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  1. stall

    tire air Gauges

    Thanks guys, I ended up liking the Auto Meter 2160 . I went to the Summit site and it sold for $41.99 plus $10.99 shipping and handling. I typed in Auto Meter 2160 on the Amazon site and the exact same item was $31 with free shipping and for some reason no tax added . I was astounded by the difference; competition today is really a contact sport. Going forward I believe that retail will be drastically changed. Thanks again Guys
  2. What do you guys use for checking tire inflation? I've bought a couple that are just useless. There must be a company that makes an easy to use gauge that holds it's reading so you can see it.
  3. Hi Guys. On my 90 Vert I have a very good (tan) top . I think that after a couple of years of ownership I should be cleaning it and maybe there's a preservative I should be using? What are you guys using on the top?? Thanks
  4. stall

    Radio Removal

    Hi, I'm considering re-lacing the radio in my 90 Conv. Are there any instructions for removal and replace without damaging the dash Thanks in Advance
  5. stall

    An Easy one

    Thank You Barney, I appreciate it Murray
  6. stall

    An Easy one

    On the Climate control thread there is the following statement Remove the climate control (dash unit) and open it up. In the picture below you will see the circuit board that is behind the buttons. I'm guessing that everyone but me knows how to remove the dashboard climate unit. How do I get it off Thanks in advance
  7. Had a 64, triple black convert for 15 years, great car. Mine had the close-ratio shifter and I wish it had the wide as I like touring. I'm sure you'll have a great time--Enjoy the ride
  8. In Florida the Governor said that once a year inspections were just citizen harassment. We live half year in NYS and I guess I agree with him. In NY i troop my 6 old cars to the garage in October for an inspection and i literally have to beg them to look at the car.
  9. stall

    AACA Concern

    As a long time member of AACA I have to say that this is not surprising. Dealing with the AACA arcane rules is very similar to a visit to your local DMV. It's a fairly old organization that that was started by very doctrinaire, check-book restoration, rigid people that set up very tight rules that pretty much froze out anyone who didn't want to just win trophy's. my observation of the last decade is that the current management is trying to be more inclusive but the rule book is against them. I think it's a hoot that a 1984 Plymouth minivan can be a show car; I'm all for it but many members consider it close to a war-crime. Imagine how welcome a Vega owner would be at their events yet without younger members they are on a death spiral' Their monthly magazine has become very supportive of newer cars but i fear most members are still less than welcoming M
  10. stall

    Reatta in the news

    Thanks for posting this article; I don't get the magazine and would have missed it. Murray
  11. Probably not street legal for the Interstates; I found this interesting
  12. stall


    In my personal opinion the original wheels don't have a "look" that compliments the pretty body lines of the car. I decided to go to the 16 inch wheels and the 1991 rims; i couldnt be happier with the new look'. Like many things in life, this is very subjective and I think anything that a person does to his car is Ok. People have been adding different items to their cars to change appearance since the Model-Ts came to market. Murray
  13. On my 1990 Conv. the speakers are either blown or they are distorted sound. When I look for new speakers what OHM rating should I look for and has anyone already replaced theirs with good results? Thanks, Murray
  14. stall

    Parts source

    A helpful post; even if they are out of stock the pricing per piece is informative. Thanks, Murray
  15. Thanks For the Info guys Murray