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  1. Is there any way to keep this from flapping around when I drive with the windows down? The elastic ties seem to be stretched. I know - close the windows and put the A/C on!
  2. Thanks for your info. This is my second Reatta - 1st convertible. I had a 1990 Gunmetal Gray Coupe a number of years ago. Sold it to someone and unfortunately he totalled it! 😥
  3. Hi Barney and all - Thanks for the info. I found the SPI in the wheel well but have yet to find the elusive Body Plate. It's a 1990 - and I am about to raise the white flag! I've only owned it 3 days and it does have a few issues so I will be asking for more help to hopefully resolve them. Both turn signals on passenger side don't work. Radio is an issue. Temperature is stuck on 90 and can't be lowered. Any help as to repairs and/or parts is welcomed.
  4. Please tell me you are kidding. Buick would honestly put it somewhere that inconvenient?
  5. Where do I find the Body Plate on a 1990 Reatta? Want to order a dealer invoice reproduction. Thanks
  6. FREE! Buick Bugles 1977-Present. Almost all but some may be missing. Some in binders, all clean, non-smoker. Must pick up in Central Florida, sorry - no shipping. Reply here if interested.
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