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  1. Morning everyone, hope all are being safe and well, i am looking for the inserts that go on the center part of the wheel for my 64 skylark, anyone have any or know where they might be found, as always thanks for evryone's help, have a blessed day
  2. Morning everyone, i posted this in general information, and now posting on the Buick forum, does anyone know if the rear wheel well trim is the same for a 64chevelle/buick, i need the rear trim for my 64 skylark convertible, have not seen any on ebay for buick, but they have them for the 64 chevelle, any help will be appreciated, thanks Bob
  3. Morning everyone, hopefully someone will know the answer to my question, are the rear wheel well trims the same on both of these cars, i am in need of the rear wheel well trim for my 64 skylark convertible, they are offered on ebay for the 64 chevelle, but have not seen any for my buick, any help will be appreciated, thanks Bob
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses, i have steel wheels with wire hubcaps, i am looking for buick wheels that have the buick emblem in the center, kinda look like mags
  5. I am located in Maryland, close to Hagerstown
  6. Does anyone have 4 buick wheels for a 1964 Skylark, any help would be appreciated, thanks Bob
  7. Tony, would like to see some pics of the back and rear bed if they are there, also a price, my email is, thanks bob
  8. Hi guys and gals, need a little help, i have a 1964 skylark convertible, am trying to figure out how to remove the wiper arms off the car, i have looked did a little prying to no avail, any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  9. Ok everyone, i would like to thank all with their advice and how to"s on my heating problem of my 40, took all advice and followed as follows, found out the radiator and a small leak and blockage, took out the bypass valve housing, installed frost plug with the 5/16th hole in it, did not fill up the radiator to allow for expansion, AFTER ALL OF THAT, GUESS WHAT------SUCCESS WHOO WHOO, it runs around 160-170 degress, took it to a show about 10 miles from me, on the interstate driving, and to top it off, my 40 won best of show, so to everyone who helped me get this problem solved, a much appreciated thanks, thanks Bob!
  10. Ok, have a question for Flyer15015, i have took the bypass valve housing out and see the brass valve and shaft inside the housing, once out i dont understand what you are saying about taping a frost plug drilling a 5/16th hole in the center?, Hope you can reply to this, thanks Bob
  11. SO, took it out for a small drive, noticed the car was heating up, hanging around the 185-195 degree, so headed back, let it idle a bit then shut off, temp continued to rise to 200 while sitting in garage, i did check the bottom hose today after forgetting to check it before the drive, NO SPRING, so will take care of that soon, dont know if that could be the culprit, as i said did the back flush till clear water continued, while doing that the temp remained about 145-150. if all this continues, will try the muratic acid treatment, again thanks to all for your continued help, thanks bob
  12. OK everyone, thanks for all of the advice, i just back flushed it this morning, will refill tomorrow and give it a try, thanks for the lower hose spring will check that tomorrow also, will let everyone know what the verdict is tomorrow, again thanks to all that gave me their tips and advice, take care and wish me luck, thanks Bob
  13. Ok, thanks for all the info, i will put the thermostat back in, and will just cover the radiator not topping, it is a 50/50 mix, again thanks for all the info!
  14. HI guys, thanks for all the info, the radiator was properly done from a radiator shop a few years ago when i did the restoration, what do you all think about disconnecting the upper water jacket minus the thermostat and basically do a back flush?
  15. Engine was rebuilt properly, cooked out etc, so do you still think that would be the problem?