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  1. I am looking for a 1980 salesman's pocket price list. condition can be less than perfect I just need it for pricing information it contains for an article.
  2. as far as why they would hide the points makes no sense, I seem to remember they told you the points and how many were knocked off for incorrect items, like rubber valve stem caps on 41;s so the owner could improve the accuracy of his vehicle restoration..
  3. that is what I said, the dealer installed accessories, most at that time were from the factory and available in a kit to install the factory style item. if they were not offered as a kit it would not take a rocket scientist to order the necessary pieces from Buick Motor Division parts depot. i think you hit it as some were installed with out the chrome trim in the center of the fender skirt.
  4. Probably correct both ways. It was not unusual for GM to offer dealer installed options. Fender skirt kits would most likely be found in the accessories section, if the catalog separated them as they did in the 60’s. The skirts installed on the line were available in the parts book, probably group 12, if it was setup like the 60’s parts books. They probably were not drilled for the molding, as then Buick would need two part numbers. So you could have a plain skirt, or could have the replacement skirt drilled to accept the molding. It could very well be there are a number of combinations that a
  5. Yes it drives as good or better than it looks, so tight and quiet. Had the opportunity to take a spin a number of times.
  6. Cannot tell you where it was, but my father and uncle have both told me the same thing. not sure who judged it but I am sure it was at a Buick event. This is one of my fathers favorites, and it has had little use since his passing, so it is time to let someone else enjoy it. As far as the molding , I believe it could be either way is correct. My uncles restoration technician is very knowledgeable on 40-41 product. I do not see him and my father, growing up in a Buick dealership, both missing this detail. Not being an expert I cannot say,
  7. 1941 Buick Roadmaster model 71 four door sedan. This vehicle has had a complete body off restoration, has its Senior award, and was judged at 393 out of 400 points making almost flawless. The restoration used only the best parts including a Jenkins interior. Best yet the actual miles are just over 30000. Probably one of the best 41 Roadmasters available. Priced at $36000, but will entertain reasonable offers. Vehicle is stored in Akron, Ohio. Contact me to make arrangements too see and drive. I also have additional pictures. If you are looking for a top notch restored 41 Roadmaster thi
  8. Here are some more pictures. will attach more as I get them.
  9. for those of you that have never seen a 1938 Century 2 dr the Bugle had an article on the 38 product a year or so ago. you might want to find it and read up, it is very interesting the differences in the century and special in 1938, as well as production numbers.
  10. 1938 Century trunkback 2Dr. 1 of 1380, has new wiring harness, tires, motor runs, brakes work so it is drivable, needs restoration. some rust but no excessive, 61000 miles appear to be actual. Vehicle is located in Akron, Ohio. $8500.00 contact George at getoth@gmail.com.
  11. definitely a scam. I had one on a 67 GS convert. got all these reasons I could not see the car. I finally said i want to see the car first, and I will give you cash on the spot. you could hear the crickets chirping. i notified the site and they pulled the car.
  12. no problem. very few people have seen this particular top it seems. no doubt the 74 looks much cleaner. I remember taking my father's demo to a class reunion, everybody was wondering who drove the cadillac. the green one, oh that was a hideous color, is the right one. just as I remember them.
  13. gtjr

    drink holder

    Quick question, i have a 90 convert, would this unit allow access to the lighter so I could plug in my phone charger or radar detector?
  14. 1973 was very different from the 75-76. The 73 was all alone, the window was rectangular, it was one of those one offs.
  15. Does anyone have a picture of a 1973 Electra or Limited landau? Very late production heavy padded half top with stationary !/4 windows. I am looking for a photo for a project. George Toth BCA #50185 getoth@gmail.com
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