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  1. Titling this as a 1936 Ford hurts all of us in the hobby and will only help to make title laws more impossible. Many states have provisions to title a car such as this with a state issued VIN. Please advertise this car as it is titled, a 1936 Ford. BTW, it is a really nice looking Ford.
  2. ,WRONG. Check your shop manual. These are not GM brakes.
  3. Pull towards you and up when you are in neutral. If you can find neutral, confirm that you are able to move to the forward position. If it is stiff, oil the bearing just under the shifter,
  4. Unfortunately, Connecticut is not the center of the world and most of us live in the real world of no title and it's not a car. I'm glad you are so lucky.
  5. This is exactly why I stay away from buying modified cars. No one bothers to document what they have done.
  6. Is the 6 digit number on the title the same as the last 6 digits on the data plate or the frame.
  7. Glad you got it, I think it will become your favorite driver.
  8. I would go for it. The factory authorized carb conversion is very much a plus in drivability as well as finding parts. This is the same platform as the Dodge Mirada/ Chrysler Cordoba of the same period, which were great driving cars. I owned a wonderful driving '81 Mirada in the early '80s and it was a wonderful, trouble free car. Around 1982, I saw one of these Imperials stretched into a four-sedan. Wish I would have had a camera with me. Chrysler should have build one this way. it was a beautiful car.
  9. Nice Car! Hope to see it at a future AACA National. (Note for others: The word "Meet" has been dropped from our National shows as of 1/1/2019, so the correct term is now AACA National.)
  10. I'll be there as well. Look forward to seeing everyone.
  11. kings32: I didn't get a PM from you. Can you send again? Very interested in the parts.
  12. Click on the name in the post and then click on Message
  13. The arrows on the bottom should point directly to each other before you begin to adjust them. I can't tell the direction on the one on the left. That may be your problem. Also, why does everything look wet, like it's soaked in brake fluid? Use brake cleaner to clean every thing up. If brake fluid got on the linings you need to replace the shoes,
  14. I think the cap would be OK
  15. 61polara


    You will never get the rear drums of without that puller. Search this site and you will find some great photo's and posts about pulling this type drum.
  16. Annie, Just to clarify, the running boards should be a deduction in HPOF but not DPC.
  17. I'm trying to build some documentation on this. What years did the auto manufacturers switch from cloth covered insulation to plastic on their wiring. Also, what years did they switch from cloth wrap to a plastic wrap? Photos of original cars will be a plus.
  18. Put you battery in with the negative grounded as it has been. Turn on the ignition switch and watch what the apm meter does. It should do a drop to negative. If it moves to the positive side, the battery is in backwards and is still setup for positive ground.
  19. After you scrape the crud off, I've had good results with spray on brake cleaner.
  20. Yes I need the top and bottom parts. Sending you a PM
  21. If you have one, PM me with shipping cost to Charlotte NC. Thanks for looking.
  22. I recently bought a 1950 Windsor and the heater was removed, repaired but never installed. I have all parts but the rear hold down strap that holds the fiber box to the heater box and also bolts through the fender to secure the back of the heater. Anyone have one?