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  1. For Sale, 1959 Pontiac Catalina original engine, 57k mile rust free, built in Ca. Southgate plant, sold new in Az. , solid dry straight rust free body, driver quality car with original style interior, doors sound like a refrigerator door shutting. Owner kept records of all work, a lot of the invoices have the mileage shown on them to document mileage. Clock works, interior dome light, back up lights etc. all work. Original A code, 389/280 horse, correct and working tri power unit added many years ago. Four new B.F. Goodrich 8:50x14 bias ply tires with deluxe spinner wheel covers. Four speed automatic transmission works great. Not a show car but a really good driving cruiser car that always draws a crowd. We have enjoyed driving it on AACA National tours. $29,500 firm price as is or will deduct 1000 bucks and kept the original breather if new owner prefers the 3 chrome pots , also consider deducting if new owner prefers radial tires. Unmolested old Pontiac's like this are getting difficult to find.
  2. Matt, I came by your car coral space today but didnt see anyone, wanted to thank you for selling two cars for me this year. I have a couple of Pontiac's in Class 36a on Saturday. Hope to meet you Tommy Nolen
  3. Would like to see another tour in the mountains of N.C., Tn. or Kentucky
  4. I don't think the fact that the jug is plastic has anything to do with it but the jugs that they sell the racing fuel in appear to be much more air tight although I guess the have to have some ventilation . I might be totaly wrong, they just appear to be much better than these a much better jug
  5. Mine won't pull me except on level ground, I weigh 225 lbs, might have something to do with it
  6. Damn Bob, you could have used that 55 dollars to pay for trailer parking at the GN meet next year!! (Never miss an opportunity to stir a pot!)
  7. We are lucky in central Virginia, we have access to 89 and 93 oct. Non ethanol gas plus 110 oct. tacing gas. Actually we have a speed shop near me that has various octane racing gas. You could probably purchase 10 to 15 gal and it would be enough for the two show cars for a season. If you purchased it in those plastic racing jugs it shouldnt go bad
  8. The AACA has stopped recognizing the Doodlebug scooters but those that have shown previously are grandfathered. My little scooter recieved its Jr. Award several years ago and has never been show again. There is National AACA meet in late October in Mobile Al., I think I may enter the Doodlebug to get its Sr.
  9. John I went up I 95 to Parsippany N.J. and again two weeks ago going to the Pontiac Convention in Gettysburg with no problems. They may pull me over the next time but so far.....
  10. The 450 is a very expensive truck compared to a 350. The 350 uses 150 dollar tires, the 450 tires are near 400 dollars each. The 350 gets about 12.5 mpg pulling a 28 ft steel trailer, the 450 pulling that 36 ft gooseneck gets 9 mph. The goosneck is steel too so it's heavy. My insurance isn't too bad even though it is commercial, runs a little under 900 dollars a year. As for the scales, I only go through the edge of Maryland when I go north as I usually travel 81. I've never stopped at a scale and its never been an issue, perhaps some day they will stop me but until then I will keep on truck'n past them
  11. I do have a CDL but no medical card. Have never stopped at a weigh station and never been pulled over. I've been from Va. to Az. and to Wy. with no issues. Wait, I do have a commercial insurance policy on the truck, I also have a F350 that is on my regular car insurance policy but when they key in the F450 vin it automatically requires a commercial policy
  12. F450 Ford with 36' goose neck trailer
  13. Mmmm, we are planning to go to the show and tour in Arizona, might be a little tight getting back to Virginia then going back to Auburn . Better start saving up I guess !!!
  14. I don't know the address but looking forward to seeing you John. We are staying at the LaQuinta in Fort Wayne.