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  1. gwells

    V-8 with horizontal valves?

    Pretty rare motor, I think. Someone needs to snag it.
  2. Mark, I'm seeing too many differences to be convinced. Rad emblem for one and the front of the fenders. Look at the bottom of the rad shell in both pics. The bumper on the OP's pic is also rather distinctive, although I admit it could an aftermarket item. Thumbs down from me on this ID.
  3. gwells

    Model A value

    LOL... Bob, that's a personal problem, I think. But you are right. A car located in Atlanta will have a different value than if it was located in, say, Nebraska.
  4. Another way to send a message is to hold your cursor (if you're not on a cellphone) over the member's name on the left side of his post. Click 'message' in the lower RH corner of the box that pops up.
  5. gwells

    Model A value

    Add me to the group that would suggest taking a very good set of pictures, describe the car as completely and honestly as you can, and list the car on eBay. As the old saying goes, it's worth exactly what someone will pay for it. Sellers not as steeped in the old car hobby, as many here are, often don't realize that small details have a significant impact on the value of a car like a Model A Ford to the knowledgeable buyer. Just a few Model A-specific examples: does the car have a set of working factory shocks in place? Do they have the correct shock links fitted, rather than later or replacement style? Are the fender beads all unbroken? Are the spoke wheels rust-pitted and if so, how badly? Is the radiator shell dent and crack-free? Does the motor have the correct-for-year carb or is it a Tillotson or similar? Has the car been converted to hydraulic brakes? Have the headlamps been converted to sealed beams? Because of a lack of this level of detail, it is often (IMO) not really possible for "what is my old car worth?" questions posted here to be answered with any degree of accuracy.
  6. As a lot of people here keep saying, there's really insufficient info for anyone to respond to this question, Jack. Is there some problem that prevents you or someone from taking more pictures to post in this thread so we can give you informed opinions as to the car's value?
  7. Jack, not really a rule but rather an unwritten convention on the 'net. It does make more sense to have all the responses in one place, don't you think?
  8. Jack51, You posted the same thing in three different forums here and, by long-standing internet convention, that's kinda frowned upon; it's called 'cross-posting.' I've merged all three threads together and have deleted the duplicate posts to clean up the merged thread, which is here in General Discussion. Just wanted to let you and everyone else know what happened.
  9. Jack51, I'm pretty sure most here are wanting to be helpful, but as many have indicated without a good deal more info, it's going to be really hard to anything other than a stab in the dark in terms of value.
  10. Keep in mind that the car may have been a few years old when the pic was taken. So I would hesitate to date the photo based only on the year of the car.
  11. gwells

    Early-mid '20s car ID needed

    Keiser, after looking around a bit more, I agree with you. 1917 seems to be the sweet spot. Although I haven't been able to search up a touring, the other body styles seem to have the correct cowl shape.
  12. gwells

    Early-mid '20s car ID needed

    After searching up some more images, I believe he is correct as well. 1920 Stearns-Knight L4 touring seems to be right. Thanks, gentlemen!
  13. gwells

    Early-mid '20s car ID needed

    No clue. The poster said it was the only photo he had of a deceased relative's car and it was a Michigan tag.
  14. gwells

    Early-mid '20s car ID needed

    I grabbed this one off Facebook, as it annoys me that I cannot tell what it is from the general shape of that radiator script. Not the world's best image, I know... Any ideas?
  15. gwells

    1920 open drive limo - or taxi cab?

    That step-up reveal is distinctive, but I sure can't find many pics of closed Marmons from this timeframe. The '17 Marmon differs in having a slightly-slanted back windshield and in the OP's pic it's not slanted. You have a picture, keiser?