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  1. You should add your name to the two you list; you've been very helpful to me in the past Murray
  2. Thanks for sharing, it was an interesting backstory Murray
  3. Good Luck, I have a 9 year old "Backyard Buddy" lift and think its one of my best purchases Murray
  4. stall

    drink holder

    Hi Guys, I purchased one of these for my 90 Convert and I am pleased. The Color match to my saddle interior is great;. Somewhere in this thread it was said that the bottom ears would be about an inch loose; i think its closer to a quarter inch and not a problem at all. Yes you have to slide it forward a little to open the latch but I drink more coffee than I open that latch. All-in-all I think it looks like it came with the car and its very functional. Murray
  5. THis is a great tour of a facility that screams 1935. Our Reattas were mostly hand crafted but we did'nt have any aluminuim nailed onto wood. murray
  6. I totally agree, I own a few other collector cars that I very much enjoy but the Reatta is so very user friendly that I find myself in it quite often. I will say that I was lucky enough to find a 90-vert with no real issues hence no repairs for about 6K miles. I am on a few classic-car sites and this is one of the best; knowledgible, friendly people and best of all no politics. All in all the Reatta is a great ride and I'm glad I own one. Murray
  7. Just a slight off-ramp to the topic. This year I am planning to spend 5 to 6 months in the South. Outside of loosing the radio presets what is wrong with just removing the negative battery cable or installing a battery shut off on the negative side. Thanks, Murray
  8. Thanks, that's a good tip
  9. For a month or so Wifey has been complaining about wind noise at speed in our Reatta. As typical, I forgot about it as I am never a passenger. In any event I finally got to it. At the rear of the door window there was quite a gap to between the glass and rubber. As I played around with it I discovered that it's really easy to pry up the back edge of the rubber. I put a piece of the cheap. Home Depot 1/4 by 1/4 self stick black weatherstriping in back of the existing rubber door seal and walla. no wind noise at all and nothing shows. I think I've stumbled onto an easy, cheap solution for the lack of new door seals for the Reatta. BTW, Wifey is very happy so all is well. Murray
  10. stall

    Did you know?

    Well Ronnie, you've kinda said it all in seven, concise paragraphs. I very much agree; I personally have gotten great advice from you, Dave and Barney etc. I appreciate all that you guys have done on this site. Murray
  11. Does the Reatta need High Zinc oil. I was under the impression that hardened valve seats became standard in about 1980. Am I wrong? Murray
  12. LOL, but whats on your side that you don;t see will manner IMHO
  13. Tail light panel is a popular subject lately. Heres a link to a pretty easy fix; I followed the directions and it looks good. Good Luck with your new car ---- Murray
  14. I love my little Reatta but dislike the smallish mirrors. I've always thought that the majority of highway collisions are due to drivers not knowing there is a car in the blind spot. I saw an Equinox in a parking lot with the top / outside corner blind spot mirror. The ones in Autozone etc. are big and clunky and frankly look lousy on our small mirrors. Amazon to the rescue, these look planned and are about 3/32 inch thick. pretty pricey at $11 a pair but cheaper than an accident. I am happy with them and thought I would share. Murray.