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  1. I quit selling on eBay when they refused to release payment until the buyer posted feedback.
  2. At some point we must all realize the definition of "youth in our hobby" means we should be targeting those who are 40 to 60 years old. Most of those much younger are still raising families & working full time with less disposable income to spend on car hobbies.
  3. Dave, For a driver, you can substitute carriage bolts & pin them in a drill press or hand drill mounted in a vice and use a file to trim and round the heads prior to plating or paint. You need a friend with a lathe and a good chrome plater if you are restoring a show car.
  4. I agree, but castings made from Silica Bronze are much stronger, & look like solid brass. Local club members and I have used a local foundry to cast silica bronze for windshield supports, shift levers, and other high stress components (see below). Silicon Bronze Silicon Bronze is a high-strength, highly corrosion resistant material with nonmagnetic properties. It is generally as strong as steel. Because of its composition, it is more difficult to machine. However, it is excellent for use in general marine applications, as well as pumps, heavy equipment, fittings, and boilers. Silicon Bronze, C655 Minimum Properties Ultimate Tensile Strength, psi 85,000 Yield Strength, psi 55,000 Elongation in 2" 20% Rockwell Hardness B90 Chemistry Copper (Cu) 97.0% min Iron (Fe) 0.8% max Manganese (Mn) 1.5% max Nickel (Ni) 0.6% max Lead (Pb) 0.5% max Silicon (Si) 2.8 - 3.8% Zinc (Zn) 1.5% max Alcobra Metals states that all technical data is for comparison purposes only and is NOT FOR DESIGN. It has been compiled from sources we believe to be accurate but cannot guarantee. Please consult an Engineer. Copied from:
  5. Hello my name is Jerry, I would like to locate a 1933 Buick distributor with single points to replace the original dual points distributor. We have checked the numbers on our distributor Delco #660L 10511 It has the 4 lobe cam for the dual points. We have adjusted the first set at TDC #1 with 10 deg ADV mark lined up at flywheel, and then turn to the SYNC #6 mark but are un able to get the second set adjusted just right, we can get them close. Our drive gear and distributor gear are in great shape, very little if any play. When we turn the engine over 1 complete cycle of firing order the rotor ends up pointing at number 6 on the distributor cap then continues to change position every cycle? Please post here so I can pass it on to Jerry.
  6. Mine is 12", but you may also gain some with spacers under the sill plates. In fact, it may be much easier to adjust the height of the sill plates to compensate for the taller engine.
  7. Sharps, The larger series Buicks provide a good ride and plenty of power for hills etc. The one possible negative is the need to properly maintain and adjust the mechanical drum brakes. Original brakes will work well and will actually lock-up the wheels only when properly adjusted. Be sure the seller has replaced the internal heat riser between the carb. and intake manifold, or be prepared to do it yourself. Don't expect to run a 70 mph on the highway; but you can run around 60 in the larger series. All of these cars run better around 50-55 mph and will last much longer if you run them where they are not working too hard.
  8. Dwight, I have an extra hood complete with the sill plates and hold downs. Let me know the height of the hood sides you have, and I will see if this one is taller.
  9. Similar to my 1915 "Bumble Buick" Speedster. After upholstery....
  10. Buy one at just about any prewar swap meet. They are just over a foot long and are for 20's era GM Vehicles.
  11. This is the correct lug wrench/jack handle for that jack.
  12. OK, understood. So, will this be a show car or driver?
  13. Just got back from the HCCA Skagit Group "Shake Rattle & Roll Tour". We are in the 1912 Buick Model 34 roadster....following the white Model T Ford. On Wednesday 9/11/2019, we dressed in red white & blue. Many like us, had flags on our cars in respect to those who lost their lives and in recognition for the first responders that day.
  14. Why are you concerned about the water tube when you have a duplex cartridge oil filter mounted on the firewall, a BB1 Carb, and blue paint on several engine components?
  15. This seems like a great way to get "Pickled Rust". Also keep in mind that the acetic acid in vinegar should be neutralized with a baking soda solution and all water removed before painting.
  16. After the Prewar After Tour in MA, we stopped there to investigate what they had planned to re-purpose the building. I also followed up to see if the Buick logos in the windows might be available, but was told the local historical society would not allow the sale of any of the building components.
  17. Heavy gear lube is what most of us use in square cut gear boxes. I use SAE 250 wt. And more recently, I added some fine flake graphite to make shifting even smoother. 90 W gear oil is recommended for later models as in my 38 Buick Special.
  18. Rainwater itself is a source for bicarbonate ions. CO2 dissolved in rainwater may form carbonic acid. The carbonic acid will also dissociate to form bicarbonate and hydrogen ions... in rainwater%3F&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=carbonates in rainwater%3F&sc=0-24&sk=&cvid=E943D5EC6E6B4E9FA8CF7DB284F7D843
  19. I have a large series 1929 Buick whole rear end with a good ring gear, but no pinion. This car had wire wheels and the hubs and backing plates are in good shape too. You can have the whole thing for $100 + shipping to wherever you are.
  20. I agree, but rather than making a new tank, just use the old ends and replace the middle.
  21. It should work OK on gravity as long as the original carburetor float is correctly adjusted. However, it is always a good idea to have a shut-off valve to service the fuel filter and/or stop a leak.
  22. My 15 Speedster tank was in bad shape with several dents and holes. I even found where a previous owner had a penny soldered over one of the larger holes. I left the penny in place for good luck! So, I had it cleaned and tinned by a local company that re-tins commercial kitchen pots & pans. They also poured a strip of extra tin that I used to solder several holes before it was painted. It took a bit more work to make it smooth enough for a skim coat of body filler prior to paint.
  23. Mark, I am not certain, but it appears to be a tapered plug valve that is spring loaded from the top. It may just have a piece of grit stuck between the plug and the body. So, first try running some clean oil through it while you compress the spring. If the spring is getting weak, you might try pulling up on he handle while rotating it, or just gently tap on the bottom to help seat the valve.