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  1. hddennis

    Timing Engine

    All 3 of the factory punch circles are lined up with each other and this all happened on an engine that ran fine before I tore it down to find the oil leak. These pictures are of my spare engine but show exactly how mine looks. Howard Dennis
  2. hddennis

    Timing Engine

    Actually, the distributor has an adjustable drive but I didn't want to disturb that as this was a running engine. Howard Dennis
  3. hddennis

    Timing Engine

    I feel stupid asking this as I think I already know the answer but I'm having a brain fart chasing a persistent oil leak. I've disassembled the whole front of my Maxwell including the timing cover trying to find the source of the engine's oil leak. I lined up all the timing marks (3) and when I went to pull the distributor was shocked to see rotor pointed to #4 instead of #1. After wrapping my head around this instead of the leak I think it's possible to have the marks line up both in time and again 180 degrees later. Please tell me I'm correct so I can get back to the problem at hand. Howard Dennis
  4. Thanks for starting it Bud, I was able to add some new pictures to my files and by putting our information on here maybe some other pictures or info will be added by a future researcher. I think the Vanderbilt site mentioned the 8 cylinder was taken out by an earlier accident. It's been fun, Howard Dennis
  5. Went to Office Depot and clerk helped me set up the in-store printer and it ran off perfect copies of 172 pages at 15 cents a page printed on both sides. Local library wanted 15 cents a page per side. Office Depot also supplied the plastic folder and section dividers. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. Howard Dennis
  6. Bud, I meant no 6 cylinder in 1906 the period you were asking about. Yes, I was aware of the Flanders 6 which was rebadged as a Maxwell 50-6 in the 1913 Maxwell reorganization. I'm very familiar with the one you mentioned as I sold the new owner a New Old Stock sales catalog covering his car. Howard Dennis
  7. Bud, I think the factory photo I posted shows the 8 cylinder engine was two 4 cylinder blocks with a single crankshaft mounted on what appears to be a single custom cast crankcase or 2 altered crankcases joined as one. I've got to disagree with (the 12 was also two sixes "linked"...). Maxwell had no 6 cylinders but they did produce a 2 cylinder opposed engine and I believe my picture shows six 2 cylinder engines mounted end to end with 2 radiators mounted on top. Howard Dennis
  8. Just ran across another picture on Google from the Detroit Free Library: View of Maxwell cars under construction in Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Company factory. Handwritten on back: "1906 Maxwell. I think this is the making of the 8 cylinder Maxwell that was intended to run in the Vanderbilt Cup race." Howard Dennis
  9. Thank you Bud for offering to post anything you run across. I found by "image" searching on Google I was able to turn up my posted pictures under the listing for 1906 Vanderbilt race and the mention that it did not participate due to crankcase problems. Wouldn't surprise me if the crankcase cracked due to torsional stress but maybe you can turn up a more complete explanation. Howard Dennis
  10. Yes, last year. Have you checked eBay? They have shown up several times since mine sold. Howard Dennis
  11. Bud, you've brought up a topic I've pondered for years as information on Maxwell race cars is few and far between. In answer to your question I looked through my pictures and found these two pictures I believe may be the car you're looking for. These were taken off the internet but with zero information or specifications. I'm going to try looking for more but this may be all there is. Hope someone has more. Howard Dennis
  12. Bob, lets see what others say on your question. Luckily someone else disassembled a parts book years ago and made a copy I bought. Since no other copies have surfaced I'd like to make copies for other Maxwell owners provided it's reasonably affordable. Howard Dennis
  13. Does anyone have any experience with or suggestions as to the best and most affordable way to copy a parts book so others can use the information in their restorations. Is Office Depot or one of the other copy stores a viable option? Thanks for any help, Howard Dennis