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  1. Buick introduced the first factory installed turn signals in 1938.
  2. Have you gone back to the engine rebuilder and ask for a source?
  3. After you remove the plate held on by the four clutch screws, you will see the two holes to screw the bolts from the puller into. Loosen the center nut that holds the steering wheel to the shaft and run it up to cover the top of the treads on the shaft to protect them. You want to keep the nut on but loose to keep the wheel from hitting you in the face when it come off. I don't think the splines on this wheel are indexed, so you should mark the wheel and shaft for alignment when you put it back on.
  4. Contact www.key-men.com
  5. The dark tint on the windows would be another deduction. The glass deduction is 3 points per glass. That's a possible 24 point deduction. Also, I see black, not brushed stainless wipers. I believe DPC is your best option, but if you want to move to class judging, you will need to call the National Office and they can move it for you. Even with these point deductions that all here have suggested here, your car could receive a First Place Junior Award and go on to receive a Senior award. A very nice car and I hope to see it at future Nationals.
  6. Electric power windows were an option in 1957. The easiest conversion would be to find them from a donor car.
  7. I'm looking for a 1938 Packard gear shift knob for a Senior Packard. This is the accessory knob with the chrome disk in the center.
  8. You should open a new post for this as it is from a post two years old and not really related to the topic.
  9. I'm in the process of reproducing these lens in urethane. PM me for details.
  10. Jaytee You have received a lot of very good comments on your car. To receive the HPOF Original designation it must first be evaluated by the HPOF Team to receive a HPOF designation, meaning that the car is an unrestored, original car. The next time it is shown at an AACA National, it will be evaluated for the higher level HPOF Original designation. At this time, it will receive the HPOF Original status or it may receive a Repeat HPOF certification. Older restorations present a great deal of challenge for the HPOF team to determine if the car is truly an original car or is it a 50 year old restoration. You have determined that the top is not the original factory installed top. Others have questioned the originality of the rear windows in the top. I consider a open car top replacement as a maintenance item, which requires replacement from time to time, so that would not be a deduction under "roof" on the form as long as it is replaced with the original type and style material. However, the possible non-original rear windows in the top would warrant the one point deduction under "roof". To avoid this deduction, you would need factory documentation that the rear windows are factory correct. Actually, the tear in the top would not be a HPOF evaluation deduction. You should take a very critical look at your car to determine if it is really an unrestored original or a 50 year old restoration. Look closely at the upholstery material, tacks and trim. Was it available in 1924? Look at the paint. Is it lacquer or enamel? What did Ford use in 1924? The fact that the car has an AACA First Place award hints that it is a restored car. As part of the AACA HPOF evaluation process, the owner must sign the judging form stating that they have noted all non-factory components on the car. You need to be the highest level of judge for your car. There is tremendous documentation on Model T Fords. Through some research, you should be able to find the answer if your car is truly original or restored to original.
  11. I can't make the meeting if there is one, but I'll be in the trade show. Stop by and we'll meet at D&D Automobilia, the steering wheel guy just as you enter the trade show. Dave Bowman
  12. I saw several years ago that documentation on these regional models is very difficult if not impossible to find. Restoration of one of these for show would be a challenge with the apparent lack of documentation. I believe the modifications were approved by the local regional office of Ford and those records are limited. I hope someone has a positive side to add to this.
  13. There was even a Carolina Special in Carolina Blue.
  14. I've been in AACA long enough to remember the panic when the 1955-1958 years were accepted (they added 2 years each year to move from a 35 year to 25 year cut off) and when the 1965 Mustangs were accepted. Major panic in both of those years that the club would be run over by both makes. It never happened. Great each new year of AACA cars with open arms.
  15. Happy New Year to both of you. Greatly enjoy your posts. May the '20's be a good decade for you.
  16. Contact your favorite plater. The cost of repairing yours and replating may be less than buying a used part and having it plated. That looks very repairable.
  17. Why? Spend your money elsewhere.
  18. Call the manufacture's customer support line. See what they recommend to clean out their product. Your lower hose may be a problem as well.
  19. Ford began assembling Model T's in Charlotte in 1914. In 1916 moved to a larger existing building. In 1924. assembly moved to a new plant designed by Alfred Kahn. This assembly plant operated until 1933. During WWII it was a US Army weapons depot and after the war became warehouse space. This building has been saved.
  20. Nash dealership, Charlotte, NC. Long gone.
  21. Dealership row in Charlotte, NC in the 1940's This is South Tryon St. All of the buildings are now gone except the church.
  22. C.C. Coddington was the Buick regional distributor in Charlotte, NC for many years. Here is the original building and a 2000 era photo. The building was torn down for apartments a few years ago.
  23. The Power Shift operates all the time. It does to the gear shift leaver what power brakes do to a manual brake system...make it easier to move. In the case of power shift or vacuum shift in a Chevrolet, you can use one finger to move the leaver. That's all it is.
  24. Great news as well as promoting the AACA Library and Research Center as well as the wonderful Simeone Museum.