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  1. Lawrence Helfand

    Renault R 16 wanted

    Bonjour Sebastien, Thank you for your offer of help! Indeed there are not many parts for R16 here. It is such a rare car because they did not import them for very long or did they supply many parts to the dealers. In 1971 when I bought my R16 even then I had to wait for parts to come from France. We have so many vintage 4CV and Daufine and Caravelle R12R17 R8 and 10 but very few R16. I also think owners of these cars want to keep them forever and I am not surprised they have become so cherished now. Even by modern standards it is still a wonderful car able to do almost anything well. Amazing engineering and that special French Je ne sais quoi !
  2. Lawrence Helfand

    Renault R 16 wanted

    I almost bought this car which is still for sale but the mileage is over 150K with no service records to look at. A potential money pit if it is ready for CV joints and a clutch. I almost bought it as I cannot find anything for sale in the USA. So many of these in France of course and later models like the TS with more power
  3. Lawrence Helfand

    WANTED Renault R16 any year!

    Yes the TS model with the Gordini cylinder head is the one to have increasing the horsepower by 20 hp. They did not have much power but would cruise all day at 80mph with smooth quiet ease while getting 30 miles to the gallon
  4. Lawrence Helfand

    WANTED Renault R16 any year!

    In 1971 I bought one new and it was the bear snow car I ever owned and like you said even without snow tires it was a mountain goat! The best car ever for ski trips to Vermont!
  5. Lawrence Helfand

    WANTED 1942 Buick Century Sedanette 2 door

    Hello! Good choice, I think the 49 is one of the best looking cars ever made and I cant help but wonder how they could have gone from the gorgeous sleek 49 to the lumpy 1950 design with an over the top grille that takes some getting used too. I had a 49 Roadmaster sedanette that I regret having sold but I needed the money and it was either the 41 or the 49 and had to choose so the Roadie went to Sweden and made me some money as it was a bit scruffy and asking for an investment. I have only come across one 42 Century Sedanette that was restored and recently auctioned off again for the second time in just three years. It brought good money but out of my price range and I am not a restored anything kind of guy so still holding out for an original. quite a few 42 four doors have been for sale but thats two doors too many. My 41 is a wonderful un restored ride so cant complain but always looking for a fresh face!
  6. Lawrence Helfand

    34 Buick

    looks like a model 50
  7. Lawrence Helfand

    Renault R 16 wanted

    Bonjour Sebastien, Yes I know they are very few in the states. Many other models and even 2CV's are very plentiful here. I has two 71 R16's . One I bought new and it was my first car and after only two years and 66,000 miles! I flipped it end over end on a wet day to avoid a dog in the road. Missed the dog but landed upside down but perfectly fine! I sold the wreck and bought a used R16 but it was a lemon with a bad motor and after lots of money to fix I bought a Toyota which was very good but I never got over how much I loved the Renault so many years and cars ago. Now I see they are very desirable and expensive! I did find a 1969 model that I can buy about 400 miles from me and it is in good shape and not to expensive so I am hoping to bring it home soon if a deal can be made. This is a car you fall in love with in a short time and never forget. It will share the garage with my 1941 Buick Century Sedanette. I think they will look good together! Regardez Lawrence
  8. Lawrence Helfand

    1940 Morgan

    They did indeed make a 1940 model. The last prewar production year with Coventry motor and last year of the big mounted headlights.
  9. Lawrence Helfand

    1936 Chrysler Airstream Convertible

    I contacted the seller and he did send lots of photos I had asked to see like engine trunk dashboard under chassis etc and they were quite large and clear. I did think leather seat door panel and welting fit was a bit sloppy but its a spectacular car located in Blaine WA. Owner said he could help with shipping? That always makes me suspect as does a no reserve for what should be a six figure car. Having no reserve might also mean less ebay cost as owner can always end auction early or have a friend bid a high number at the end. I would not want to do a bank transfer and would only do a cash in person transaction even if it meant flying out there. If owner didn't agree to cash in person then its a scam for sure. Cant see the car being sold for less then 50K and that would be a bargain price.
  10. Lawrence Helfand

    WANTED Renault R16 any year!

    I am looking for a Renault R 16 with manual transmission only. Any year is of interest. It was my first new car in 1971 and would love to find a nice one to purchase.
  11. Lawrence Helfand

    Renault R 16 wanted

    I have seen this car on craigs list for some time. I wish it was a manual. My first car was a new 1971 R16 in Texas sand yellow with manual and electric sunroof and it is still the most fantastic car I ever owned. The automatic is electrical and very complicated so if it went bad I think it might be impossible to fix!
  12. Lawrence Helfand

    Old car for sale

    Actually at the time leather in front for the chauffeur and fabric in the rear for the passengers was pretty universal as leather was considered utilitarian and fabric was for luxury. Most luxury cars were upholstered this way. Today we think of leather as the height of luxury but it used to be the other way around. Chauffeurs compartments were always leather
  13. Lawrence Helfand

    Old car for sale

    Looks like a 1931 Brewster bodied Rolls
  14. Lawrence Helfand


    I am considering a gear vendors overdrive installation on my 41 Buick Century and wondering if any members in the Tennessee Alabama Kentucky area have done this conversion to their prewar Buick and if they can recommend a shop that did the machining and installation for them. Thanks Lawrence
  15. Lawrence Helfand

    Renault R 16 wanted

    Wanted. looking for a Renault R16 with manual transmission in good condition. Thank you Lawrence