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  1. Probably not street legal for the Interstates; I found this interesting
  2. stall


    In my personal opinion the original wheels don't have a "look" that compliments the pretty body lines of the car. I decided to go to the 16 inch wheels and the 1991 rims; i couldnt be happier with the new look'. Like many things in life, this is very subjective and I think anything that a person does to his car is Ok. People have been adding different items to their cars to change appearance since the Model-Ts came to market. Murray
  3. On my 1990 Conv. the speakers are either blown or they are distorted sound. When I look for new speakers what OHM rating should I look for and has anyone already replaced theirs with good results? Thanks, Murray
  4. stall

    Parts source

    A helpful post; even if they are out of stock the pricing per piece is informative. Thanks, Murray
  5. Thanks For the Info guys Murray
  6. I was driving my 90 Convt. and the screen went black, in a few minutes a bright green "ERROR" came on along with Check engine and on the right it said electrical problem. I shut the car off, restarted it and everything was normal including the on-dash volt meter. Is this just a computer-fart thing or should i be worried. Thanks in advance, Murray
  7. I think Auto-Zone and they call it "Vinyl Bra"
  8. Sounds like a nice fix. When i got my 90 Convertible i noticed that while not chipped, the fascia piece sure attracted bugs and chips could not be far away. I purchased some clear vinyle that's made for just this purpose. it sticks by itself and comes right off, 2 years and works great. think about this after your paint is cured. Murray
  9. What a great idea; I feel stupid for not having thought of it. I donated and thank you for setting this up Murray
  10. As a four (4) thumbed mechanic I often have to go to the "EXPERTS" well on our forum. I am always amazed and grateful when they reply with patience to the newbi's or the afromentioned four thumb mechanics. Thank you Guys
  11. My car is a 90 Convertible. At the annual State Inspection the brake lights high on the trunk lid were not working. When I looked under the lid i see two small screws on one side. I makes no sense to me that the screws are only on one side to bolt the light holder on and not leak. Any tricks to replace these bulbs without causing leaks or damage would be appreciated. Murray
  12. stall

    An Easy one

    I don't have a serious problem; it's rather a problem only to non-mechanical drivers like me. My car is a 90 Vert and everything works well so I drive it frequently . I have a small supply of parts that in reading of problems on this forum , might be needed. I have a good-working pressure switch that is still encased in the cast iron piece that holds the pump motor. I weant to remove this Pressure Switch but cannot budge it. Is it a press fit or threaded? Has anyone else ever had this problem ? Thanks in advance, Murray
  13. Well Barney, you present an interesting question. I don't know what the global answer is to your question but I can relate my personal experience. I am a car collector and have three other anticque cars. Two of these are high-end cars that have appreciated enough that I am very selective as to when i drive them; the other is a 1970 Chevelle Conv. that I've enjoyed for 25 years, a good #4 car without air conditioning. I had a very nice 76 Hornet Sportabout that I liked as a daily driver but the air-flow thru the venting was almost nonexistant. I sold it and looked for a good daily driver with air. I found the Reatta on line in Indiana, had some Studebaker Forum friends look at it and drive it. The car is near perfect and I don't think it ever saw rain with the original owner. I could not believe that I could get a Convertible with all the options for a bit under $10K delivered. I think it's a fantastic little daily driver and I could not be happier with it. The brake situation scared me a little so with this forum's help i gathered all the hard to get spares. The Rube-Goldburg braking system is a downer but pricing reflects that. I think these cars are a screaming buy and actually a car club buddy just acquired one for a daily driver. My car will never see snow or salt and i hope to enjoy it for years and this Forum and it's experienced posters are a huge plus Just my opinion, Murray
  14. Count me as one that's very sorry to see you go. I thought your responses were always on point, informative and respectful. When I was a uninformed newby you very patiently corrected my query so that it was understandable before guiding me to a solution. I have a small bunch of cars and I'm on many forums; Ronnie and the other frequent "answer" men made it one of the best IMHO. Murray
  15. You should add your name to the two you list; you've been very helpful to me in the past Murray