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  1. no.jim fin rebuilds them.btw thats a rivera switch.i need the slider knobs but they always break when i try to remove them.
  2. i think a big one would help.i suspect they come in different sizes.
  3. when i install my aftermarket relay harness am i going to have this problem?i guess i could use the console button if i do.
  4. i STILL haven't found a single reatta in a junkyard ever.i check pickaparts and lkqs website every thursday.no right year rivs either.
  5. i bypassed the relay the windows and sunroof is on last year so could roll up the windows without a key.the radio goes off when i open a door not with the key as i thought.
  6. i checked mine today.two month old battery,driven week before last.battery completely dead.
  7. i have a battery tender on mine too but its a pain.
  8. i know dextron 6 claims that.i was wondering if anyone had heard conflicting information.
  9. i was going to check mine then i remembered i stripped off the pealing clearcoat.
  10. yes but that looks bad.ive done that before.
  11. what do i replace it with at a good price?
  12. i fixed my antilock brakes by taking the warning bulb out.now it doesn't blind me at night.
  13. i don't care for the wheels.the allante had a 300 hp northstar.i suspect the engine cradles of the allante and reatta are similar.
  14. i doubt any of the reattas except the verts will go up in value.