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  1. Thanks John, that really clears things up although I have to take exception with the books assumption that the purpose of the glass is unknown. The picture tells it all, there could be no other purpose. Howard Dennis
  2. Ran across this discussion that had this picture. Wonder if Locke put the twin panes in the lid or was it owner modified? This picture shows why it was split panes. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/291250-how-to-get-in-rumble-seat/ Howard Dennis
  3. The more I thought about this the more I knew I had seen something very similar before. Found this 1947 Triumph this morning. Howard Dennis
  4. I could be wrong as I too have never seen this windshield variation. To my eye it appears that the rumble lid is short and when closed only extends to the door jam of the right door. The windshield looks like it would fold down and close the space from the door jam forward. Howard Dennis
  5. I I can't find any website or online presence? Howard Dennis
  6. Is Don Sommers American Arrow Corporation still in business making reproduction radiator ornaments for antique automobiles? Howard Dennis
  7. Picked this up at local antique mall and wonder, is it automotive or motorcycle ? Factory tool kit or aftermarket? Any guess's on what square hole is for? While searching online I found possible connection to early V8 Ford tool kit and mention of square hole being for brake adjustment, can anyone elaborate or confirm? Howard Dennis
  8. Does that mean we have foresight or are we just optimists? Howard Dennis
  9. Thanks John, No it wasn't on eBay. I can't reveal source yet as I'm too busy buying deals like this but it is online.
  10. It felt great to me as well and why I shared it. I'll have to take a picture to show how happy it looks keeping my 1932 Plymouth flying lady company in my man cave. Howard Dennis
  11. Just acquired this flying lady online. Had I not seen something in the original pictures most others wouldn't have seen I might have passed on it as too far gone. Further emails convinced me to take a chance. Imagine my surprise to find it was new old stock! I believe it must have been in dealership fire as it was covered in a very dark film, hard to remove and someone had then sprayed it with aluminum spray paint! It took me hours but I think it turned out pretty darn nice. Howard Dennis
  12. Picked this up at local antique mall and wonder, is it automotive or motorcycle ? Factory tool kit or aftermarket? Any guess's on what square hole is for? Howard Dennis
  13. AndyCa57, You need to tell us what year switch you are looking for as there are different switches used over the model 25's production run. Have any pictures? Is your switch missing completely or just damaged? I've rebuilt some awful looking originals and have a few left over parts. Howard Dennis
  14. Just got a call this morning from the Post Master of the town where my buyer lives to let me know the Bantam grille had arrived AND he said he was going to call my customer to let him know he will receive it today. FINALLY a postal employee actually doing his job. And just think the extra cost Priority Mail only took 18 days! Howard Dennis
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