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  1. Bleach


    ¬°Feliz Navidad!
  2. Bleach

    '51 Chieftain - Rear grab handles/rope

    Here's what they looked like on my 51 Cadillac coupe.
  3. It's for the heated choke on the carb.
  4. Bleach

    collector cars in California fire

    Sorry to be the one to confirm it, but yes it's true.
  5. Bleach

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    I hate to break this but I've got bad news about the Easter bunny too.
  6. Bleach

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    The owners of the Mark II probably never changed their own tires.
  7. Bleach

    Monterey script

    I think it's early 70's. I think they were mounted on the rear quarter near the edge by the bumper. They may have been mounted elsewhere on different years.
  8. A word of warning, the 5 speed that comes with the F150's is a Mazda transmission and is not suited for any heavy duty. They tend to leak fluid out of a vent and often fail at 100K or less. The slave cylinder is a concentric POS on most all of the F series trucks which means the transmission needs to come out when they leak. It's still less expensive to rebuild than the automatic. I have a 94 F150 4X4 and it's gone through two 5 speeds in 215K miles. I replaced the last one with a ZF 5 speed from a 3/4 ton. I'm currently dealing with the clutch slave. Another thing, you'll tend to fix two or more extra things in addition to whatever will need fixing because things will break when you try remove anything. They have really brittle plastic in these things that gets worse with age. Maybe you'll luck out in CA since your weather doesn't experience some of the drastic changes in temperatures we do in the NW. These things rust so avoid buying one from the coast. I will never buy another one of these F series ever again. Good luck.
  9. Bleach

    1955 Crown Vic. 64B parts

    Try also posting at fordbarn, y-blocksforever, and HAMB.
  10. I would have thought these were photos of an actual MKII in the process of restoration had I not known it was only 1:12 scale. Really amazing work Roger.
  11. Bleach

    Off to the crusher?

    It's a long trip.
  12. 19tom40 you are right about the OHV engines. I just looked at a 53 truck brochure. Ford Truck Brochure - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums&
  13. You could narrow down what engine you have by the casting numbers. identification.htm
  14. I'm not sure about the interchangeability but it doesn't surprise me about Fords of the time.