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  1. Price - location - more pictures...
  2. Great unique Wagon - wish I had the room / money...
  3. Any corner auto parts store has them...
  4. I purchased a new Solid State regulator and put the cover from my original on it. Better voltage control and no one can tell the difference...
  5. Thanks for the reply Steve. I have belonged to many car related clubs in my years ( started drag racing at 16 and I am 64) and the AACA ranks at the top of my list. The shows and the fellowship are both great! Looking forward to Auburn...
  6. Anyone know how the National awards are decided? How many meets / cars are considered and how many make it. My 72 Chevelle Wagon received an award last week and I was just curious what % of judged cars make it...
  7. My first time at Hershey and a senior award - it does not get any better!
  8. Can anyone help me out on how to sign up for the Auburn meet in may? It does not appear under pre register for meets...
  9. I am going to paint my 72 Chevelle wagon this winter. The original color is Placer Gold and not my favorite 72 Chevy color. If I choose to repaint the wagon another color available in 72 on a Chevelle wagon would it satisfy the AACA judging requirements? Thanks in advance!
  10. A friend just bought a trailer with an escape door that will allow the drivers door on his 67 Corvette to be opened. With a fused left ankle and bad knee it is a must for me. Good luck with your sale.