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  1. Thanks Ron, I checked the other photos and believe since they are all clearly marked U.S. that they are most likely Army vehicles. This particular truck has USM showing and the spare tire is hiding what I think can only be a C. Other markings of the period are USQMC for US Quarter Master Corps but there is no Q showing in your photo. I was just hoping your copy might be clear enough to solve this mystery and add another WWI Marine vehicle to the museums collection. I'm still going to send it off to the Marine Corps Museum to see what they think. Howard Dennis
  2. Ron, truck looks great! I was looking back at your original truck photos and wonder if you have any other details. When I was researching details for my Maxwell being a former Marine I wanted to duplicate a WWI Marine vehicle. Having donated some of my late father-in-laws WWII Marine items to the National Marine Corps Museum I felt I had an "in" with the curator. He and assistants could only find one photo of a Marine marked WWI truck and it was so far away almost no markings were visible. You originally posted this photo of a WWI Kissel and it appears to be a USM? vehicle. Howard Dennis
  3. I received the same PM but never heard back when I asked for pictures. Howard Dennis
  4. hddennis

    1914 Maxwell

    Pictures, especially detailed ones will allow someone a better idea of what we are discussing. Howard Dennis
  5. Paul, sorry it took me so long to answer. Are you missing the accelerator parts or just want to know how they are assembled? I have the linkage that goes on the bellhousing but sold the accelerator pedal previously. Howard Dennis
  6. Thanks Sagefinds, that helps a lot. I can see the cowl is shaped differently from mine and to use your tank would take a lot of reshaping and bracket changing. That being said would you want to sell me the gas cap and the fuel shutoff? Still trying to find out what your other cowl is as I don't see any Maxwell's that match it, Howard Dennis
  7. Sagefinds, thanks for responding. It sounds like you have a 1918-19 Maxwell cowl. One quick way to tell is if you can see how the windshield was mounted. My car has two cast bases that are screwed to the cowl and are flat as is the windshield bottom which is held in place by posts that fit into holes on the end of each casting. 1918-19 cowls are completely smooth, arched and devoid of any castings. The curved to match the cowl windshield mounts on to posts that pierce the cowl and are fastened inside. The gas tank is similar but has different mounts. Hard to tell if it could be modified to fit or not. If it's not too much trouble post pictures. Howard Dennis
  8. Does anyone have or know where to get a 1916 or 1917 Maxwell Model 25 Gas Tank? If it helps I have a New Old Stock 1914 or 1915 Maxwell Model 25 Gas Tank to trade. Howard Dennis
  9. Anyone have or know where to get a 1916 or 1917 Maxwell Model 25 Gas Tank? If it helps I have a New Old Stock 1914 or 1915 Gas Tank to trade. Howard Dennis
  10. Ron, check this out on Google books. Might have some details from your trucks time in service. Howard Dennis https://www.google.com/search?tbm=bks&q=Manual+of+the+Motor+Transport+Corps#spf=1588776169411
  11. While doing Maxwell research ran across this photo of Eddie Rickenbacker and a bear cub listed as Maxwell team mascot. I also have a picture from 1916 sales brochure with a bear. Does anyone have any other pictures or info on this bear/ Maxwell racing history? Howard Dennis
  12. To be truthful cleaning and re=bluing is ALL you can do with a used plug. Howard Dennis
  13. Just finished restoring 7 C4 Champion 2 piece plugs left over from my 1917 Maxwell restoration. Having trouble with my Maxwell's running I had removed the coil/ distributor unit and was bench testing it to find out why I couldn't maintain a reliable spark. Having a small continuity tester that beeps I for some unknown reason decided to make sure all my newly restored center electrodes were intact. Imagine my surprise when 5 of the 7 failed. Had I just restored 5 plugs for static display only? Again for some unknown reason I hooked all 7 plugs up to my bench testing ignition system and all 7 fire perfectly and now 4 pass the continuity test perfectly and 3 weakly. Any idea what is going on? Howard Dennis
  14. AHa, could you elaborate on the story of the Locomobile wreck and dock story? Never heard that before and I'm sure I'm not alone. Howard Dennis