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  1. Hmmmm....Padgett - In your link - not sure what you mean Sir......... is the little silver thingie at the bottom of the volt meter and or plug an on - off switch or just a electrical contact? And if so will it fit the glove box dimensions please? If so I will buy.
  2. Only one GM dealer near me or on this side of town - I called and fellow didn't even know the car and then when explained he told me to old.....:) . I am going to try another dealer. But I knew nothing about resistance codes....I will copy/print and carry with me... Thanks all.... and Mr. Padgett
  3. Barney, I found this one on Amazon which looks effective and nice, But it "sadly" does not give dimensions. It gives package dimensions of 6.2 inches.....soooo 6" or a little less maybe ??? How wide is yours please? I actually think I asked you about this before (when you originally posted), and may have bought one like yours from Wal Mart...But don't know what I did with it if I did ??? YANTU 3 Socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter 120W 3.1A Dual USB Cigarret Lighter Power Adapter with Voltage Display - 12V DC Outlet Car Charger for Mobile D
  4. How about the under bumper or cowl panels........
  5. Thanks to both of you....Barney and Padgett.... I am now only missing duplicate sets for the 91 roadster and the 90 coupe......Th simplest/easiest resolution will be the GM dealer.....Thanks again Nic
  6. Roadster90


    Good Morning Folks ! I have never lost a key to an automobile before.....But nothing is more constant than change - sadly in this case I have lost - misplaced the extra keys to two of the Reatta (actually both sets of keys to the 90 coupe, but after a week I heard something clicking around in the washer and have found one of the sets...those keys and fob are currently in a bowl of rice to dry out). Being that they or the ignition key has an electronic do dodday on the leg of the key how do I go about getting a replacement while keeping the "combination" o
  7. What are they going for now days Barney....generally and especially the gray ones please?
  8. I posted looking for a near mint gearshift console cover for my 1990 Select Sixty about a year ago and did not receive any replies. Still in need. I left something with some detrimental plastic substance on the cover right where the coin slots are located and it was damaged - kind of melted. Not broken but sure would like to find a nice one.....fingers are crossed
  9. Padgett, No Sir I have not - did not realize the complicated alarm was in the manual as it was some sort of add on....But will of course - mny friend is coming over tonight or tomorrow to take a look see. Thanks for the guidance Sir, :) Nic
  10. Good Afternoon Folks ! Sorry for the long post below..... I have had nothing but problems problems problems with the Select60 factory alarm system..... Most of the time when I used to lock and or unlock (I have not locked the car in years due to this alarm system) ...... the siren sounds and headlights flash and will not turn off for anything unless I remove a fuse. this embarrassing action also occurs when I have to disconnect the battery for any action even unrelated to the alarm system. The only way to cease the siren and lights from flashing is to remo
  11. Looking for a good 90 - if anyone has one please advise in a P.M. with price....... I have already checked with Jim - he doesn't have one.
  12. The only mount I have had to replace is the "dog bone" mount on top of the engine - simple to replace if you have a floor jack to hold the engine up to facilitate replacing. See if someone on the forum has a spare factory manual you could purchase reasonably. I think these mounts may be available through regular parts retailers/wholesalers.......or if not I also would think some of our forum members might be able to help you out with used items as well. Opps .....if you have or are in adverse high mileage and or weather affected locations there may be bottom mounts affected as we
  13. 19" Michelin High Performance All Season Wiper Blades at Walmart for $6.27 !
  14. Thanks 2seater....Long time since communicated - hope everything is great with you. On the brake fluid....I have 3 Reatta to service (have neglected my cars for several years due to a move and other difficulties), and Amazon would not let me purchase but 6 -12 ounce cans. I will have to look elsewhere to get appropriate amount of fluid - thanks again :), Nic
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