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  1. And the news this evening reports everything is operating now. See you in Luray for the swap meet! Terry
  2. If you'd turn it around the right way it would be obvious.
  3. I'll soon be on the way to the Luray pre-war swap meet. Weather looks good, a record number of vendors are anticipated, and when the stuff gets unloaded, I'll be there scrounging spark plugs, brassy stuff and other interesting automobilia. Am very much looking forward to the social aspect as well. Will have some good friends from Richmond next door, and plenty of our own Model T club and AACA members plan to stop in for a rest and a visit. There will be evenings at the hotel to visit and sip some scotch, tell stores and show off our discoveries. Along the route, there are a few regular a
  4. This was a common problem with the GTOs. To make things even worse, the exhaust manifolds wrapped around very close to that solonoid. Pontiac also had a heat shield that helped-sometines. Terry
  5. And before you hook things up again be sure to grease that ball. From the photo it looks very dry and rusty in that area. Terry
  6. Automobilia collectors are very familiar with the "Motorist" series pieces produced by Royal Doulton. Their plates, pitchers, tankards, and other pieces have been widely collected for many years. This is an item though I'd not seen before. I cannot find any information on it. It's a small cup just over 2" in height, and about 3 1/8" diameter. It's called "The Wise Motorist." Depicted on one side is an early vehicle hauling a horse, and it has a cute inscription on the side as shown in the pictures. The way it is worded, and the reference to "Dakota" leads me to believe that although it
  7. Save them for a hundred years and they might be worth a buck each. I'd recommend sending them back to J.C. and asking for a refund though.
  8. I've always thought it interesting that beer was so widely advertised using the automobile as a theme. There are prints, tin lithographed signs and I've even got sheet music advertising beer! Terry
  9. I don't have a catalog or cross-reference for Defiance plugs, but the WARM plugs were intended for heavy oil conditions. It's a hot plug and I believe the 46 is a 7/8" thread, which would fit a wide variety of different engines. As far as I am aware they were not standard equipment in any particular engine but were sold as aftermarket items. Defiance plugs date from the 30s-50's (approximately). They are very common and it's a case of "every collector has some" so there would be very little collector value or interest except perhaps to a beginning collector, or to someone who
  10. I do have on question - how do you keep your shop so neat and well organized? Terry
  11. More than the cars though, I think you've got a knack for taking good photos! Terry
  12. Great artwork! Layden, original work from that era is difficult find. Do you know anything about the vehicle in the drawing? Robert-you obviously have much more wall space than I do! Have always thought those early French prints were the best. The Montaut and Gamy prints are my absolute favorites. I've got a selection of the larger prints. Of course they were all hand-water-colored so each one has a few unique characteristics. I have a few also that are smaller sized and taken from the book of Montaut racing prints "10 Ans de Courses les Marques Victorieuses" (ten years on the c
  13. We make reservations for the next year when we are there, but last year, when we cancelled, we made 2021s reservation at the same time. We were there in Dec for a meeting and things sure we're quiet. They are really looking forward to 2021. Terry
  14. The British manuals are always a laugh. Their most commonly seen instructions for putting things back together are "assembly is the opposite of disassembly." Terry
  15. I've got a new van with that auto-shut-off feature. There is a button on the dash that will turn it off. A lot of places have the lights synch'd so you can sail right through them, but if your (or their) timing is off-it's a real PITA sometimes. Terry
  16. I used to have spaces at both spring and fall, but gave it up years ago. Was set up next to Pinky Randall and we always had a great time. Terry
  17. Thought this topic might deserve it's own thread to keep related posts together. I've long been a fan of "wall hangers." That's how I define early motoring related prints, lithographs and paintings that are framed and of course, hung on the wall for enjoyment. I've run out of wall space though, so have a number that periodically get rotated around the house. I've already posted a few of my favorites, but here are a couple of others that I think are really great. One area that I think is particularly interesting is "The lady and the automobile." Many great illustrations were done depicti
  18. Amen! Also interesting to see the OP hasn't even looked at this since his first (and only) post on this forum. Another example of someone who posts then disappears. - it's a DISCUSSION forum so how bout participating!
  19. Great catalog. Is it available? Would love to have it in my collection and use for further research. The story needs to be written and I'm more than willing to do that and provide it to Antique Automobile Magazine. Terry
  20. Hopefully helpful hint here - Your subject line is "Pump Parts" but your looking for someone in Minnesota??? Why not tell us what kind of pump parts you are looking for-that might stir up some more specific interest in your question. Gas Pump parts?? Water Pump parts? Fuel Pump parts? Air-Pump, Well Pump???? Terry
  21. I've always liked that Moore thermometer. It's known as "The Semaphore" indicator. Like most all motometers though, they were considered aftermarket add'ons. Some dealers would also install them but I'm not sure if any manufacturers offered them as factory equipment. Does anybody know for sure if they were ever standard equipment? Terry
  22. Bingo. Exactly what I suggested way before everyone got off on side-roads. Terry
  23. If you do a Google search for Wilmot Breeden you'll be an expert. HMN had an article on the co. a few years ago. Terry
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