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  1. Larry, I went and read the reworded part. It kind of got taken out of context and looked like what you are talking about. Reading it in context that is not what they are doing. Compared with the old wording it includes the statement that the items added must be authorized by the factory. It just rewords it to say that the vehicles need to be as they could have been delivered by the dealer with factory authorized options for the year make and model the items were put on. Not as it came to the dealer from the factory. This is a case where only putting part of the information was misleadin
  2. Thanks for understanding Walker. I am sure that whomever is taking over the reins will appreciate your consideration. You can pretty much judge your own vehicles. Print off a copy of the judging sheet that is in the 2014 Official Judging Guidelines and take it and look over each of the components listed under each category of Exterior, Interior, Engine and Chassis. The only time that all of the points listed for each component listed can be taken off is when it is missing, not able to be used for it's intended purpose or is incorrect for the year, make and model of the vehicle being ju
  3. Additionally, the request is honestly supposed to be limited to those that did not receive the award they were seeking. Can you imagine the time it would take for the VP of Class Judging to respond if everyone, and yes I know that is unlikely, asked for a highlighted copy of their judging sheet? He already gets quite a few from each Meet.
  4. Steve, excellnt idea to post it also on the General Forum in addition to the Judges Forum. It will reach an even larger, untapped audience there. Many that are not already judges never come over to the Judging Forum.
  5. Cool. You let a pony live in your house. Just kidding I know it is a blue Dane. Pretty.
  6. All the information above this post has been compiled into a list to be posted on Friday or Saturday of this week. It will be a separate list from the all-in-one who will be at Hershey annual list. If you need a copy of the lista before Friday let me know and I will e-mail it to you.
  7. Okay I will start moving the information to a Word file to post along with the all in one list of who will be at Hershey. Thanks.
  8. Okay, does anyone want me to put together a printable list of the places to eat while I am at it?
  9. I might not have put the correct name. Where I was talking about is the food court area of Hershey World. Pleeease don't tell me they turned that into an Italian eatery. :eek: I would never be able to get Bill back to Hershey if he can't have his ice cream sundae lunch one day.
  10. That does clear it up for me. I was looking at the original post and it listed an Italian place, Fenicci's, at the top of the post and the sushi place, Sakura Do, at the bottom. Sorry Steve, I thought you had put those two together. I didn't realize, because I don't live there, that Sakura Do's has both. Sounds like a place worth trying since we will be there Sunday through Sunday.
  11. As well as our waistlines. :eek: But hey, we walk most of it off in the fields, right? Steve, I not sure, but I think you may be a bit confused. I think it is two different places for the Italian food and the sushi. In W. Va. we never eat sushi from a restaurant that is next to a bait shop. Too risky.
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