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  1. It's usually better to bore than hone when things are so out of spec to begin with. Honing stones are just for that, honing. Not boring. Honing is used just to smooth out the irregularities after boring.
  2. Instead of cutting down the tree, why not maneuver the car around on the right of the tree? It looks like there's enough room in the second photo. Looks like you just need to move the stuff there on the right. You might only need to cut down the one yucca bush.
  3. Well it looks like you'll be all set. It sounds like it should work out well for you.. You've done really good work so far. It'll take some practice for sure.
  4. I'm not sure if an industrial machine is the same as an upholstery machine. It will surely depend on the needles, thread and fabric you'll use. It looks heavy duty. I guess you'll find out when you try it. Do you still have the old seats for patterns?
  5. I guess I misunderstood your post about the holes. So there is no oil passage on #8 rod journal? Did you look at #8 on the damaged crank to see it it's the same?
  6. I'm figuring the single hole is the start or the end of the oiling circuit for the crank. Maybe the shop manual might have an oil flow diagram?
  7. A Cadillac 331 might be easier to handle than a Packard 320 for a good cleaning.
  8. I wonder what the cam looks like. It's not a good scenario. Even if the old engine has sludge, it may be salvageable. Drop the pan and examine the internals. You might be able to use some parts from your bad engine.
  9. Yes the heat risers often get stuck when the car sits for a long time as was the case with mine. Mine wasn't hard to fix but your car sat for a long time.
  10. I remember my intake was discolored in the same spots. It was for carb heating as Laughing Coyote mentions. I noticed that I have an original 52 shop manual in my collection. I can check things for you if you need it.
  11. I have been following your thread. I thought maybe something bad happened when I did see any updates. I once owned a 51 Series 62 hard top. I had it for about 20 years. I went through just about everything except the engine and transmission. Both had been rebuilt back in the mid 70's by a previous owner, It had always run well but a bit on the hot side when I got it in 1986. I had installed small drain valves on both sides pf the block to make easier to drain when I was flushed the block. I ran a weak acid solution to clean all the crud that had accumulated in the neglected cooling system. It
  12. That hearse looks like it's too nice to be in a junk yard. At first I thought I thought the car was in a procession.
  13. Here you go: https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1914-willoughby-tall-top-center-door-touring-car.1194975/
  14. Portland, OR? Wouldn't surprise me. Nothing seems to be a crime over there.
  15. It should work best by drilling it out with a bit that's just smaller than the hole in the manifold. The manifold is cast iron so there aren't many bits out there that will drill into the actual metal.
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