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  1. See pic 1) Left one - has a a shield in the center 2) Right one - has a sail boat in the center 3) Bottom one - has a shield and helmet anyone know what car and year they come from and even better if you have any Of then for sale thx
  2. yeah I think you are right here is a Passenger Front Door Glass for 66-70 Buick Riviera 2 Door
  3. I my new Buick Riviera -64 (see pic) has one piece side windows ie the Went window is removed and replace with a big ONE piece window. I never seen that before and I been trying to google it but found no one who makes them or where they got it from ..... Anyone know who sells them or where to get them from ?
  4. Mine problem was wear/play in the center link bushing that attach to the pitman steering arm but the Idler arm bushing was just fine Center link for Buick 1963-1965 are the same but there is no new parts made and your have to refurbish your old one , (NOTE: for the Buick A-body they make new one) Sent it out to Rare Parts, they just don't do ONE side but have to do both a $314 plus shipping for return https://rareparts.com/about-us After this is fix, I have to do another test drive to see if problem is gone, or more tie rods need to be replace, but fr
  5. Yeah we checked out the rear suspension yesterday when it was up on a lift see pic on how the rear bags are mounted on a Riviera I had the center support bearing replace cause there as noise coming from there Had this done on another Bag -63 Riviera I had in the past as well But the BIG problem is the wandering steering which we tracked down to the center link Tie Rod that goes on the Pitman arm there was 2mm pay in either direction but the IDLER arm Tie rod is firm like new ..... The bad new is you can not buy new replacement center link
  6. ok, I have sent out some request for Buick Riviera parts guy, Like you said, try to find a used one and have it rebuilt and then swapped I saw there is a rebuild shop Rare Parts in Stockton CA, like 2hour from San Jose or http://fcrcmachine.com/rare-parts-center-link-refurbish-service-1963-1965-buick-riviera-26781/ want $260 for one and want your core in return Also I learned today, my car is NOT a A-body so I can stop looking for those sites since it would not fit my E-body -64 Riviera. Here is a good Buick Site explaining all GM body styles ..
  7. Iinteresting discussion and reading .... so my -64 Riviera is not an A-body.... I do have my steering set behind the A-arm and not like one of the pictures seen previous in this tread which show it in front of the A-arms. Center Links – often called Drag Links – are the critical connection between the driver side and passenger side steering. The Idler Arm is one of the most commonly worn steering components. Poorly designed joints from the factory quickly loosen and cause excessive play in the steering. *1964-1967 GM “A” Body cars use one of two center link des
  8. I just came back from the repair shop and they showed me the problem, there is play in the tie rod that is attached to the CENTER LINK that is attached to the power steering pitman arm .... the opposite side IDLE arm are tight and fine so, the only way to fix it to get a new Center link with the tie rod attached to it or make a bushing to remove the play in the pitman arm / tie rod but have to removed it to see if it is fixable or have to replace it .... I guess this is the weekend job me $44 for a new one but they made to types for 1964-72 Buick A-body Steering Center Link 7/8" and 13/
  9. I understand when you mess with Airbags and Hydralic ride hight suspension your are in for something else but those cars supposed to ride like new cars as well if you do it right ...... I had more than +20 cars with air bags and variable ride height and half of them with 20 inch rims and wide tires and never had any problems like this, I had 2 Buick Riviera 63 with bags and 20 inch before and all went straight down the road at 70mph. So this one definitely have some other issues .... The transmission shop i dropped it off yesterday just called me .... they said the idle arm and bushing looks o
  10. Hi I just bought a new car online Buick Riviera 1964, it looks good 20 feet way like most cars, what the seller did not disclose was that the car does not drive straight down the road. Any bump or track in the road the car start to swivel right and left and I have to adjust with the steering wheel not to fly off the road. There is no vibration from tires or steering wheel and when put the front up on jacks I don't find any loose or worn P joint or steering components what I can feel while wiggling the wheel back and fort and up and down. Steering box feels tight and no leaks and tires have air
  11. I went out and looked today and there is no such switch on my break pedal or around there but there is a cruise control switch that have an arm following and sliding on the break pedal so I guess if the car has cruise control then there is a different setup
  12. I have not break lights on my 1964 Riviera where is the break light switch ? I tried to google it but came up empty .... Where to start looking ... inside under the dash ? or in the engine compartment ? or under the car on the frame rails ? It's my weekend project - thought I asked for some pointers before I get down on my knees .... I thought I start by check the power on the switch and that the other pool show current when I step on the break pedal .... thx
  13. I think I found it https://rivowners.org/features/Ev_Stats/colortrim/options.html FISHER BODY NUMBER PLATE COOING (Established 11-22-63) ACCESSORY OPTION CODE Group No. 1 E EZI Glass All W Windshield Only X Power Window (Except Vents) N Power Window (Vents Only) G Power Tailgate Window F
  14. Hi all, trying to find info where I can decode my body tag found in the engine compartment, especially the ACC extras ..... see pic attached ..... Is there any good online place that hold the info I am looking for thx Erik in Ca
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