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  1. Go to the v8 Buick site They will be able to help
  2. I received this email from Hulon McCraw this morning, with his permission I am posting this in hopes we can reach the goal and honor both of these fine gentleman that gave so much to AACA Thanks Paul & Lynn Gawel I had the honor of serving 10 years on the AACA Board with two gentlemen and past presidents who were stead- fast in upholding the cornerstone mission of our hobby. Both (Dave Zimmerman- 2005 and Herb Oakes- 2012) earned and maintained my utmost respect and support for their commitment and dedication to AACA and our hobby. As we enter into a new building fund campaign we have the opportunity to honor both these individuals by raising $15,000.00 each for Office Naming Rights in their honor. While the members, Regions and Chapters in New Jersey and North Carolina are committed to making this happen we will need help from the many friends both gentlemen made while serving our club. I felt obligated to reach out to members who crossed paths with both gentlemen and found them as I did deserving of this honor. Two offices have been temporarily reserved for a short time period so we can achieve the necessary donations. I hope you will join our efforts for this deserving recognition for both Dave Zimmerman and Herb Oakes. Your donation will have a double impact supporting the Building Fund Campaign and honoring both Dave and Herb with offices named in their honor. Hopefully you will choose to support both men. If so, individual checks must be made each payable to; AACA Building Fund and designate in the MEMO blank Dave Zimmerman office naming and on the second check Herb Oakes office naming. Mail to Antique Automobile Club of America, 501 West Governor Road, Hershey, PA 17033-2219 The families of both Dave and Herb are very appreciative for your support and honoring their loved one. If you have any questions please contact me 828-606-2918 cell or I work more effective by phone. Thank you in advance for your support. Hulon C. McCraw Sr. AACA member 573898
  3. We will be in spaces GCH-22-23 on the Green Field with parts,, Weather permitting Plan on being there Tuesday thru Friday Have some 51-53 Special parts 70-72 Skylark/GS Parts Also Buick die cast Hope for another good year Paul
  4. We will be in spaces GCH-22-23 on the Green Field with parts,, Weather permitting Hope for another good year Paul
  5. We will be selling Buick parts on the green field in front of the Giant Center, spaces GCH 22-23 70-72 Skylark GS parts, some GN parts 60,s Taillights also memorabilia will be there Tuesday - Friday Thanks
  6. Might be a good idea if Steve can place a large banner in front of the building "Future Home of AACA National HQ & Library and Research " for Fall Meet Great location! Now we just all have to show our financial support. Paul
  7. Thank You all for the help Will be selling tnem at Hershey
  8. Thanks, I figured 64-67 Skylark, I have found them (reproduced) from 40.00 to 90.00 each. I think they will also fit Oldsmobile.
  9. As pictured they are 10 inches long, about 1 ½ inches high and taper to 1 inch towards the front. I am open to offers and will continue to do some research to determine a fair price. I was not aware that I had even bought these, 20 years ago I purchased a box load of NOS 1970 Buick parts, took out the pieces I needed and just tucked the rest away. This weekend I went to a Buick event and decided to try and sell off the extra parts. We were packing up and I was getting ready to trash the large box when we can across these wrapped in the packing peanuts. I knew these were not correct for any of my cars. Paul
  10. The plating is perfect, not a scratch. I will have them at Hershey, Green Field GCH space 22 & 23. I am trying to determine a fair price.