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  1. The emblems are reproductions and will have value only as an inexpensive collectors item for those who are unconcerned with authenticity. Many reproductions are done incorrectly and have coloring differences in the finish. Post some photos and let's see what you have. I think most would be priced about where that Ford emblem is. Terry
  2. Here are a couple of references for more detailed info on the logos. ( Note, the first one is quite specific to logo usage in Vermont) As you can see, there is quite a variety of dates associated with the different types of logos. https://glcp.uvm.edu/landscape_new/dating/gas_stations/amoco.php https://logos.fandom.com/wiki/Amoco https://logo-timeline.fandom.com/wiki/Amoco
  3. Info is readily available on several sites showing the history and timeline of the AMACO logos. Ellisco has been around a long time and I believe is still in business today. I don't know how to date the cans though, so figuring that out might be the first step. Remember that an older can could have easily been painted anytime during its lifetime. You could probably paint any of the logos on it and make it represent any era you wish.. I believe the green color though is quite specific, known as "AMACO Green". Still might be helpful to post some pics of your can. Terry
  4. Amaco as we know it today, and the logo shown on the samples, were created in 1957. Finding 20s or 30s examples won't be possible. There was an earlier "American Oil Company" but it did not use the name or logo we are most familiar with. How about some photos if what you are working on. Terry
  5. Thanks for the info David. I've heard from another Pierce enthusiast confirming that the emblem is a reproduction. Not sure when it was produced but certain is a modern item. 60s or later is probably its true age. I write regularly about collecting automobilia and include at least one colum per year on what to look for before spending $. This will serve as a good example. Terry
  6. What do you know about this medallion? It's 2" in diameter and is marked as an award for the October 7-15 1903 New York to Pittsburgh Endurance Trials. It was awarded by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers. It's cast in brass. I did not pay a lot for it, and have suspicions it is a recreation. Here is why I think that it is not an original item: It is "rough cast" perhaps using an original as a pattern. Originals most likely were die-struck like a coin. The back, where it shows the medal was awarded to a "Pierce" is also cast rather than engraved. It does look like the original it was made from was indeed engraved, but it did not come through in the recasting. And-a big give-away for me is the fact a good friend recently purchased one just like it on evil-bay. I know the event itself was real and was won by a Columbia. A gold medal was awarded. Perhaps the original of this one was one of several awarded to other participants in the event. The event itself has been re-enacted several times over the years. My thinking is this one was created as a souvenir of one of those re-enacted events. Thought someone here might know more about it - especial those who enjoy digging into Pierce history. So- tell me more if you have any thoughts. Thanks, Terry
  7. Goals and resolutions? To get to Hershey next year. Oh, also to keep on the sunny side of the weatherman. Terry
  8. Here are few of the spark plugs I picked up this year, along with a photo of some of the members of the Spark Plug Collectors of America. Those absent were out finding all the good plugs! In the photos, the brass and mica plug on the right in photo 1 is French and is marked "Glorious" in fancy script. In photo 2, left to right, the plug names are: Pirate, Ford (script), Mcintosh Heather (sounds Scottish to me), Marswells Ford Special, Detriot, and Surety. I found a mess of others but these were among the best of the haul. Terry
  9. Those caps are great! I saw lots of them this year and was tempted to add to my very small collection, but resisted the temptation. Don't now how.
