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  1. Geoff, Just read this web page and decide if you have a race car or not. Light flywheels: pros and cons – Infinite-Garage (infinitegarage.com)
  2. My $0.02.... Do the easy stuff first.... First, just replace the fuel filter & see it the pump still works before you drop the tank.
  3. Most vehicle manufacturers used wheels from other vendors. Look closely at the wheel/rim and lugs to see if there is a manufacturer stamp to ID the wheels. Then post photos and ID so the correct wheel bolts can then be found.
  4. Year, make and model of the vehicle???
  5. This is a good deal for anyone with a 1927-28 Master series Buick. The seller need not disassemble it since there is risk of breaking off the cover screws. IMO, the buyer should assume that risk. This presents an opportunity to rebuild a spare with a new SS shaft and a replacement bronze impeller (if needed) since these parts are often corroded.
  6. I find it interesting that nobody has asked the owner if this car is to be a driver or a judged show car. It seems that all previous responders have assumed it is to be a show car, and that resale value will be based on points judging.
  7. If the ends of the shoes contact the drum first, they will squeal. So, the first thing I would try is to bevel the ends of the brake material and verify the brake material is not out of round.
  8. Try Olsen's Gaskets. Engine Gaskets for the Antique Market - Olson's Gaskets (olsonsgaskets.com)
  9. Just FYI: I have the original Marvel carbs in two of my cars. Years ago, I replaced floats with 3 wine bottle corks glued together with Crazy Glue & coated with Red Kote gas tank sealer. They are still working fine after several years.
  10. Ruby is a 1908 Model F Buick Scooter is a 1912 Model 34 Roadster The Bumble Buick is a 1915 C25 Speedster This 1931 Model 67 Buick is Michelle (named after a previous owner)
  11. Robert, Of course I am a bit biased, but I suggest you stick with the more modern Buick engine. A rebuild will be much more cost effective than adapting the Caddy engine to the Buick. I suggest you might sell the Caddy to pay for the Buick restoration. My $0.02
  12. I may have one from a 1931 Model 57 that could be the same. Please post dimensions...
  13. Yes, it needs the gaskets..
  14. The generally accepted terminology would be "orifice plate", regardless if it was made from a washer or a freeze plug. "An orifice plate is a device used for reducing pressure or for restricting flow."
  15. 24 & 26 Buicks have similar heat control set-ups.
  16. The rod on the back side of the carb that extends to a valve on the exhaust down pipe is for the heat control system.
  17. Got back from the Modoc tour last Friday. Yesterday I got it all back together after replacing the five worn steering linkage pins and removed steering column to clean up and re-lube the bushings. Then I washed it and drove it around the neighborhood to verify the steering is now tight and it turns more easily. The next door neighbors were entertaining their grandchildren in the front yard, so everyone got a ride in the Buick.
  18. No, my car only has a heater. I would expect it may have been standard on the larger series Buicks. So, perhaps the variable speed defroster was only offered as an option on the 38 Specials?
  19. Brian, are you sure it is original equipment for a 38 Special or is it for a larger series Buick? My original Special does not have one.
  20. It is not an original Buick part. I suspect it may have been wired in series with the heater control to regulate the fan speed. Just my $0.02...
  21. I disagree... They just say they are looking for your package, but it just delays the process of admitting they lost it. Then you get much less than the lost item's insured value you paid with no justification. I no longer use USPS.
  22. Tony, This article applies to your dual points set up. Mallory Dual Points distributor, how it works, and Why Dual? (mgaguru.com)
  23. It appears to be a very nice original car.... A good buy!
  24. The original post is from 2010. The car is now on the road with it's badge.
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