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  1. Hey 1937hd45 Bob. My first year was 1969 also👍 Not sure when we met, but know it has been a long time since our last meeting. Need to change that this year. Probably at the show “T” field. I will be in with Corvettes (1993). Chuck Carisch
  2. Bob I am also 49th attendee. Haven’t seen you in a long time. I will stop by this year as I have watcher with me. Chuck
  3. 25 vehicles?? Doesn't come across as an AACA Tour. Sounds like asking your closest friends to go an overnight (2) with their old cars. BAD. Was really planning on attending this one. ccar
  4. Hey guys, I am watching this thread with a great deal of interest. I have a '39 46C that was body finished in the late '70's, new paint,top - wrong fabric - new uph - again not correct fabric. Anyway, I couldn't get it to start last Fall and found that the fuel line was rusted and sucking air, not fuel. So I have stripped the underside of the body of brake and fuel lines, exhaust etc. Now getting close to having painted the floor pan and frame. My cleaning is done with wire brushes, scrapers and acid itch. Not too much fun at this point. Your posts give me encouragement! I'll be watchi
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