreciate some suggestions - advice on this type of product as well if possible - thanks ! Nic
  11. Morning Folks ! I have a couple of tiny splits in the vinyl of my left or drivers side gray door panel in the 90 coupe. I will replace the panel if I can find one in good or better condition than mine, but was also looking on the net and found several repair kits marketed by companies such as JB Weld, Leather New, etc......(example below). I was/am curious if anyone on the forum has had any experience with these particular kits or any of the numerous others that are offered - available.....please advise, and Thanks! Nic AMAZON OFFERING: 3M Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit $5 free shipping Shop Now Posted 42 min ago Amazon offers the 3M Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit, model no. 08579, for $5.02 with free shipping via the instructions below. That's the lowest total price we could find by $4. It includes a variety of colors and grain papers. To get this deal: View the 3M Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit for $9.44 clip the $3 off coupon on the product page checkout via Subscribe & Save for a final price for a $5.02 with free shipping
  12. Ditto On Ronnies and everyones comments Kingsley, We never did get a roadster or convertible wind screen developed, but I certainly enjoyed working with you (still have my prototype around somewhere I think). Due to some Military disabilities I have been off the forum for a while, but hopefully intend on "rejoining" and hope to see/read an update from you now and then Sir Sincerely, Nic
  13. For some reason I could not post a link to a Select Sixty you tube "film" at a car show. The post above this one has the link in the title line and it works. The owner has a nice car of course, but also has some nice documentation of which there is an item or two that I do not think we or the forum are aware of - Mr. Eaton can you view and advise???
  14. SS "Film" at a car show - this forum won't let me post the link for some reason - neat presentation - just click on the link in the subject line - there is some literature that some of us that have SS models may not have or are aware of..... copy title and view