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  1. I would suggest you contact Diamondback Radial tires in South Carolina and explain your situation and ask them if you purchase a set of the correct size but blackwall bias ply tires could they install a whitewall of the correct width on your tires. If they won't do it I bet they can tell you of a place that can. Good luck
  2. I don't recall a 3 barrel ever being used in NASCAR, at least not during the Pontiac hey days. They did allow the use of dual 4 barrel carbs on the Fords, I believe in 1965 to offset the Chrysler hemi. I also wonder why the 62 Pontiac 421 with single 4 barrel was rated at 390 horse power yet the NASCAR GN cars had 405 horse power on the hood.
  3. Mr. Moskowitz, just so you know, I have already signed up, got my rooms, mailed my registration in and can damn near taste the BBQ !!!
  4. Host hotel is sold out. I was able to get rooms at one of the other hotels listed
  5. Forums seem to be quiet too but I signed up and got rooms. Waiting on Annual Meeting plans.....
  6. Peter, where are the Chevrolet and Pontiac FOR SALE ads? I can't find them thanks Tommy
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