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  1. handmedownreatta

    Nice vert. Why didn’t it sell?

    that cars in great shape but i don't care for the interior color.
  2. handmedownreatta

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    nice wheels
  3. handmedownreatta

    thermostat gasket

    the thermostat that was in the engine had a gasket around the end of the thermostat against the water neck.the replacement oreilly sold me goes around the outside of the flange.which is the correct one?i also got the o ring for the water neck.btw ive never seen a radiator petcock in a worse place.i broke a vacumn line from the transmission modulater trying to reach it.
  4. handmedownreatta


    walmart doesn't list a battery for the 1989 reatta or riv.so i bought one for a 90.was there different batteries different years?the one i got looked the same but the model number was slightly different.
  5. handmedownreatta

    1990 Buick Reatta convertible $1995

    why best as a parts car?lots of rust?
  6. handmedownreatta

    Cell Phone Mount Help

    i took out the dead tape player and took a piece of lexan painted black on the back to give it a mirrored look and mounted a phone mount and usb port on it.it can be removed and the tape player put back in and be origional.i hooked a bluetooth module to the tape player wires so my phone hooks to the radio wirelessly.
  7. handmedownreatta

    I recently bought a gray on gray in LI.

    i love it.btw caddy wheels look great on reattas.
  8. handmedownreatta

    Transmission bolts

    harbor freight sales extensions with 'locks'so that the socket can't fall off.i have some.https://www.harborfreight.com/4-pc-38-in-drive-quick-release-extension-bar-set-67976.html
  9. handmedownreatta

    Engine Choices

    id at least pull off the oil pan and check the condition on the main bearings.then install new pan gasket.when you install a 'new' engine you want it to be trouble free for at least a year.
  10. handmedownreatta

    Update on the Red/Tan 1989 Parts car

    id suggest a bluetooth module tied into the wires from the tape player.thats what i have and it can look stock if you don't add the phone mount and usb port like i did.
  11. handmedownreatta

    Engine Choices

    it seems to me that the freeze plugs would so easy to change then....changing the rear seal [and all the main bearings]might be a good idea.valve cover gaskets too.also the transmission torque converter seal.
  12. handmedownreatta

    Radio Module for 89

    ronnie has a list on his site.i swear i think mine came from a 94 regal but im not sure.
  13. handmedownreatta

    What did you do to your Reatta today? <ongoing thread>

    thats why i have the 100 mile towing triple a.i don't want to try to fix something on the side of the road.
  14. handmedownreatta

    What did you do to your Reatta today? <ongoing thread>

    theres one for sale on charlottes craigslist with 237000 miles.for way too much.
  15. handmedownreatta

    Hi! New to Reatta. Brake trouble. Hard to find parts.

    are those the camaro lsi brakes?