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  1. Here is a photo of a 1919 Maxwell taken about 1926 or 1927. The little boy is my dad who was born in 1923. The wheels are very dirty, but you may be able to find some details you need. Also, I don't see any difference between the body color and the fenders, so I can't suggest what color blue black would be other than a very dark, almost black blue. I have a 1921, so I'm also interested in what you find.
  2. Turn up your Beltone's
  3. Great find. In about 1982 I saw one of these converted into a limo with four doors. Looked great! Wish I had a camera with me that day. Only saw it once.
  4. Mecklenburg Co. requires a antique tag (which now is not more than a vanity tag in NC) on the vehicle and ask how many times the car was shown in a show in the last year. They will turn down the appeal if they believe the car was not shown enough times in the past year. They won't tell you how many times they believe it should be shown, but we have figured out that the number is at least three times based on what has been denied. There are other questions as well.
  5. Matt, you are correct except several counties (Mecklenburg for one) do not honor that law. They have created requirements over and above the law for the cap to apply.
  6. The most important thing mentioned above is to clean, file the points. Take the distributor cap off and turn the engine until the points are closed. Leave the ignition switch on and with a screw driver open the points. You should see a spark. If no spark, clean the points again. If no spark check to see If you have power to the +side of the coil. If not, look further back. When you have spark dribble a little gas down the carb and try to start. If it fires, but does not run you have a fuel not ignition problem.
  7. D and D Automobilia recast wheels in colored plastic. danddautomobilia.com/Welcome.html
  8. What happens when you fill the radiator to full. Low coolant will cause the coolant to boil and percolate out just like you describe.
  9. Don't tighten the negative terminal to the battery. Put it on and give it a twist to tighten it. It will work fine. When you stop or store the car, give it a twist and pull it off and lay it on top of the battery away from the post.
  10. You have a short in your wiring. Those are slow going to find, but you can do it. You will need a complete factory wiring diagram. Trace it to see what is common to both lights, but not to the lights on the right side. Take a test light and start looking for what is hot and what is not. Good luck on this. It's very frustrating but is most likely a simple bare wire grounding on something. BTW the headlight switch has power to it even if the switch is off, so that is an obvious place to start.
  11. Carl, I think you have a Hydro-Vac system. I don't completely understand them, but check your power steering fluid level. I have a '75 Chevy 3500 with hydro-vac and if the PS fluid gets low I first get a pulsating brake pedal and if even lower no power assist.
  12. Neil, Not judging you, just responded to someone's question about what is wrong with the clamps. I have the aircraft style clamps on most of my drivers as well. Better than what the factory put on. Enjoy your car!
  13. Also, clean the lens on your camera.
  14. This is a car that you could make into a very good, reliable driver. Mechanical parts are very available but not so for trim. It's not like a 57 Chevy where every part is reproduced. Outside of mechanical parts, you will largely be dealing with used parts. There are several good vendors supplying parts for these cars.
  15. It's a long shot, but since this is a new problem after years of diving it, look for something that has changed. Is a motor mount going bad that has shifted the engine some and increased the idle speed because of the movement?
  16. Greg, You've been on here for a long time. Don't discourage some one from getting into the hobby. Your problem with your car and lack of interest in any one buying it a the price you want is that the wood was very poorly done and the interior is incorrect. The rest of your car looks nice. The Royal that the OP is looking at is a totally different project. As others have suggested, put your car on Ebay with no reserve and accept what ever it brings.
  17. Maxwell built their own engines and did not use a Continental engine.
  18. Yes you can. It will look like a painted top that used to be a vinyl top. Bed liner will give it a textured look.
  19. Interesting combination of choices. Blue with a black top, blackwall tires. 4.44 rear end with overdrive. Radio but no heater. Blackwall tires are not a supprise in 1946. Many new cars were delivered without spare tires due to a tire shortage.
  20. Some of the 3.8's used a plastic fitting for the heater outlet. They tend to fail and can be replaced with the metal outlet.
  21. No, actually the car itself is the best trophy from this event.
  22. Contact the National AACA office.