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  1. https://www.rockauto.com/RSS/vehiclefeeds.php?carcode=1019900&m=wc&l=en&html=true
  2. i have to change my harmonic damper so i guess i need to change that sensor too.can the crank seal be changed from the outside?
  3. my harmonic ballancer just converted into two pieces.maybe part of my problem.
  4. id love to have a 1970 gs or an early riv.
  5. i still think the main reason reattas aren't popular is because they are front wheel drive.no hotrod potential.
  6. what does it mean if it runs better?
  7. id say that car was worth at least 1500 when you bought.as i said MUCH nicer than mine.
  8. i pulled one off a 2003 impala today but it didn't have the bolts so i pulled one off a 1998 intrigue that has the bolts.
  9. they are great for transportation but i doubt they will increase in value.since someone killed my pontiac mines my daily driver.
  10. these days of new parts all made in china with one year warranties makes me at least try to find ac delco parts.
  11. mine came from a 94 bonneville.
  12. http://www.reattaowner.com/roj/common-problems-a-solutions/replacing-magnavox-ignition-with-delco
  13. i assumed that was a low miles car because of how it looks.but i guess not if the timing chains worn out.