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  1. I have a 90 Reatta that has the body colored trim, it needs paint as it is discolored. Both fascias need to be repainted, they are of course bc/cc and are shiny, the molding/rub strips are not shiny. Did Buick use a different paint or did they use a matte clear coat? Trying to figure out how to have bumper rub strips match the body strips on the bumper without shooting all the strips. Any ideas? Also am looking for a door lock switch, mine do not work, yet the remote locks and unlocks fine. It might be something as little as a bad contact, but I want to have a switch to use as a test unit.
  2. gtjr

    drink holder

    Has anyone tried a Riviera arm rest with the built in cup holder? I think it was 91-93 production, only a single cup holder but is OEM and hides away.
  3. Sales Manuals for sale. All plus shipping 1977 no binder $15.00 1983 no binder $15.00 1983 with binder $22.00 1976 w9ith binder $22.00 1984 Fleet and Rental with binder $12.00 Contact George at
  4. If you have a 1980 Regal Somerset I have what you are most likely missing. In the pouch behind the drivers seat there is an umbrella holder. I have one of those umbrellas, tan and blue just like the interior. If you need one please contact me at I can send pictures.
  5. gtjr

    1940 Limiited model 90

    Peter, You get it, the vehicle is not only pretty much complete, but has minimal rust, and the body is straight, you might be able to get by with a wet sand of the paint and a buff not show quality but passable. As I posted I have encouraged the farmer to get the vehicle so it can be driven to assess the drivetrain. I have no doubt the motor has been rebuilt but have not driven it to make sure the trans and rear end are operational.
  6. gtjr

    1940 Limiited model 90

    Imperial 62, Granted you can buy already done Supers and Special sedans for under 20k, and that is all they are, common cars that they built many thousands of, nothing special, just an old car. If this was a Special or even a Roadmaster, I would not take the time to post it. You apparently do not realize this is an AACA classic. They probably built no more than a few hundred of these, when was the last time you saw a 40 Limited on the 139 inch wheelbase? How many have you seen? That is the point of my post this is a very rare vehicle that needs to be saved, not hacked up by some hot rodder and replacing the straight eight with a belly button motor, aka Chevy. The owner is a farmer, not a reseller of vehicles, I take offense to your intimating that he is just a car flipper when you have never even met the man. How does a vehicle that has been in one family since 1966 that was sold recently all of a sudden become the same as those that have gone through many hands? I have suggested to him that he gets the motor running and make sure it has brakes so it can be driven on the road to verify the condition of the drive train. Most likely the cost to restore is around 50K to do it right, but when you are done you have something special, not just an everyday vehicle that is not special. As far as value, you most likely could buy three Special or Super sedans that are in good shape for the value of this vehicle.Compare that to someone that spent 25 to 30K to restore a Special or Super sedan that is worth 12 to 18K.. If all you are looking for is an old car to drive, this vehicle is not for you, I get that.
  7. gtjr

    1940 Limiited model 90

    Yes I understand it is. I emailed him last week and suggested he get the fuel system cleaned and get the motor running, fix the brakes so at least one can drive it to be sure the major mechanicals are sound. I cited the fact that there have been a lot of shady characters in this hobby.
  8. 1940 Buick Limited model 90. Has jump seats, leather front seat, and side mounts, a barn find very, very complete. Only things I can see missing are the radio and the running board moldings, while I have not been under the vehicle the only rust I see is in the trunk over the gas tank underneath the original rubber mat. I peeked under the corner of the carpet and did not find any rust. Wheel lips and inner fenders and side mount wells do not appear to have any rust at all. Obviously this vehicle has been in a garage or other covered storage all its life. It needs, interior complete, that includes painting the woodgrain as well. Gauges are in good condition, dash has a little rust, but you can imagine what a 70 year old interior looks like, yes it needs a total redo. History is a gentleman bought it from a woman, could have been a one owner vehicle at that time, in the mid sixties. It was his toy and in the early 90’s he had the motor rebuilt, but the person who did it has passed away. Then it went to a body shop for paint. The paint leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. The owner last drove it in 1997 and passed away in the early 2000’s. His daughter held the vehicle until last year and convinced a friend to buy it from her. He has now decided he does not want to put into it what it needs, it is not him so he says. It may be possible to speak to the daughter and she remembers when her father bought it and probably can fill in the history as she was a teenager at that time. Data plate reads 40 model 90 Style 40-4923 Body 42c or 428 it is right where they punched the hole and it is distorted Trim 827 Paint 543 So what is my interest? I am terrified that this very rare Buick will be hacked up by some rat rodder, he has had someone already approach him. I do not have the facilities to tackle a project like this and hopefully someone will so this vehicle can be restored to its former glory. If you are interested send me an email at and I can send some additional pictures, or contact the owner at 336-215-1833. The vehicle is located on a farm west of Raleigh, NC.
  9. I am looking for a Buick/Opel price/part number history book. It would have a pale green soft cover and has parts pricing and superseeded part number history. Contact me at if you have one or know where I can find one. George
  10. gtjr

    NOS X body core support

    I have a NOS X body core support. It came from a Buick store, group 1.270 part number 344356. It for sure fits Skylark 1976-1979, it may work for 1976-1979 Nova, Omega, and Ventura as well. $225.00 plus shipping. Part is located in Northern Ohio.
  11. gtjr

    Beyond stupid (re Oh No 3)

    Ouch! If you have a GM part number I might have a NOS compresser. George Toth'
  12. gtjr

    1969 Buick GS Stage 1 (or 2?) How do you know?

    In 1970 there were three 350 cu in engine choices, 350-2, 350-4, 350-4hi compression. If I remember right the difference between the 285 H.P. and 315 H.P. was mostly from a bump in compression from 10.25 to 11.0. The engine was available in Skylark and LeSabre and standard in the GS 350.