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  1. mine looks like that.i assumed it wasn't fixable.
  2. i checked for spark on all six coil outputs.nothing.
  3. my car has always done this.i have a float charger on it.
  4. i was looking at that but im afraid that i will end up replacing everything.i had a camaro that i ended replacing several parts before i did the right one.
  5. i wiggled the wires to the sensor the other day but it made no difference.whats the correct fuel pressure?i already have a guage.i assume the fuel filter is under the middle of the car like my camaro was?
  6. my cars broke too but i like to try to fix them instead of a mechanic because im cheap.lol
  7. i can't find my spark tester so i shot some starter fluid down the tube from the air breather.nothing but backfires.
  8. i know i could search but i hope someone will suggest what to check first.i was driving down the road and all of a sudden the car started running badly.i stopped at a store and the car started back up still running badly.i drove a quarter mile to where i was going and cut the car off.five minutes later it wouldn't start.im glad i have AAA.still won't start.i can hear the fuel pump priming.
  9. id be tempted to try to swap the 3.8 into the fiero.pocket rocket.
  10. the tax value on my 89 is 1200 dollars.and its drivable.buy the car if you like it.
  11. no.jim fin rebuilds them.btw thats a rivera switch.i need the slider knobs but they always break when i try to remove them.
  12. i think a big one would help.i suspect they come in different sizes.
  13. when i install my aftermarket relay harness am i going to have this problem?i guess i could use the console button if i do.
  14. i STILL haven't found a single reatta in a junkyard ever.i check pickaparts and lkqs website every thursday.no right year rivs either.
  15. i bypassed the relay the windows and sunroof is on last year so could roll up the windows without a key.the radio goes off when i open a door not with the key as i thought.