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  1. 19" Michelin High Performance All Season Wiper Blades at Walmart for $6.27 !
  2. Thanks 2seater....Long time since communicated - hope everything is great with you. On the brake fluid....I have 3 Reatta to service (have neglected my cars for several years due to a move and other difficulties), and Amazon would not let me purchase but 6 -12 ounce cans. I will have to look elsewhere to get appropriate amount of fluid - thanks again :), Nic
  3. 303 is also on sale at Amazon for 9.00 a bottle.....
  4. Amazon has Castrol Dot 4 for about $1.90 a can !! A couple of questions please: I think Dot 4 is appropriate for both 90 and 91? how much fluid is necessary for a change (complete) please or how many cans....I think 12 ounce cans are what are advertised at that price? Thanks for any help !
  5. Thanks All for the informative ideas/suggestions and images....I feel that I now have what I need to find and purchase an appropriate mount........greatly appreciated . And Thanks Barney for the hidden 12 V / Hot wire location underneath the center arm rest storage compartment .........
  6. Hi Folks, and Happy Holidays ! Curious if anyone has any suggestions for the best ...... or an appropriate - non damaging cell phone and or GPS mount for our cars please? And Thanks!!
  7. Hi Folks... Any sources anywhere for new or used bulbs please?
  8. Another repair venue...I have had the below very well known company repair one for me several years ago. We also have several Very Reliable sources for used speedometer panels (and most everything else) right here on the forum.... Shipping to and from is at n/c See below website ***************************************Southern Electronics******************************************** Cost $265.00 Business website Phone number (804) 423-1100 Get Directions 730-A Research Rd Ste A Richmond, VA 23236
  9. I need a close to mint as possible black shift console insert, and just saw Ronnie's Post (2nd post down on the Buy/Sell Forum)....Outstanding as usual - Thanks !!!!
  10. Curious - I have no present problems but I have 2 - 90 models. I bought a used headlight switch from Jim several years back and so far no problems. Does anyone know if there are new parts available, and if so where please (such as the accumulator, cylinder rebuild kit, etc)? .... Thanks !
  11. Something that I laid (like something plastic that had a chemical reaction with the bezel material) on the long bezel from the dash area to the arm rest damaged it (like melted the plastic darnit). This is on my low mileage nice Select Sixty so I need a replacement in excellent condition (the silver outline trim etc). I have a collection of spare parts so I may have one, but will still need to replenish if I do and use - no rush as car is operable. Need suggestions or where to go to find one please and thanks....
  12. Waaaaay To Go CarGirl....Absolutely Gorgeous 1991 Automobile ! ! ! Nic
  13. I was driving along a secondary road last week and saw a for sale vehicle sitting on the side of the road. I kept driving and it hit me - a Reatta !!! Actually felt silly after that, but turned around and had a look-see. 1988 with a sun roof and burgundy interior. Body looked straight, but had aftermarket mags. Didn't spend any more time as I want another 91. If anyone is interested send me a message and I will forward contact information.......