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  2. Early Buicks that have a threaded hole in the exhaust manifold that can be used to pressurize the gas tank. My 1913 Model 31 Buick has this modification (with a an inline spark arrestor) that has performed perfectly with no moving parts for many years. The back pressure from the muffler provides the perfect pressure to keep fuel supplied to the carb for those long uphill runs....
  3. I took my newly completed 1915 "Bumble Buick" for a test drive yesterday after fixing the LR wheel mounting. The keyways in the axle and wheel hub did not match, & needed a step key to eliminate "chucking". Also, the hub was not fully mounted on the taper of the axle because it needed a thicker washer with a larger I.D. to allow the axle nut to fully seat the hub on the taper. My good friend Capt. Bob made the step key and I reworked the washer on my lathe. After fixing these mounting issues, I also found the brake shoe was not aligned with the drum. So I had to straighten the short brake rod (which made it slightly longer) to pull the brake shoe inward. The car performed well on the test run, and quickly got into third gear and was still gaining speed in the short two blocks in front of my house. The RR tire chirped on the pavement when I stopped, so I still need to adjust the LR brake. Nobody was around to take a photo while I was driving, so here is an older photo of the "Bumble Buick".
  4. I have run two sets of Lester tires on my 1913 Model 31 Buick over many years. They are good tires, ride smooth, and wear well.
  5. PM me if it matches your car. Just pay shipping and it is yours.
  6. When I first got my 29-27 Buick, I found that someone drilled a U pattern of small holes in the firewall under the dash to create a flap to replace the rear freeze plug. You might try that instead of pulling the head or the whole engine as others have suggested. I too recommend power washing the cooling jacket through the freeze holes. Larry Schramm wrote a good article on this process. I am sure he will chime in here too.
  7. Some may be surprised to learn that years ago, I gave half of my spare fan to Jack Gerstkemper when he needed a replacement for his father's 1931 50 series Roadster. I will see if I still have the other half. Stay tuned...
  8. Replace them. Local auto supply stores carry multiple sizes.
  9. The easiest fix is to first check the "freeze plugs" under the rectangular side plates. They sometimes leak and allow water into the pan via the push rods.
  10. I am currently using Zenith Model A Ford carbs on my 165 cu in Buicks with good success. They are simple and reliable, but require some creative modification for throttle control via the sector lever. I recommend trying Carb King's suggestion before making any change.
  11. Larry, You might also look for 1931 Buick 50 Series parts. The drive train (except for the motor) were the same for the first six months of that year's production. I believe it changed mid-year when Buick started using the torque tube drive line.
  12. I gave up selling on eBay. If you do not have a recent history of selling, they do not release funds until the buyer leaves feedback. Not all buyers leave feedback!
  13. I suggest you check continuity with ground while switching the ignition on and off to find out.
  14. A photo & dimensions would be helpful... Many of us have parts that are not yet identified....
  15. It is always a good idea to match the old parts with new parts to verify you have the correct rotor, cap, etc....
  16. I believe the unmarked wire is the ground wire which should connect through the ignition switch to ground the mag & kill the engine.
  17. I don't know why you think it is archaic. Frankly, it is the best site for early Buick owners to get the info and help needed to keep these cars on the road.
  18. Three of nine NOS gaskets in the set are in good usable condition. Two # V-9953 and one # V-1217. Hand marked 1911 Cad, which I believe is incorrect. Printed Oldsmobile 1930-48 Also printed LaSalle (unreadable) Make offer if interested via PM
  19. Not mine
  20. I suggest you call Kim Dawson. He specializes in leather covered Jeep parts.
  21. It appears to be Brougham upholstery.
  22. I suggest you charge the battery to get good rotation from the S/G, clean the ignition contacts, & verify you have good power to the points & coil, & check the spark at a plug too. Good luck.
  23. 814-571-9XXX Bellefonte, Pennsylvania ...