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  1. I don't know the address but looking forward to seeing you John. We are staying at the LaQuinta in Fort Wayne.
  2. Looks a lot like an Auto Red Bug
  3. No Mark, the Marathons used to be made in America but Goodyear started having them made in China about 4 or 5 years ago. A couple of years ago they introduced the Goodyear Endurance tire, it is made in America. I have a set on one of my trailers and so far they have been good
  4. Five 15" x 5" wheels, originally from a 1953 Mercury, these five wheels were in absolutely mint condition, no pits or rust. They were sand blasted, epoxy primed and professionally painted with gloss black single stage paint. Five B.F. Goodrich 6:70x15 blackwall tires were purchased from Coker Tire and mounted on the wheels. They were mounted on a show car and driven from the trailer parking to the Hershey show field last Oct. and back to the trailer, approx 3 miles total. Wheels and tires #1200.00 obo
  5. Not to be augmentive but this statement isnt correct in all cases. I recently sold a 1961 Pontiac Ventura, a 425A / 4 speed car, a fairly rare car. The build date on the cowl tag was 4th week of Nov. 1960, the engine was dated Dec 20, 1960. The Pontiac Historical Service documented the car for me and supplied me with the build sheet, hand written on this document was " body placed in asle 4". PHS explained to me that this indecated the assembly plant had not received the motor when the car came down the assembly line so it was placed in storage until the motor was received. They also said this was a fairly common occurrence with cars that were ordered with unusual equipment. Fortunately for Pontiac fans the records are available starting with 1961, unfortunately Chevrolet records are non existent, however if these occurrences happened at Pontiac they undoubtedly also happened at Chevrolet. Not saying this was the case with this Corvette but a 425 horse 427 Corvette would be a perfect example of it may have happened .
  6. We had the same problem with cold water in the shower the first morning but my wife called the front desk and we never experienced that anymore. They have those inline water heaters and apparently they can reset them because they fixed the problem from the front desk
  7. I have Goodyear Endurance tires on my trailer, put them on last spring, have not had any problems with them. Also have a second trailer with Goodyear G614 tires on it, been on 4 years with no issues. Those G614 tires are very expensive but i think they are worth it. I changed my tires to 16" , they were originally 15"
  8. Pat, I saw you at Philly but didn't get a chance to speak, I didn't realize what you have been through, you look great now! Take care, I love your hauler!
  9. Matt, Perhaps i missed it but when will applications be accepted?
  10. Glad you brought up about the choke rod being on the wrong side of my scooter, I may change it and the gas tank mounting. The choke rod gets in my way of cranking the engine, my foot hits the choke rod and bends it. My scooter was restored by a gentleman in Iowa, I can't remember his name, first name is Jim. It is supposed to be an original Clinton scooter.
  11. I've been told that the tank on my scooter (above) is not mounted correctly but I don't know. Nice work you are doing
  12. Mailed my entry yesterday, looking forward to it.
  13. I believe the above statement needs a little clarity. After a car competes and wins its Sr. Award it then is eligible to compete in the AGNM.