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  1. Looking for a nice R 16 manual trans for sale Lawrence
  2. I know these..What is the status? for sale? sold? free? thanks Lawrence
  3. Installing new motor mounts made a big difference on my 41 Century. I had a vibration between 40 and 50 that drove me nuts trying to diagnose. The shop manual did attribute motor mounts to vibration problems among other issues and changing them made a huge difference in drivetrain smoothness. I am guessing the majority of vintage Buicks need them replaced. Correct rubber shim is very hard as the 320 and 248 are very heavy motors. Too soft a rubber meant for a lighter V8 for instance will not do the job so getting the correct ones is important. Replacing the rubber yourself is possible but not
  4. I did mine using an electric potters wheel and a stripping brush. trick is slow rotation and good flowing paint.
  5. Why is it that European cars of the 30's 40's 50's 60's ..are devoid of all the goo ga's found on American cars. I do not include driving or fog lights in the clutter category. European owners leave their autos original and elegant and very very few are even shod with wide white wall tires. No air bagging slamming chopping folding spindling or mutilating or ugly ass oversize wheels. Plenty of go faster performance mods but little else is the hot rod culture there. I think they have a more mature and sophisticated sense of style or what is cool and are generally more respectful of the original
  6. Never liked bumper ears as they interrupt the body line on my 41 century sedanete and visors for the same reason. such a beautiful form left clean. Spots as well are just clutter. Also find wide whites to be a distraction on about anything but ragtops. Less is more so I leave the gilding to the lillys
  7. http://vintagecarb.com/contact-us.html I purchased mine here both nos for 200 each. They were perfect needing nothing but assembly of auto choke parts still in their envelopes and mounting. great starting and zero stumble even when cold and perfect plug color.
  8. Reinstalling the fan and pulley to the pump flange is frustrating as can be as alignment is only possible if you can hold it all together while hunting for the bolt hole. I tried for 45 minutes without success and when I finally decided that some 5 minute epoxy to glue the pulley to the fan would make things easier and it worked beautifully making it quite easy without tearing my hands up in the process as I was not using a cardboard shield.
  9. Neil, is that a normal oil pressure at idle for a 248 ? Hot my 320 is 30 at idle and 45/6 cruising. Do you know if your crank bearings were redone?
  10. My 41 Century wipers work very well. The key is having a good unit and good vacuum. If yours are slow you likely have poor vacuum due to leaky lines or leaky carb mount gaskets or intake manifold gaskets. Measure your vacuum and if low tighten up the carbs and intake bolts for starters. If its still low and your lines are all fresh including to ignition advance you might need fresh gaskets especially the intake. After replacing mine my wipers went from sluggish to to slapping fast at idle and cruising. When accelerating hard they will slow down of course as vacuum drops. Remember when the glas
  11. No need to remove anything to fill the rear shocks just jack up the rear and slide in there. Pull off the top cap and fill
  12. All angles gorgeous except the front which is a weird disconnected combination of design elements that do not relate to each other. Looks like a mish mosh of ideas thrown together and the flat looking windshield is less then elegant. A split glass with a little angle would help. Side and rear are exquisite but earlier front end is much prettier. How you can go from the perfection of a 41 Continental front end to this is a mystery to me.
  13. Matt I have used a heat gun and also hot water soak to soften up a stiff belt and anything rubber that was to stiff to install. Also slipping a piece of cardboard behind the radiator takes the pain of knuckle scraps and fin damage away. I recently changed a belt that would have been impossible for me with my arthritic hands without heating it up..lubed it too to get it under the crank pulley. The tooth back belts are much easier but they are not as quite as you have found though belt dressing helps some.
  14. The boiling point of fuel can be increased with the addition of kerosene. It is a useful additive in the prevention of vapor lock. Not sure of the ratio but it was previously discussed and I remember there was info regarding how much to add so a simple forum search should bring it up.
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