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  1. I agree with Matt Harwood, one top notch guy right here, sold 2 cars for me last year. I couldn't have been happier, they aren't all bad
  2. Thanks, John, look forward to seeing you also. Terry, you sure there is a car in there!!!
  3. Aw man, Steve, you don't have to twist my arm to get me to talk about my latest big car project! As you know, I love big Pontiac's with big motors and this one is a 1960 Ventura Sport Coupe that I purchased several years ago and have never had the time to complete. 1960 was the first year Pontiac offered the Borg Warner T 10 4 speed transmission, I have a letter from Pontiac confirming they built 722 of them and this is one of those cars. It is also equipped with a 425A motor with the Tri-Power which was the largest available motor in 1960. I'm lucky to have the original paperwork with the car, PHS can't document back farther than 61. The first thing the judges or anyone will probably question will be the color, Pontiac in 1960 did not offer a bright red, they had a very poplar color called Coronado Red which was maroon. This car was special ordered 1959 Pontiac Mandalay Red which is bright red. A 37 dollar option. Because they didn't offer the bright red, they didn't have a matching interior so the car has the maroon Coronado Red interior which looks a little weird. I attached a couple of photo's, note the paint code on the cowl tag. Hope to have it finished in time to show it this year, might be Hershey.
  4. This is a heart breaker, we always look forward to Auburn. Hope all is well with you Steve, take care and stay safe.
  5. This is a heart breaker, we always look forward to Auburn. Hope all is well with you Steve, take care and stay safe. Gives me a little more time to get Debbies new ride done. This is what I'm spending my time on, her 57 Beetle, I have two cars being restored, the Beetle and a 60 Pontiac.
  6. Please apply our money to the Building Fund also
  7. Steve, I know that normally this would not happen but does the car have to have obtained it's Sr. before it's entry in the GN can be accepted? Just try'n to get locked into one of those 700 spots. I'm working on a car that I plan to take to Auburn and the WV show provided they don't get canceled.
  8. Do you have current photos of the truck? These all appear to be quite old, just wondering what the condition is now. Thanks
  9. Beautiful truck, did you ever show this truck at an AACA National Meet? Maybe Hagerstown some years ago?
  10. We don't have the Model A anymore, just wasn't my cup of tea. Was hoping to go on the West Virginia tour but they cut the years off at 58, 59 is the oldest thing we have.