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  1. Sorry about the Convention stepping on the dates for the SouthEastern Div Tour. I am staying with Chuck Crane on the tour. I will be missing my 1st Annual Meeting/Convention since 1970☹️. Have a great time at both events. Chuck Carisch
  2. Hey 1937hd45 Bob. My first year was 1969 also👍 Not sure when we met, but know it has been a long time since our last meeting. Need to change that this year. Probably at the show “T” field. I will be in with Corvettes (1993). Chuck Carisch
  3. Bob I am also 49th attendee. Haven’t seen you in a long time. I will stop by this year as I have watcher with me. Chuck
  4. 25 vehicles?? Doesn't come across as an AACA Tour. Sounds like asking your closest friends to go an overnight (2) with their old cars. BAD. Was really planning on attending this one. ccar
  5. Why, thls is one year old. What am I missing??
  6. So sorry to hear about Art's passing. Condolences from Cath and myself. Not sure when I first met Art, but do remember he winning the annual AACA car drawing, a Pontiac Solstice. Many discussions followed that win since we were interested in buying one. Art will be remembered for his many AACA interactions. all in a quiet way! Chuck
  7. It should be known that our own William H. Smith, Executive Director AACA at that time, was an early winner of the Mequiar's Award. That award HONORED THE CAR HOBBY'S PERSON OF THE YEAR. Ccar
  8. With perfect weather, new location we had a great swap meet. Just over 100 vendors. Several automobilia vendors including me. See me at Hershey for my leftovers. No pictures that I know of. Next Newsletter maybe. Chuck
  9. Sunday, 4/17/16. YES! Tommorow! 719 Valley Road Hockessin. DE (between routes 41 & 7. 8 till 2
  10. Bob, your comment reopened an old memory. Years ago I had two gentlemen approach my stuff and was in my box of headlight lenses. One picked up a pair and said to his friend " these are the ones I have been looking for" . They were priced at $15 for the pair. He indicated that was not a fair price and offered me $5 for both (I would have taken $10 for both). His manners were somewhat lacking and had a I'm better - than - you attitude - you know what I mean! Anyway I took one of the lenses and tossed it into ythe next vendors space. He really got mad and was cussing me out, saying you don't know what you just did to a rare piece. I then tossed the 2nd one next door.! I told him I got more enjoyment from his reactions than receiving $15. Those who had gathered supported what I had done. I never found out what the lenses were for and their real value.
  11. Every year I put some items on top of nearby trash can. We watch people go by glance at them, stop and study what it is. Some pick ot up, some pick it up several times while looking around to see if anyone is watching. Then, Like an ant eater its in the cart he is pulling. Many laughs while no one is shopping the good stuff I have.
  12. I would pass. Had one many years ago. Needed a new clutch I passed it on and didn't spend the 300 needed to fix it. It could still be in the Ohio field I last saw it in 25. 30 years ago Chuck
  13. Too many cart this year. !!! Handicap ok. The rest should walk like most of us.
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