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  1. i was thinking of cutting a little off one side of the spring which should lessen the spring rate before i found out how difficult it is to remove.
  2. its too bad the previous owner didn't sale it on craigslist instead.
  3. i just ordered one from amazon.13 dollars ac delco.
  4. i upgraded to a 1994 pontiac coil pack using instructions from your website.i pulled all the plugs and decided they looked ok so i just cleaned and gapped them.it already has 60 thousands gap plugs r45lts6.
  5. since the wheels wouldn't be worth paying shipping it would help to know where you are.
  6. i think ive seen cars that old on 'chasing classic cars'.
  7. i had to unbolt the icm to get to the wiring to run the tests.a lot of the 'stuff' in the icm has melted and dripped out.i opened it up and it looks pretty rough in there.im thinking it might be best to go to pull a part tomorrow and find a delco setup rather than buying a new icm.btw i tryed to owm out the coil but i must have been doing it wrong.
  8. i clipped the input wires from the cassette player and spliced a bluetooth module to them so i could listen to pandora from my phone.the cassette wires are still there if there was ever a reason to return it to stock.
  9. the donate button seems to have disappeared.
  10. the only thing missing so far is the radio.tan interior.front seats rough.back seat bottom one punture,back looked ok.i grabbed the light switch,heat switch,and console lid.the lid is pretty nice,no tears,one small hard place i assume is a cigarette burn.the light switch looks better than average but the innards of the panel light switch are missing so i assume its been taken apart.the heat switch might clean up.
  11. its 30 minutes from me so don't know if all the good stuff is gone.
  12. you probably need a new headlight switch but since there are no new ones you will have to buy a used one or jury rig it.