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  1. Contact the National AACA office.
  2. Just a guess, but I think it may be a process to de-carbon heads. The name can be broken down several ways but Cyl-clean seems to imply cylinder cleaning. it may be a water injection into a running engine through a priming cup.
  3. https://jalopnik.com/auto-industry-legend-lee-iacocca-dead-at-94-1836060734 Automotive giant Lee Iacocca died this morning.
  4. Twenty years ago I helped start a Downtown Fathers Day Show. The them was your car is your award. Preregistered cars received $10 "Downtown Dollars" to spend with any downtown merchant. sponsorships were found for the dollars. About 150 cars showed up. Everyone was happy. A few years later, the downtown merchants decided that people love their cars so much that they will pay us to let them show their cars. An entry fee was charged and I no longer attend.
  5. I'm not familiar with what an "&amp" is but these cars seem to have plenty of them. They must be rare options that can't be mentioned. Can you clarify or correct if it's a typo?
  6. The rear end looks like my '21 Maxwell
  7. Sorry, but it's no make or model now. A mass of various parts and should have been titled that way. More politely, it was a reflection of his personality.
  8. I don't have the color in my files, but look at late 70's and early 80's Corvette reds. There is an orange - red that is almost dead on.
  9. No trouble. What kind are you having. You should consider posting in a new post. This one is eight years old.
  10. I think the color combination is killing the price on this car. Do you have any factory documentation that this is a factory color combination? I think that would help the sale.
  11. If you find a matching code please post it. I need the same for a 42 DeSoto. A shop with a good color mixer should be able to match the color for you.
  12. Dad graduated from high school in 1941 and left North Carolina for Baltimore to become a riveter at Glenn L. Martin building the B-26 Martin Marauders. In 1943, he was drafted into the Army and served with the 167th Combat Engineers in France and Germany. Discharged on January 1, 1946 in New York City, he returned to North Carolina, bought a 1939 Pontiac Eight and started college. Around 1949, Dad's younger brother was still in the Navy. (Enlisted at the age of 15 and was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked) He was driving his 1941 Buick Super home on a weekend pass for a date with his girlfriend and fell asleep; car totaled but he was unhurt. Hiched the rest of the trip home and borrowed Dad's '39 Pontiac for his date. Somehow he managed to total that car as well. Dad, without a car, borrowed his father's '46 Dodge Club Coupe, took a curve to fast on a dirt road and totaled it. Three cars lost in a week. Dad replaced the '39 Pontiac with a '47 Kaiser, and Grandpaw replaced the Dodge with a '49 Plymouth. I never knew what my uncle ended up with.
  13. Don't be too miffed. That's a really nice car you did.
  14. Or it might not have. The problem with buying someone else's modifications is that usually they don't give you a list of all the modifications and parts used in the modification. Do you sill have the brake booster above the master cylinder? That one pushed on the top of the brake pedal rather than pushing on the push rod. Or do you have a 67-70 style booster which mounts on the firewall between the firewall and the master cylinder? You have a leak some where in the system. It sounds like you are saying that you have pedal when you first bleed the system, but not pedal the next day. That indicates a leak somewhere or an incomplete system bleed. For a complete bleed, you should bench bleed the master cylinder, then start at the wheels RR, LR, RF Lower, RF Upper, LF Lower, RF Upper. If there are no leaks, you brakes should hold.
  15. 1970 Dodge Challenger conv (only a 318). Still have it too.
  16. Agree, it's a 1957 Buick Special 2door hardtop.
  17. We should do these in AACA and post on YouTube. Video your grandson or granddaughter driving your AACA car. Great way to promote interest in old cars. Let them experience them. I'm planning on bringing my mid-twenties nephew up to have him drive a non-syncro '21 Maxwell, '41 Chevy vacuum shift, '47 Roadmaster manual and then a '50 Chrysler Fluid Drive Prestomatic. He'll be totally confused, but love every minute of it.
  18. Matt is on this forum almost every day, including many posts this week.
  19. Vacuum powered radio antenna.
  20. It's my first car, a 1961 Dodge Polara 2 door HT that my Dad bought new. Still have it and hope to have it back out in the next few years.
  21. I don't have any issue with it including the one received this week.