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  1. I need a little help in determining the corredt clasification for my 1970 Datsun 240Z. Should it be in 25 E Sport vehicle of 27 I Production Vehicle? Thanks in advance
  2. I recently came across an original J-1308 transmission shifting rod adjusting tool and had a couple extra made. Selling for $30 each plus shipping just to recover my costs. See attached picture. The original is on the left and new on the right.
  3. I'm reinstalling an overdrive transmission on a 1940 champion and need a Transmission Shift Rod Adjusting Gauge J-1308. Does anyone have one for sale or know of a source. Maybe someone knows how to properly adjust the shift rods without the gauge. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I'd like to have my freshly restored 1970 240Z ( s/n 509) judged this spring at Auburn. Could anyone advise what class this car should be in. Also are the dealer installed mag wheels acceptable or are the original wheels and wheel covers required.
  5. You right.... I did have a typo in my post. I did in fact mean to post 27e. Thanks for the correction and thanks for the info on the judged Avant. I think I'm ready to register!!
  6. I want to register my 1963 Avanti for the spring Auburn meet. This is the first time to register the Avanti for an AACA meet and I'm not sure what class it belongs in. Should it be in 25c Sports vehicles 1961-1969 or 27c Production vehicles 1962-1963. I'd like to hear from someone who has shown their Avanti at a AACA meet. Thanks
  7. I have a T84 G transmission....I'm hoping that will work
  8. I know this is a long shot but I bought a new 1971 Datsun 240Z when I was stationed in Okinawa. I shipped the car to Philadelphia when I was discharged in 1971. I just came upon my original paperwork for the car (after 46 years). The VIN was L24-027948 and I was wondering if anyone out there has this vehicle. It was the "mustard-yellow" color. I'm currently looking to buy a 240Z. ellagee@charter.net
  9. Gary, Thanks for the info. I found my switch at Steve Allens and I've decided to have my drive shaft shortened. One last issue I have is the wiring of the overdrive relay , solenoid control switch and solenoid. I have not seen a clear wiring diagram that show what I need.
  10. I'm converting my 1940 champion to an overdrive transmission and need a couple parts. 1. drive shaft. this is shorter than the current one due to the longer length of the transmission with overdrive. As indicated in the chassis parts catalog (page 314) , it is a type "E" 49 3/16 in length. Part # 196639 2. Solenoid control switch part # 195774 (page 250 of the chassis parts catalog 0731-12) ellagee@charter.net 517 795-9658
  11. See the listing and pictures at the Ford Model T section of this forum. $16,500 or best offer.
  12. For sale a recent total restoration of a 1926 Model T Roadster. The car is in perfect condition, paint, upholstery.top, engine and everything else. Converted to 12volt, alternator. No expense spared. Located in south ,central Michigan. Bargain priced at $16,500 or best offer. contact at ellagee@charter.net or 517 795-9658
  13. I'm in south central Michigan. About 150 miles from you. Very interested. Price?
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