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  1. Harmonic balancer worn out possibly?
  2. In a recent thread of mine it was suggested that a .060in sparkplug gap should be used with the Delco coil conversion and a .045in sparkplug gap with the stock Magnavox coils. My sparkplugs were all still gapped at what the FSM noted (.060in, my thinking it to be the FSM gospel) when I started that thread. During that thread I replaced the older(7yrs) Magnavox coil with new Magnavox coil and just for comparison I regapped the plugs at .045ln. It still starts with just a tap of the ignition key but I have detected a slightly noticable rough idle. But I havent driven the car enough until recently to see any other difference in anything like seat of the pants Power or MPG. If I recall it was said that the FSM reference to the .060in sparkplug gap was for a "fresh" ignition system. Would the fact I have installed a new Magnavox coil somewhat refreshing the ignition system and gapped the sparkplugs at the suggested .045in possibly be the reason for my rough idle? For unforseen reasons I will be using the '90 Coupe as a daily driver this Winter (after rust-proofing the underside) so possibly I will be able to see if the smaller .045in gap will be best as the new Magnavox coil gets some use and age on it. Thanks all!
  3. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    I think Ive found the reason(s) for my operating temperature miss finally. I regapped the SPARKPLUGS to .045 from .060 and the miss was still there at warmup. I removed the EGR and it was carboned up to the point that the PINTAL movement was affected so I cleaned it so it moved freely. Again the miss remained. My new ICM came in the mail so I installed it. I did notice that the old ICM was really corroded on the bottom as well as on the mounting bracket. If I recall isnt this where the unit gets its ground? Once I got the ICM and new COIL installed I started the engine and idled it to operating temperature. NO MORE MISS!!!! I dont think I put anything on engine that actually wouldnt need to be replaced. Ive had it almost 8 years and only put a crank sensor on it if I recall so this way I got most of it out of the way instead of an on going PITA sensor replacement issue dragging on all winter! Thankfully DAVES89 got it right....the ICM. Thanks to everyone who helped figure this out! Youre all amazing!!!
  4. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    My 1990 fsm shows the sparkplug gap should be .060. Is this an error
  5. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    I know one should always start simple. Just a thought. Could a bad gascap be the culprit? I did put a locking cap on a few weeks ago....before this all started.
  6. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    The miss is obvious at idle only once it warms up and from then forward. Hills are even more "straining" to get up once the miss starts. Im going to try and dig out my injector noids to see if the injectors are ok. The main thing that baffles me is the fact that the engine only misses when car reaches operating temps. It runs fine upon cold start up with just a touch of the key! When it gets to the point it reaches operating temperature it like...pow...the miss starts. Also, I ordered a new ignition module for under the coils.
  7. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    Would the ignition module be so consistant in producing the engine miss exactly when the system goes into closed loop? The engine starts, idles and doesnt miss a beat until it reaches operating temperature. Then it justs starts in like its only running on 4-5 cylinders. I started it cold this morning and let it idle until it reached normal temperature and it was like throwing a switch......misses.
  8. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    I will be cleaning the EGR and hoping its the problem. Ive checked the fuel pressure (its #41). Would a bad temperature sensor be causing the problem? As to the hard start with the Convertible, I cleaned the IAC hole and pintle. They were carboned but not real bad. It seemed to be a little easier to start and reached normal idle fairly well. Better than previously. I will post back my results with the EGR cleaning on the Coupe.
  9. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    Can this issue possibly be EGR related???
  10. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    So far on the Coupe I have replaced the plug wires and checked plug gap A.060, O2 sensor, coils and put in a new radiator. It still starts very quickly by just tapping the key. But when it goes to closed loop at operating temperature it develops a miss and noticable power loss. Something is triggering the miss when it reaches operating temperature. Ideas appreciated.
  11. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    Theres no evidence of coolant on the oul dipstick and no bubbles in the overflow coolant jug. The radiator was dripping coolant around where the upper hose clampes to the radiator. Just started this after I had replaced old sparkplug wires so I hadnt driven the car. Could I be so lucky to have avoided getting coolznt into the transmission? Transmission fluid on the dipstick looks normal.
  12. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    Happened to check the coolant level....chocolate milkshake under the radiator cap. Oil dipstick level looks normal. Headgasket on rear bank. Middle sparkplug looks rust color.
  13. ptt

    Rough idle

    My under hood decsl states .060 as the factory gap setting..
  14. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    I installed new plug wires on the Coupe but it still has a miss. I will be spraying the MAF next. I checked the plug gap and all 6 were at .060. They all appeared normal. Post results tomorrow.