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  1. I found the answer, using my secret weapon: sheer determination! There was a post on my Packard club site from 6 years ago. Turns out the small holes are for a spanner to turn the bezel. Sounds much easier than set screws. Time will tell.
  2. I determined I have a faulty ignition switch. I went to remove it to inspect/repair/replace and the first thing I see is two small holes on opposite sides of the bezel. Probably for set screws? I tried to look in there but with bifocals this is not working! Does anyone know what fastener should be in there? Flat screw? Allen head? Other? I can try everything I have, but hate wasting that much time while in awkward position with bad knees.
  3. Thanks for your information. I sorted my distributor problems but will write down those numbers for future reference. I am still looking for the sheet metal parts: front bumper fillers, and radiator splash pan.
  4. So maybe this is a want ad... I detest computers, but am trying. I am looking for an Autolite distributor for a 48 288engine. Also front bumper fill panels and the sheet metal between the grill and the radiator.
  5. Looking for front bumper filler panels. These go between the upper and lower bumper sections. Also need Radiator splash panel, This goes between the grill and radiator under the hood.
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