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  1. gwells

    Some AACA forum basics

    Bob, Let me try a little experiment. I have an image that is 4,608 pixels wide which, if printed at 300 dpi, would be slightly more than 17 inches wide. I have resized the same image to 3,000, 2,000, 1,000, and 640 pixels wide. Let me see if I can post them here. Here they are, in order, from largest to smallest. The top four images are resized by the forum software to a certain display size (I am guessing 800 pixels; I didn't check). The last picture displays at the uploaded size of 640 pixels wide. What size pictures are you unable to upload please?
  2. gwells

    Model of Dodge?

    How about the woman's ID, too? Her name is Carol Lang, a model from the Chicago area. She was drag racer Gary Dyer's girlfriend, according to my research. She appeared in small roles in two films, 'Delusion' (1991) and 'Cream' (2016). Here's another picture from the same shoot showing her with a car Dyer drove.
  3. gwells

    Someone may know what this is.

    A mostly homemade body on a 1926 Model T chassis is my guess, based on the coil box location and the radiator shell and headlamps.
  4. This is not common but I have also seen this same exact situation a few times. I worked as parts manager for a two-location specialist auto repair shop for a decade and we had more than one instance of cars with overheating problems that nothing short of a radiator replacement resolved. When the composite radiators came into use, we never saw this problem recur, so I believe it is an issue only with copper/brass rads. Didn't seem to be a common issue at all, so I would guess other underlying environmental or manufacturing factors were the cause when it did occur.
  5. gwells

    Does anyone know this one?

    Car pictured also looks like it has a Pines Winterfront on it, but it's hard to be certain.
  6. gwells

    Unread content search missing some threads

    Problems with the 'unread content' function are often due to misconfiguration, although I don't claim that is the case with your issue. This function is basically a customizable search, based on parameters you can select. And, in my experience with my IP.Board forum, the parameters can sometimes get changed without intent. Here is the parameter selection panel that appears at the top of the screen when you click on 'unread content." There are some subtleties involved in your choices here and it will be worth your time to carefully consider the options that show up in this panel. I find that the most useful option for me is to view 'time period: since my last visit."
  7. gwells

    Early model T, what year ?

    Wayne, that's a very impressive analysis. Bruce would have been proud of you!
  8. gwells

    Weidely Motors Company Number Plate

    That explains a lot. When I visited the Fourney in fall of 2014, I was stunned by that vehicle, as I never knew Kissel had sold a V12 car.
  9. A little further searching indicates it is a 6C-2300B, a model that was only made in 1935, with 870 units produced in all. Seemingly, the car has not survived, based on the total lack of recent images of it.
  10. Yes, that has also been suggested but I have not yet been able to confirm that identification. Thanks.
  11. Can't figure out what this lovely car is. It is almost certainly European. Someone has suggested it is an Alfa, but I'm not so sure. Can anyone ID it?
  12. Thanks, guys, for the nice comments. Wasn't fishing for compliments in any way, just wanted to know if folks actually felt my thread was of interest to enough folks to perhaps do it again if I am able to attend Hershey next year. As some of you know, you'll see more thoughts from me regarding Hershey in the next issue of the Antique Automobile.
  13. Only two likes from over 600 views? Guess it would be a waste of time to do this again if I go to Hershey next year.