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  1. I don't recognize the part. Is that an exterior part and color or is this something from inside the trunk? Chrysler painted the inside of the trunk and other areas with a grey-green color. I've heard that at the end of each day, they mixed all the left over paint from the day together and then added black to make it a rather consistent color from day to day. This was the paint for the next day.
  2. In the HPOF evaluation process, certain items are permitted to be replaced do to normal maintenance, such as hoses, clamps, tires, etc. If these items have been replaced, they should be with original or aftermarket original items. In other words, hose clamps must be original style and tire must be original size. Good luck to you. Look forward to seeing your car.
  3. Go to the AACA Home page. Click on publications and then Judges Guidelines. Go to page 88 for the form. You should check the boxes on the right of the topic to disclose a non original item. You may write comments on the line. Checking a box does not mean you will receive a deduction in that area, but the judges will evaluate it against the HPOF standards. BE SURE TO SIGN THE FORM. An unsigned form is cause for the car not to be evaluated, especially if the owner can not be located. Leave the form on the front seat for the Judges to pick up when they evaluate your car.
  4. Most likely you will need to go in from under the dash. Hope you have a skinny grandson who is into your cars.
  5. Twin battery boxes. I guess she was in the "Hot Seat".
  6. I love the Forward Look cars but have also referred to the 1960-1961 period as the "Exner on Drugs" period. All beautiful designs.
  7. Nice looking car. It originally had a vinyl roof. The molding at the C pillar base is the give away. Non vinyl roof cars did not have this.
  8. Contact the Mercedes Benz Classic Center in LA with your question.
  9. I think the sedan and convertible latches are the same. Did you remove the set screw behind the weather stripping on the door that holds the lock in place?
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    Also, as you see there can be different deductions for the same item based on the judge.
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    Specific points are not revealed to the owner, but the area of deduction is highlighted on the form from the VP Judging, if requested.
  12. Is there an address for those of us who are local and would like to see the display?
  13. Nice car. It is a Special as advertised, but it has a Century front clip on it. Specials only had 3 port holes.
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    Your bias ply tires at 25% are still serviceable, so I would say no deduction for them.
  15. Many of the blackout parts were actually existing chromed parts that were painted. Replacement 1942 parts that I've seen were bare steel painted. I would paint the ones you have.
  16. Look at Lincoln and T-Bird colors of 1967-1971. They are close.
  17. It has been long since it has been a Barracuda. Hope Keven sues the heck out of the company built it and specked it. As a second grade teacher use to say "Fools names and fools faces always appear in public places." Glad no one was hurt, but it was an accident waiting to happen.
  18. 1942-1948 DeSoto. This is the optional one that lights up when the lights are on. The standard one was chrome, but the same. 19
  19. Follow the purple wire. It should be under the A/C compressor. My car isn't handy for a picture and has no A/C, but it is on top of the front of the engine just under where the compressor would be.
  20. Mopar used ANCO wipers from the factory in these years.
  21. It's been in place for a long time. AACA would welcome these groups as a new region if there is not a local region in place now. Place a call to Steve in the National Office to discuss further. AACA is very open to this discussion.
  22. I agree that it is not a 1953. The straight 8 engine was last used in 1952 except for the Special series which continued it through 1953. Also, Buick did not offer a 4 speed manual transmission unless you count reverse as a speed. I very nice car.
  23. Looking back at your pictures, I think you should consider the DPC (Drivers Participation Class). Class judging is based on how the car was delivered to the owner. I don't believe your rims, tires or blue ignition wires are 1965 correct. I don't know Tigers that well, but you should have documention that the air cleaner and valve covers are factory correct for 1965. A very nice car, but for AACA judging purposes I think DPC is the best option.