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  1. Greg, how about some info on your Chrysler museum? Since Fiat closed down their museum we Chrysler fans are feeling a bit like orphan make owners. Howard Dennis
  2. For about the last 3 days every time I click on my bookmarked AACA Forum it says "This community not available" When I was able to gain access I deleted the old bookmark and used the new one only to have it fail again multiple times. What is going on? Howard Dennis
  3. hddennis

    Dixie Flyer

    Bjornv, spotted this on eBay : https://www.ebay.com/itm/1917-1918-1919-DYNETO-Generator-and-Starter-Parts-List-Manual/381680787775?hash=item58ddf2a13f:g:b~sAAOSw3mpXI3F4&vxp=mtr Is this similar to what you need? Howard Dennis
  4. hddennis

    Dixie Flyer

    Bjornv, you will probably have better luck finding out who made the starter and or engine because it most likely was used on other makes with more survivors than the extremely rare Dixie Flyer. Do you have any pictures? That would be a big help as well. Howard Dennis
  5. It's happening to us all But it sure beats the alternative! Howard Dennis P.S. If you end up with a modern replacement for the oddball condenser could you post it here so we can all see what to use?
  6. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/315121-points-for-maxwell/ Howard Dennis
  7. Ivan, I'm confused and believe we are talking about two different gauges?? My gauge has a copper tube full of ether that expands a flat tube inside the gauge which moves the needle. I think they call this a Bourdon tube gauge. Howard Dennis
  8. Thanks Gary, appreciate the response. Any idea of approximate turn around time? Howard Dennis
  9. Anyone had one these capillary tubes replaced in the recent past? Trying to find out the approximate cost to have this done. Howard Dennis
  10. Emile, I don't know if they can help or not but when I was at the end of my rope on my 1917 Maxwell's dash regulator cutout and coil problem they rebuilt both for me. It would be worth a try to see if they could custom make something for you. http://www.mykmlifestyle.com/Ignition_Coils_Antique_.html
  11. Found these in my files, hope they add to this? Howard Dennis
  12. 23hack, thanks for posting this and helping us out. Answer this for me. If he wires his car according to the Maxwell diagram isn't he just running HT to the cap on the magneto which the magneto then distributes to the 4 cylinders until engine starts and not actually running HT to the magneto's internals? Howard Dennis
  13. Emile, while trying to find an answer to your questions I realized my suggestion to use any 6 volt coil was wrong and shows my lack of electrical knowledge. If I understand the problem correctly most 6 volt coils were used with a distributor whose points and condenser helped to control the coil's spark and using the coil by itself wouldn't work in your case. I was wondering if you could use a vibrating or trembler coil instead? that being said I STILL don't understand how your Maxwell's original coil functioned. I'm hoping someone with better knowledge will chime in and educate us both. Howard Dennis
  14. Just ran across these diagrams from a 1915 owners manual if they help: Howard Dennis
  15. Emile, I'll try to see if I can help you with my limited knowledge based on researching ignition systems for my 1917 Maxwell. My first question would be do you have an original Simms-Huff magneto on your car? If not you probably don't need the intensifying coil as Simms-Huff magnetos are the only ones I've ever seen incapable of generating sufficient spark at low rpm's to start the motor. In the 1915 wiring diagrams the coil is there to increase the spark from the dry cell batteries until the engine starts and the magneto reaches sufficient rpm to generate enough spark to run the engine at which point the starter pedal is released and the dry cells are disconnected from the ignition circuit. Electrical systems have always been my weak point so please don't take my statements as being expert advice I'm just trying to pass on what little I've learned. I would think you could use almost any 6 volt coil to intensify the spark from your dry cells or battery you currently have in your Maxwell. Howard Dennis