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  1. My car is a 90 Convertible. At the annual State Inspection the brake lights high on the trunk lid were not working. When I looked under the lid i see two small screws on one side. I makes no sense to me that the screws are only on one side to bolt the light holder on and not leak. Any tricks to replace these bulbs without causing leaks or damage would be appreciated. Murray
  2. stall

    An Easy one

    I don't have a serious problem; it's rather a problem only to non-mechanical drivers like me. My car is a 90 Vert and everything works well so I drive it frequently . I have a small supply of parts that in reading of problems on this forum , might be needed. I have a good-working pressure switch that is still encased in the cast iron piece that holds the pump motor. I weant to remove this Pressure Switch but cannot budge it. Is it a press fit or threaded? Has anyone else ever had this problem ? Thanks in advance, Murray
  3. Well Barney, you present an interesting question. I don't know what the global answer is to your question but I can relate my personal experience. I am a car collector and have three other anticque cars. Two of these are high-end cars that have appreciated enough that I am very selective as to when i drive them; the other is a 1970 Chevelle Conv. that I've enjoyed for 25 years, a good #4 car without air conditioning. I had a very nice 76 Hornet Sportabout that I liked as a daily driver but the air-flow thru the venting was almost nonexistant. I sold it and looked for a good daily driver with air. I found the Reatta on line in Indiana, had some Studebaker Forum friends look at it and drive it. The car is near perfect and I don't think it ever saw rain with the original owner. I could not believe that I could get a Convertible with all the options for a bit under $10K delivered. I think it's a fantastic little daily driver and I could not be happier with it. The brake situation scared me a little so with this forum's help i gathered all the hard to get spares. The Rube-Goldburg braking system is a downer but pricing reflects that. I think these cars are a screaming buy and actually a car club buddy just acquired one for a daily driver. My car will never see snow or salt and i hope to enjoy it for years and this Forum and it's experienced posters are a huge plus Just my opinion, Murray
  4. Count me as one that's very sorry to see you go. I thought your responses were always on point, informative and respectful. When I was a uninformed newby you very patiently corrected my query so that it was understandable before guiding me to a solution. I have a small bunch of cars and I'm on many forums; Ronnie and the other frequent "answer" men made it one of the best IMHO. Murray
  5. You should add your name to the two you list; you've been very helpful to me in the past Murray
  6. Thanks for sharing, it was an interesting backstory Murray
  7. Good Luck, I have a 9 year old "Backyard Buddy" lift and think its one of my best purchases Murray
  8. stall

    drink holder

    Hi Guys, I purchased one of these for my 90 Convert and I am pleased. The Color match to my saddle interior is great;. Somewhere in this thread it was said that the bottom ears would be about an inch loose; i think its closer to a quarter inch and not a problem at all. Yes you have to slide it forward a little to open the latch but I drink more coffee than I open that latch. All-in-all I think it looks like it came with the car and its very functional. Murray
  9. THis is a great tour of a facility that screams 1935. Our Reattas were mostly hand crafted but we did'nt have any aluminuim nailed onto wood. murray
  10. I totally agree, I own a few other collector cars that I very much enjoy but the Reatta is so very user friendly that I find myself in it quite often. I will say that I was lucky enough to find a 90-vert with no real issues hence no repairs for about 6K miles. I am on a few classic-car sites and this is one of the best; knowledgible, friendly people and best of all no politics. All in all the Reatta is a great ride and I'm glad I own one. Murray
  11. Just a slight off-ramp to the topic. This year I am planning to spend 5 to 6 months in the South. Outside of loosing the radio presets what is wrong with just removing the negative battery cable or installing a battery shut off on the negative side. Thanks, Murray
  12. Thanks, that's a good tip
  13. For a month or so Wifey has been complaining about wind noise at speed in our Reatta. As typical, I forgot about it as I am never a passenger. In any event I finally got to it. At the rear of the door window there was quite a gap to between the glass and rubber. As I played around with it I discovered that it's really easy to pry up the back edge of the rubber. I put a piece of the cheap. Home Depot 1/4 by 1/4 self stick black weatherstriping in back of the existing rubber door seal and walla. no wind noise at all and nothing shows. I think I've stumbled onto an easy, cheap solution for the lack of new door seals for the Reatta. BTW, Wifey is very happy so all is well. Murray
  14. stall

    Did you know?

    Well Ronnie, you've kinda said it all in seven, concise paragraphs. I very much agree; I personally have gotten great advice from you, Dave and Barney etc. I appreciate all that you guys have done on this site. Murray
  15. Does the Reatta need High Zinc oil. I was under the impression that hardened valve seats became standard in about 1980. Am I wrong? Murray