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  1. ptt

    Front hub center nut question

    Maybe QUALITY CONTROL is lax at the socket manufacturer??? Where are they made? China?
  2. I remember an oldtimer back in the 1950s and 60s known as PAPPY TAYLOR who worked on smallblock chevy engines for the famous WELD brothers of dirttrack racing fame. (WED EHEELS) He used to cut about 4in of table lamp cord and take a strand of copperwire putting it through the valve cover bolt holes...then through the gasket and tie it like a shoestring on the outside of the valve cove. Install the valve cover and then untie the copper strand and pull it out. No crimped gasket or leaks....
  3. What is the REATTA factory stock bolt pattern and offset? 5X? and 40mm offset? I have what I believe are 16in chrome REGAL wheels that have the triple shield Buick center caps that are all chrome.(not red-white-,blue shields).
  4. ptt

    Catalytic converter broken

    I put one of those double mesh flex pipes on as a temporary fix. Im thinking of doing a dual exhaust CAMERO style system come spring if I can without it sounding like a 6cyl wannabe import.....
  5. ptt

    1990 climate control

    Thats exactly what it was. The plastic clip on the rod has broken. Are these available? I pushed the lever (blend door?) to the right and have heat for this cold season but will have to push it back to the left next Spring if I cant find another plastic clip for that activation rod....
  6. ptt

    Turn signal problem

    Location of the Flasher Relay is where???
  7. My 1990 Convertible exhaust note started getting a little louder gradually this week. Today it got really loud so I raised it and took a look. Sure enough the pipe coming out of the back of the catalytic converter has separated from the cat. My question: Is the Converters inlet/outlet pipes both 2.25in or 2.5in.??? It looks like the Cat has been rigged before as there is a big hose clamp wrapped around the heat shield/body of the CAT to hold it together!!!
  8. ptt

    1990 climate control

    My 1990 coupe climate control buttons all seem to light up fine when individually pressed. Also blow air out appropriate positions when pushed. The problem is there is no heat present even when the temperature is set at 90 in the little window. Heater core plugged possibly?
  9. ptt

    Turn signal problem

    My 1990 Coupe has this turn signal issue too. Could it be caused by the courtesy side marker bulb that comes on when turn signal is activated being burned out???
  10. ptt

    CRC electric cleaner

    New MAF seems to have fixed the stalling. I recently put a new CRANK SENSOR on this Reatta and noticed that the HARMONIC BALANCER had a few small cracks in the rubber element.of it. Not very big but there none the less. Does the HB go bad all at once or will it last a little longer? The last one I had go bad started to click at low RPM.
  11. ptt

    CRC electric cleaner

    My cleaner is the plastic safe type. So after spraying the MAF element there was no change...engine died after warming up from cold start. Would not restart and remain running. i waited for engine to completely cool and started back up. I Unplugged the MAF and it continued to idle all the way thru warmup and never did die again. the MAF suspect? This Reatta is the one that doesnt show complete letters and numerals when doing diagnostics. I haven't been able to locate my OBD-I scanner to check it either. I'm not sure I want to try to chance driving it to Autozone to see if they can scan it. I'm wondering if they even carry OBD-I scanning capabilities anymore. Anyone Know if they do?
  12. ptt

    CRC electric cleaner

    I had the battery out and on a maintainer. The engine stayed running after MAF was disconnected. Bad MAF?
  13. ptt

    CRC electric cleaner

    Thanks for your replies. I just replaced my coil pack and ICM. The bracket holding the ICM was pretty clean nut the old coil was leaking down onto the radiator hose so it was time to replace it. Upon starting the engine the idle was surging so I pullef the connector off the MAF and it normally idled. MAF cleaning next...thus my original post. Will post results. Thanks all.
  14. ptt

    CRC electric cleaner

    Is it OK to spray (clean) the MAF element with CRC ELECTRIC CLENER or do you have to use a MAF specific cleaner? Thanks.
  15. ptt

    1990 Coupe dies....

    I just recalled that I have an old combination OBD-I/OBD-II scan tool somewhere in my archives. I havent used it since I redid some 90s Lebaron Convertibles years ago. Arent the Reattas capable of being OBD-I scanned? Isnt the diagnostic port somewhere in the center console tower? My scan tool is an AutXray brand. Hpefully I can scan it so I can get this Coupe ready for winter duty so I can store the Convertible for the winter.