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  1. Millhouse hasn't visited this site since 2016. Try sending him a PM which will also go to his email.
  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad. Going through the same thing with my 93 year old mother. The good days are great, the others I wish were better for her.
  3. That is known as a horn chirp. You can do the same thing by hitting your horn button really quick. Its not broken. Look in your owners manual and you can see that you can turn it off as well. I always do this on my cars.
  4. That looks like a casting part number on the intake manifold. What is needed is the VIN number stamped on a pad somewhere on the block.
  5. Post this in the Dodge Truck section below and you will get more responses.
  6. I have 4 6.50x16 Allstate tires still wrapped. White wall. Can deliver to Hershey.
  7. He had a good attorney. Some are jerks, others work miracles. The full price was awarded as damages against the seller for not performing to a contract.
  8. Greg, Contact eBay with an attorney. Auctions are legally binding contracts. I had a friend a few years ago with the same situation. With an Attorney he was able to reeive the full sale price plus kept the car for another sale.
  9. I suggest you post this in the general discussion area. For judging purposes it would be in the Production Vehicles in class 27n. You could also consider HPIR for the DPC classification. Good luck on your car. We don't discuss values in the Judging section of the forum.
  10. Buick changed tire size from 1947 to 1948. The 1947 spare tire well is to narrow to put the 1948 tire size into it. This is the case for a Roadmaster. I'm not sure on a Super.
  11. Spend your money on looking at the front end before you spend it on new tires. My '60 Buick runs straight as an arrow even on the 15 year old bias ply tires. The car only has 60,000 original miles on it. Your Olds should do the same with a rebuilt front end. I drive this car long distances as well as local shows.. Charlotte to New Burn, NC; Charlotte to Atlanta; Charlotte to Hagerstown, MD and on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Never a moment of steering instability or constantly needing to correct the steering.
  12. Have you checked for worn suspension / steering parts. It sounds like that is the problem. These cars didn't swim all over the road when they were new with bias ply tires.
  13. What are your issues with the 8.50x14 tires? My Buick runs 8.00x15 as standard issue.
  14. Here is my 1921 Maxwell restored in 1953. The top was replaced 20 years ago. The engine is stuck from the prior owner letting it sit for 20 years with a leaking head gasket. Working on freeing it up.
  15. It will be a deduction that most chassis judges should catch. A few years ago I replaced the 12 year old correct size bias ply tires with new Coker correct size bias ply tires before a 300 mile drive to an AACA National Meet. Wonderful great ride and handling. Could not believe the difference in just having new, correct size tires on the car. An H tire is much wider than your original tire and it may not even fit under the rear wheel well and a spare will not fit in the spare tire well.
  16. Yes, it's a speed handle. One was in the large Craftsman set that I was given as a high school graduation gift in 1971. Very handy until I bought an air ratchet.
  17. You can clean the rear window with SimiChrome polish. However, the window has become brittle and this takes a fine layer off of the window. This is a short term fix as the window will fail and split. Keeping it stored inside and you may get quite a bit of additional life out of it.
  18. Here is a photo of a 1919 Maxwell taken about 1926 or 1927. The little boy is my dad who was born in 1923. The wheels are very dirty, but you may be able to find some details you need. Also, I don't see any difference between the body color and the fenders, so I can't suggest what color blue black would be other than a very dark, almost black blue. I have a 1921, so I'm also interested in what you find.
  19. Turn up your Beltone's
  20. Great find. In about 1982 I saw one of these converted into a limo with four doors. Looked great! Wish I had a camera with me that day. Only saw it once.
  21. Mecklenburg Co. requires a antique tag (which now is not more than a vanity tag in NC) on the vehicle and ask how many times the car was shown in a show in the last year. They will turn down the appeal if they believe the car was not shown enough times in the past year. They won't tell you how many times they believe it should be shown, but we have figured out that the number is at least three times based on what has been denied. There are other questions as well.
  22. Matt, you are correct except several counties (Mecklenburg for one) do not honor that law. They have created requirements over and above the law for the cap to apply.
  23. The most important thing mentioned above is to clean, file the points. Take the distributor cap off and turn the engine until the points are closed. Leave the ignition switch on and with a screw driver open the points. You should see a spark. If no spark, clean the points again. If no spark check to see If you have power to the +side of the coil. If not, look further back. When you have spark dribble a little gas down the carb and try to start. If it fires, but does not run you have a fuel not ignition problem.