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Happy Birthday Steve Moskowitz!!


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Boy I know I am going to get in hot water for this one!!! But he's in Florida, Happy Birthday Steve!

From the staff at Headquarters!:)

He should be ashamed of himself, in the beautiful sunny Florida, while you guys slave away. Hey, what time is the party, Paul!?????:D

Oh, he'll miss that birthday cake too!:eek::)


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So, that email I got from him saying he was stranded in London with a broke-down car, lost his passport, got mugged in Portobello Road and nobody would accept his wooden Hershey nickles was just a scam then. (lol) Glad to know he is safe in Fla, and hopefully celebrating his birthday in grand style. Have-a-happy Steve!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Steve!!!! May the coming year(s) be great times for you and your family!

From all of your friends in somewhat warm N TX . . . Decatur Swap Meet this weekend, plus Sweethearts & Orphans car show in Denton on Saturday.

I guess we'll get "pictures" from FL?



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Happy Birthday Steve---

Hundred and Twenty Years---


PS: You could have passed by here in New Orleans for Mardi Gras this past Tuesday en route to Florida

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Good Grief, you all have to much time on your hands! Thanks for the greetings....seems my staff is delighted about pulling pranks on me or messing with me. Hmmmmm...guess we have to get in the payback mode! :) Thanks everyone, I try to forget these "anniversaries"...they are adding up. The Milhous auction was something to see!

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