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  1. You're fine at 2500 RPM. Save your money for something else.
  2. Save a life, buy a lift if you want it high enough to sit under.
  3. A good rule of thumb for using a manual charger is to look at the initial amperage when you connect the battery. When the amperage drops to half that level it is fully charged.
  4. I feel your pain. I have a "48 60 Special and a "53 Series 75. Remember there are 5 cylinders including the power seat. Do it right and change to ATF. You might try changing the rubber lines and flush and keep your original cylinders and run them until they leak. It won't damage the paint only cause a mess. Want to buy a "53 Series 75? Make me an offer...…. Be serious, I may take it.
  5. DOT 5 doesn't have the lubricating properties needed in the system and should not be used. ATF is the best choice. Remember DOT 3 is a great paint remover. I had a 1948 Cadillac that developed a leak in a door cylinder and stripped the exterior paint off the bottom half of the outside of the door. In changing to ATF, you will need to replace the rubber lines as well with new rubber.
  6. Sandblasting is the quickest, but you could sand it as well. Start with 80 grit or possibly 60 grit and finish with 180 grit. Primer adheres best to a 180 grit finished metal. Then start your finishing for paint in primer. Sandblasting leaves about the same finish as 180 sandpaper.
  7. You should start a new post for better answers.
  8. Look at tuning your engine. You should be pulling 19-20 inches of vacuum at idle. Connect a vacuum gage to an intake port and adjust the carb for the highest vacuum. Then try your wipers again. Low vacuum is also a sign of late ignition timing.
  9. Please post the name of the action company and link to their web site.
  10. A bag full of 1940's condoms in the trunk of a '47 Buick Roadmaster. There still there in this HPOF car. Love preserving history.
  11. Actually not much safer. I've found that a dual master cylinder goes into complete failure as quick as a single master cylinder.. I agree, if you break a line then there is an advantage to a dual cylinder, but in 50 years of driving many old and new cars, I've never had a line failure (southern cars). Wheel cylinder will go bad and leak but you have plenty of indication of that problem with brakes pulling and grabbing. If it makes you feel better with a dual master cylinder, go for it.
  12. The wheel covers without the spinner are for the cars with rear fender skirts and the one with the spinners are for cars without fender skirts. The spinners will not fit under the fender skirts.
  13. Yes on the epoxy primer. The choice is yours as far as single stage or basecoat / clearcoat if both are a urethane paint. If your color is metallic, then you should go with basecoat / clearcoat.
  14. Your upholstery looks good. Have you thought of having it removed and dry cleaned. I know of restorers that have done this.
  15. Just don't break a windshield. How do you replace it. Just another step towards our cars becoming appliances.
  16. It's hard to make a recommendation based on the limited information you have given us. As others have said, brokers generally will sell only cars, not tools, equipment and parts. if you do not want to sell it yourself, then an estate auction may be best, but expect pennies on a dollar. Brokers would be interested in the restored cars and possibly the unrestored cars and you could ebay, craigslist the parts and tools or go with an estate auction. In picking a broker, find someone who deals in the type or years of the cars you are selling. A brokers site that shows mostly muscle cars won't draw the attention to the Model A you are trying to sell. Also, look for a broker who will seek out potential buyers for your cars, not a consignment dealer who only lists your car on their web site if you want a fast sell. Give us more information and we can give you more specific answers. Sorry for your loss and good luck on sales.
  17. It could be an unrelated problem, such as the throw out bearing starting to go bad. It only spins when the clutch pedal is depressed.
  18. That's great Ann and Joel
  19. Matt is correct. There is only one class for you to enter and that is HPOF. If you car receives HPOF certification in the first National then it will automatically go for evaluation for the Original HPOF certification, which means a car with more areas of originality. If the car does not meet the higher standard of the Original HPOF certification, then it will receive a Repeat HPOF award. We hope to see you in Charlotte! Dave Bowman Chief Judge AACA Southeastern National, Charlotte, NC AACA HPOF Committee Member
  20. My first car was a hand-down from my parents, a 1961 Dodge Polara 2HT, which I still have. The first car I purchased was in 1972 when I was 19, a 1970 Dodge Challenger convertible. Don't get too excited, it is a 318 auto car. Still have both of them. I was 20 when I bought my first old car, a 1946 Dodge Business Coupe. That one got away after I moved it to 4 different cities as my jobs changed and had no time to work on it.
  21. Robert, I feel your pain. I've been there and replaced all 4 trailer tires at the next stop that had them in stock. Thank goodness you nor anything other than the trailer was injured. Now about the additional safety of radial tires...……...
  22. dross1958, that is great information. Can you post the documentation you found to help the rest of us clear this up?
  23. 61polara

    New tires

    The 2019 Grand National is in Auburn, IN May 30-June 1, not Mobile. Your tires can be replaced with the correct, original size without a deduction.