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  1. I just talked to Pati Fairchild the new owner of Emblemagic. The email contact on the website goes to her now as well as the phone number on the website. The mailing address is now 1961 Obispo Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90755. The phone number is still (440) 209-0792 .
  2. Emblemagic Classic Car Emblems and Badges has been for sale for quite a few years. In December it was purchased by Pati Monroe Fairchild in California. Pati is a very talented individual and has be reproducing quality MoPar emblems for a few years. I think she will do a great job keeping Emblemagic going. She just moved all the molds and equipment to her shop. She is in the process of updating the website to include her information.
  3. Try posting in the Buick Forum below. That a very good and active group.
  4. From the late 70s that I saw at a stoplight. NOTHING COULD BE FINER THAN TO WAKE UP WITH A SHRINER
  5. While in college, I went to visit a friend one summer weekend. 1970 Challenger convertible (318), I took the back roads for the two hour trip. In a small town, I stopped to check my map for the next part of the route. While studying the map, a man came up to the car and asked if I knew the way to Glory. I replied, no but I'll help you find it. Shocked, he said "No, I mean have you been saved!"
  6. My Dad taught me when I was a teen to spend the money on the right tool to do the job because the next time you need to do that job it will be free.
  7. I'd like to know more about if this is a new build or a restoration of a 1949 custom built. Details are nice overall.
  8. A 1952 Buick should not have a starter button or switch. It's on the carburetor. Someone has modified your car, so no telling what is going on.
  9. Here's the answer, this is a early production '37 Buick steering wheel.
  10. Everyone who didn't make it to Gettysburg missed a great show and wonderful weather.
  11. I believe all Buick bodies were build in Flint and assembled in different assembly plants. The "X" at the end of the Style No. indicates power windows.
  12. Check the wire from the coil to the distributor for internal breaks.
  13. I don't believe the owner is a member of AACA or participates in this Forum.
  14. I've talked to Todd as well about this Lincoln and will be recasting the steering wheel for him while the engine is out.
  15. Hi Peter, That car is not sill around to my knowledge. It was my grandfathers. That's my dad on the front fender and his older sister on the running board. I do have a 1921 Maxwell touring that was restored in the 1950's. The engine is stuck and I'm trying to free it. I'll be glad to help on anything I can.
  16. Thanks Matt. I was just going to reply. Dan, feel free to contact me to discuss your steering wheel. dave@danddautomobilia.com
  17. Here is a picture of a 1919 Maxwell taken about 1928. The wheel rims appear to be lighter than the black wheels so I believe they were cadmium plated. Silver would be a good representation of that.
  18. Sorry, Cheryl and I will not be at Gettysburg. I had three other judges from HNR talked into it. But now they have all decided to stay home. Oh well.. Phillip, Tom Gibson and I as well as at least one other Hornets Nest Region members will be in Gettysburg. You and Cheryl should be too!
  19. Also, as well as I remember, after you have recycled a nearly full tank, you would move that tank to a charging station to recharge a car using the recycled R-12.
  20. "So this small duct is the reason they are saying that the sedan carpet will not fit the convertible?" This is the duct for the rear heat. Both the sedan and convertible have this duct. Trust me, my '67 convertible has '67 sedan carpet that I pulled out of a salvage yard car around 1980 and fits perfectly. There is no difference. Your supplier made his pattern from a sedan and assumes it won't fit a convertible. Order the carpet. If it doesn't fit, it won't fit a sedan either.
  21. Yes, Keiser31 you're correct. It can be an SE and R/T. I should have done more research. This just shows that documentation is the key to the value of this Challenger.
  22. I believe this car is an SE not an R/T. The car should be one or the other. The SE emblem is clear on the C pillar and SE's came standard with vinyl tops. An SE could receive any available engine option. Much more documentation is needed on this car before it can be declared a factory R/T.
  23. They are the same and the '67 sedan carpet fits perfectly in the '67 convertible. I've done the swap. Seats are the same as well, front and back interchange between the sedan and convertible.
  24. Radial tires on non-radial rims will cause this sometimes.
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