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  1. I found this an interesting article that goes into some depth about how our Reatta’s came to market. This except about its naming is interesting, does anyone have any input. Murray https://ateupwithmotor.com/model-histories/buick-reatta-history/ Does anyone remember the three names under consideration for the Reatta, one was Magnum. I recently spoke with David North – Head of GM’s Advanced Design 2 studio during development of the Reatta. He related a story about the reluctance to name it the Reatta. Reuss confused it with Regatta and
  2. I'm lucky enough to be 15 minutes away from a great little Classic / Special Interest car dealer. It's so nice to get in your old iron and drive out there to stroll through three floors of interesting cars. They sales are robust enough that the inventory turns over quite quickly. I would guess that their stuff is about 40% consigned. I have no interest in this business but thought that a place that allows casual walkabouts might be of interest. I did have them cosmetically refresh my Speedster and they did a super job; it looks showroom new. Take a peek if your around Upstate NY or o
  3. Hi Guys, My 90 Vert has no problems so let me pose this idea. All my old cars are running with Silicone Brake Fluid; My Chevelle for example hasn't needed any brake work for the 31 years I've owned it. I know you can't run Silicone in anti-lock brakes because it has a different compression. My question, if I didn't give a fig about the Anti-Lock feature could I just rum with Silicone fluid? Would that be better, worse or the same in the Teves system maintaince regimen. Thanks, Murray
  4. II recently had the dreaded "it sometimes works" issue with my 90 Vert, headlights. Contacted Mr. Eaton for a Headlight Motor, Long story short, the entire transaction was done quickly and it couldn't have been more professional. it's easy to forget how lucky we are to have a cadre of great support people furnishing advice and parts. Thanks, Barney Murray
  5. To quote from older post "I have headlight repair KITS.........they include a new STEEL bellcrank, three of the plastic rollers for inside the motor, a plastic nut for the UP-STOP screw, instructions, and shipping for $40 per KIT (need a KIT for each headlight) If the headlight motors have never been opened, you might have one or more of the hex screws snap off.....especially if the car was driven in rust belt winters..... For anyone that has a problem opening the motors, or no shop or tools.........I offer rebuilt motors for $50 exchange (I need your old motor so it can be
  6. Hello, I've been told that the entire Reatta body is fiberglass like the Corvette. I very vaguely remember reading some review years ago that it has a plastic type body, different than fiberglass; is this true? Is the Reatta body repairable BTW ? Thanks, Murray
  7. Well Barney, I guess I am on the other side on this. I also have a flock of cars, 4 collector cars and 3 moderns, but one is in Florida. I simply like driving an old car and unless it’s raining, the Reatta is my choice. It isn’t as flashy as the Chevelle Vert and won’t win an AACA Grand National like the Speedster but it is an easy ride. The Reatta sits in the small 3rd car garage in front; very easy access. It’s been hot and the Air is a huge plus. I bought the car 3 years ago as a reliable Summer-Daily-Driver and that’s how I use and enjoy it. In Upstate NY where I live, I’m in v
  8. On U-tube anyone can say he is an expert. We are in an era when a so called "DR." Phil can play being a therapist.
  9. Funny you should ask Kevin, I also have a 1970 Chevelle and itis also a perfect match on the dash trim Murray
  10. For some reason the chrome color edge on the instrument / radio surround was marked up so it looked chipped. I tried a silver pen and it did not look right, too silver. when I plugged in "chrome paint pen" in google a bunch came up. I purchased the KRYLON SHORT CUT one on Amazon. it's a perfect match, chrome look and really easy to use with a tapered, wide brosh end. It's a little thing but looking at it whenever I got into the car was annoying. For $8 delivered I'm happy. Murray
  11. Reatta Convertible made the list, The Black is just stunning in my opinion Murray https://blog.consumerguide.com/most-expensive-american-cars-of-1990/
  12. Thanks for the post Ron. Inside of this article is a quick-link that takes you to a Motor trend writing from 2006' --- I found this one also interesting Murray https://www.motortrend.com/news/c12-0606-future-classic/SEE AL
  13. I agree with you on everything you said except perhaps the Teves. I have had zero problems with mine but lordy, just looking at the sensors, motors and such that comprise it then comparing it to the simplicity of the standard system makes you think of Rube-Goldberg. More parts to accomplish the same thing isn't consumer friendly and I think a great contributor to the Reatta 's reputation as unreliable. I guess we agree to disagree. Murray
  14. I wrote this for our local Car-Club newsletter, Thought it might be of interest. My Reatta Journey I had considered the possibility of using an Antique car as a “daily-driver” vehicle for quite a while, I’m not a truck person but the “Old car Daily-Driver” idea percolated in the back of my head for a while. My situation is that I spend winters in the South and there my old car fun is replaced with lots of beach time and golf. By the time I return in late April I want nothing more than to get behind the wheel of one of my antique cars. Alas, as you might know, Upstate Ne
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