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  1. MrEarl, If the limit is set to 4 or 5, I'd agree that is probably too low. A limit of 12 or 20 or higher would be more reasonable to my thinking. For me, this forum is not like Faceboook, where I might 'like' a much larger number of posts of far less import (and with much less reflection) in a single session. As I said, this parameter is not under my control.
  2. I question whether that engine and trans will bolt togther. Do you know?
  3. Earl, This is a setting in the forum software, i.e. a limit can be placed on the number of likes a member is able to make each day. One of the great aspects of the IP.Board community software is that darn near everything is configurable. It is a fairly complex task to set up a board like this from scratch and in many cases the person doing that has to make stabs or guesses as to what parameters or values to select for the multiplicty of settings that have to be made. Sometimes there are default values one just lets stand. My level of privileges on the forum do not allow me to change this setting and I can't speak to the thinking of the person who decided on its value. Wihtout checking, I think on my IP.Board forum I have the daily likes limit set at something like 10 or 12. From my perspective the reason for placing a daily limit on likes is to preclude someone from liking every post he or she reads, thus diminishing the value of that information. Let me throw the ball back into your court. You have brought this up as a potential problem or issue, so what do you propose would be a reasonable number for the number of allowed likes per day?
  4. The paper maps are going to be tough to find except in the collector arena. I've been forced to go to a Rand-McNally atlas and GPS when traveling in congested areas, like the Northeast, in recent years.
  5. You must not be an AACA member or you'd recall my story from the Antique Automobile magazine. PM sent.
  6. You should talk to the Antique Automobile editor's dad, Donald R. Peterson. That guy will drive anything anywhere and has for decades. So will most of his sons... I'm with you. With a cellphone and access to the internet, all you have to do is let the right folks know you need a little help and people in the old car hobby with fall out of the trees to assist. Ask me how I know...
  7. I blew up the ad quite a bit and I think it's 3-3/4" x 4-1/2". The top number in the second fraction is definitely '1', and I think the lower one is a 2. So with those numbers, right at 199 cid. Nice to see there's a least one survivor. I don't recall ever seeing a Fulton truck...
  8. This picture is ID'd on the Goodwill Hose Co's apparatus page as a 1918 Fulton. I blew up the radiator logo and while the first few letters are unreadable, the last two do seem to be 'ON.' A little searching found two ads from about the same timeframe with the same distinctive radiator, so that looks to be right.
  9. I saw these at Ollie's some time ago and bought five copies. One for myself and four to give as gifts. Some guy named West in Dayton, Ohio, got one of them... The list price on this book was $50, so at $4.99 it's a heck of a deal.
  10. Email me at please and I'll explain the pic posting process. We can also do this via PM (private message) if you know how to use that part of the forum.
  11. Betty Jean, posting pics here is almost trivial. If you need help doing that, I am willing to assist. Please let me know.
  12. Price on the OP's item seems excessivle to me based on what's there and its condition.
  13. Paul's suggestion will work, but of course will not generate an email notification of activity in the bookmaked or favorite forum. Whether you are looking at a forum or a thread, in the upper RH corner of the page you will see this 'Follow' button. Click on it and you will be added to the list of people following the forum or thread/topic. This means any time there is new activity, you will receive an email notification of that fact, assuming you have not tweaked your Notification Settings to prevent receiving such notifications. You might also want to check out the many options in the Notifications Settings panel, as there you are able automate many functions and can set your preferences for exactly how you wish to be notified when certain events occur. To access the Notification Settings, click on the bell icon in the upper RH corner of the page and the click on 'Notification Settings' in the window that pops up.
  14. It's easy but you have to use the 'correct' video URL. If you have the proper URL format (see below), all you do is paste the YouTube URL in the text block without any HTML markup, just the raw URL. That's all there is to it. For example, the terrific Bob Casey video below was embedded simply by pasting this URL into this post. (This is an image of the URL, so it won't get embedded.) YouTube utilizes multiple URL formats to 'point' at a particular video and for the IP.Board software to recognize that a URL is a YouTube video and to automatically embed it, you have to use the URL format IP.Board is expecting. Over the years I have found the easiest way to locate that proper URL is via search within YouTube. I can't recall that this method has ever failed to locate the URL needed to embed at an IP.Board forum. If the URL you're trying to use doesn't automatically embed here, go to the YouTube page for that video, copy the video title, and then paste it into the YouTube search field and click the button. That should bring up the same video you were seeing in the search results. Click on its icon and then copy that URL to paste here. In the screenshot below, the video titled highlighted in blue is copied and then is pasted into the search field (where 'Model T Ford' appears in this example).
  15. One of the better automotive mascot websites is this one: Go: factory mascots -> click on the Belgium flag -> select Minerva from the drop-down menu. Six Minerva mascots are shown and the only one that looks similar to Terry's is this one: Differences in the name and the "squareness" in the base would lead me to believe Terry's is a later reproduction. Too bad Bill Williams left us so long ago. I'm sure he'd be able to tell you what this really is.