  10. Yes indeed everything that Gasket! Just be sure not to wipe your eyes or pick your nose after. Terry
  11. See my response to your previous post on the topic Mike. That was not an AACA National Award - it was a first prize at a local meet held by an AACA region. Those detailed results are not published in AACA magazines. The answer to your question about AACA magazines is - they are all digitized and available for purchase from AACA on a thumb drive. Terry
  12. I think the owner was trying to convey the advice frequently given on the forum - go look at it yourself. One person's "guess" at poor bodywork might not match your expectations unless you see it yourself. You should be able to find a decent Model A in your area. Terry
  13. Seemed to me there were a few more than usual over by my spaces in the Green field in front of the Giant Center. I smelled at least an extra 1000 calories every day there, and there were plenty of folks enjoying it too. Crab cakes were great as usual. Steve is right about staffing tho, I know a few vendors who had to source tents from as far away as Virginia. Terry
  14. From my collection of automobilia - note the little Firestone Colmbus stickpin on the right. Terry
  15. Here are a couple of other items from Hershey that I just unwrapped. The hand-retouched photo is tremendous if you love early pedal cars. It's a curved photo that fits under a curved glass. I removed the glass to get a clearer photo. The other little teapot is part of a children's set. I've had a cup and saucer for a long time but never seen theteapot before. There must be other pieces out there - creamer, sugar bowl, and perhaps a few small plates, but it seems very difficult to find. Third photo is a Reo advertising tray. Could probably use a little cleaning but I'm going to leave it as is. Terry
  16. Great display, but I couldn't help but notice there is some flat space on top of your cabinet! Room for more, or another small showcase full. Terry
  17. It sure was great to be back in Hershey again! I managed to do a bit of treasure hunting prior to Hershey week, and of course the swap meet itself always produces some nice items for my collection(s). Here are a few of my prizes form this year- first up is a bisque china nodder. It's early 1900s, probably German or Austrian and is one of a pair of them, consisting of a man and woman dressed for their motorcar journey. Tap the head and they nod back and forth, sort of a turn of the century bobble head. I found the lady motorist in an Ohio antique mall earlier this year, and now have her mate. It's the second pair of such nodders I've got. Next up is a wonderful ladies broach shaped like an early car lamp. It has a colored glass "jewel" for the lens. Nice but unmarked. If anyone knows anything about it, all guesses will be welcome. This wonderful occupational shaving mug was a gift from a good friend this year and it is a wonderful addition to my automobilia display. The next item is a small pocket mirror advertising Herr and Company automobile supplies and hardware. They were located in Lancaster PA. From the looks of the car I'd say it's early teens. I need to do a little internet searching to try and find more info on this company. The last two gems are early prints. The first one is in its original dark oak frame. Note the frame consists of a top and bottom section that shows two views of an early automobile, first being driven in the city, then on an open country road. Note it's a lady doing the driving! I believe it's French but need to dig a bit and research the artist. The last item is from Spain and is an advertising poster for cognac. It's a wonderful image of an appropriately attired early motorist and is lady passenger pausing along the road for some refreshment. Of course these are just some highlights. It was a good year too for the spark plug collection as well as some additional advertising trinkets, brass lamps, and even a few Model T parts I needed. Counting the days until next time. Please share your treasures too- Terry
  18. Yes, agree there is less of interest for me. Pre 16 section might as well not even exist. Guess it's just evolution, but still sad to see it moving away from true antique cars. I do enjoy the features sometimes but I now just skim thru it whereas I used to read it front to back at least twice Terry
  19. The title here says it all! What a wonderful week it has been. Thanks to all the Hershey Region members, the AACA HQ team, judges, car owners, vendors, HERCo, and all the volunteers for making this one of the best. It more than lived up to my dreams and expectations. All I saw was smiling faces all week long. Counting the days till next time. Terry
  20. You might want to be a bit more specific in your subject line. I assume you are searching for a truck part? Terry
  21. Yup, I had the pleasure of smelling all that good food the whole time. I think I gained 5lbs just by smelling! The crab cakes were a great flea market lunch -tasty and generous sized. There was a lot of great food (among other things) there this year. It was a super event. More to come once I get through photos and sort our my stuff. Still haven't finished unpacking the truck yet. Really enjoyed stopping to visit with Walt. Always a pleasure! Terry
  22. Lots of Model T folks have resorted to installing old metal stems in new tubes. It's not that difficult. I picked up a whole mess of metal stems at Hershey this year, although I have the right stuff in my 14 and a set of spares I always carry. Terry
  23. So, did you get what you needed? Was curious to see if you had to pay the finders fee multiple times. Terry
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