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  1. I had attended the last 4 Norwich Sunday shows but the heat and humidity forecast caused me to sit this one out. I do plan on making the Iroquois Region AACA show in Conklin though.
  2. Darla...Please check your Personal Messages when you get the opportunity. Regards, Eric
  3. I did see that one - I thought there was another black one that I missed. I thought the asking price was reasonable as well. There were also a '60 60 Special (blue) and a '59 SdV (black) parked near me. I believe both were sold.
  4. Thanks again fellas. A little background on me - I grew up in the car business, my father had a small used car lot which I ultimately took over some 30 years ago. (Phew - where did the time go!) Been a ardent Cadillac guy since the age of 5 when the old man pulled into the driveway at dusk one night with a fresh-outta-the-detail shop black 1965 SdV and the rest is history. lol I'm especially a fan of original cars - even when deteriorated, but also appreciate well executed quality restorations.
  5. Thanks fellas. Looks like a great forum with a lot of great discussion.
  6. There are many roads to Rome as they say and one's approach to the old car hobby depends on the circumstances of the individual - whether hands-on or check writer.
  7. Hello Everybody, My name is Eric and I'm a long time AACA & CLC member who just discovered this Forum. Had a great time at Hershey this year, as always.
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