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    Ford a Hobby, I am Queensland Contributing Editor for Restored Cars Magazine which is published in Australia. I own a pair of Australian built 1934 Ford Phaetons, as well as a 1956 Mercury Monterey Hardtop. I am a Member of the Early Ford V8 Club of America & attended the Golden Jubilee V8 Nationals held at Lake Tahoe in 2013. I have an extensive Library on American Cars. I also collect Model Cars & Licence Plates.

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  1. This hubcap is a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice. Hope that these are a help.
  2. The box closest to the camera in the first picture are 1965 Chev Impala.
  3. Can anyone confirm that Chevrolet offered these 1966 SS Full Wheel Covers without the Spinner? There is presently a full set for sale on eBay, and the Seller says that this is how they came from GM. It is interesting to note that I have a similar one in my collection. Question :- Are they Genuine or Made-up?
  4. Hi Ozstatman, Thanks for your help. Just Googled 1939 Chevrolet and you are correct. For 1939, an optional accessory hood ornament with a clear part was also offered, (see attached picture) but the one that I have is the regular standard one.
  5. Can anyone identity this Chrome Trim. Initially, I though that it might be off a 1954 Ford, but it is not. It is obvious that it is off a 4 door sedan. It measures 11 Inches along the bottom and a similar measurement in height. It is NOS and I found it in my pile of car parts. Does anyone recognise it?
  6. Can someone please tell me what this Hood Ornament is off? Inside is the Part Number T - 29777 - Made in U.S.A. Thanks you for your help with this.
  7. Here are pictures of a very rare 1932 Chevrolet Moonlight Speedster, that has a similar rear end to the one in the above pictures. This car was offered in Australia by General Motors Holden, but very few were built.
  8. As I live in Australia, I have never seen one of these J Hubcaps. However, a reader on Hemmings said "The J hubcaps were actually called the J Series and were fitted to early CJs". Another reader said "The “J” wheel covers were made by a company called Cutlas out of Lyons, Ill. as an aftermarket item for the Jeep." If it was made by an outside company, they obviously copied the 1966-1967 Mercury design? All very confusing.
  9. Recently, someone posted this pictures of a Jeep Hubcap, with a big "J" in the centre. What is unusual about this Hubcap is that it is nearly identical to the 1966-1967 Mercury Hubcaps. The only difference with these Mercury Hubcaps for these two years is that the inners were painted a different colour. I have both years, plus the Spinner variations in my Hubcap display, as shown in second picture. Compare the Jeep Hubcap with the last photo which is of a 1967 Mercury Hubcap. They both have the same number of "ribs" and both appear identical, except for the centres. Can anyone throw light on this unusual Jeep Hubcap, which is supposedly off the early J Series Jeeps? Did they "borrow" the design from Mercury?
  10. From my research, I believe that this hubcap is off a 1977 or 1978 Chrysler Product. However, the "sticker" in the centre is different to the same year Dodge hubcaps. As I live in Australia, none of these Chrysler products were ever imported. I picked this one up at a local Swap Meet and want to be able to correctly identify it, then it will go into my collection of hubcaps. It maybe off a Plymouth, but need help in positively identifying it. Any help appreciated.
  11. Problem solved. I got the answer from a guy in New Zealand on Ford Barn. They were fitted to the 1932 to 1934 British Y Model Fords, similar to the one in the attached picture. Thanks everyone for your help.
  12. A friend of mine sent me this picture of an unusual Ford Hubcap. My suspicion is that it is European. Can anyone out there correctly identify this Ford Hubcap, so that I can an answer to my mate. Thanks for your help Regards Mercman <><
  13. Hi John, I am glad that you liked this Web Site. It is only in existence because people like you are willing to scan their brochures and contribute to it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mean people out there that want to take but not give. I introduced this Web Site to a car person I met, and months later when i met him again, I asked him how he liked it? He said that he loved the site and looked at it nearly every day. I then heard that he had a brochure that was not listed and he said that he would scan it for me to send to the Web Master. Months later, I mentioned that I had not received the promised Scans, and he said that he changed his mind. He said that the Brochure cost him good money, and he was not going to share it for everybody to look at it. I also pay good money for the brochures in my collection, but when I get them, the first thing I do is scan them and send the scans off. This way, automotive history is being preserved. So, many thanks for helping continue adding brochures to this great Web Site. If you have any other brochures that are not shown, I am sure that the Web Master would appreciate receiving them. Any other AACA Club Members that have brochures that they willing to share, please do. Regards Mercman <><