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  1. That was gas like in methane or some other flammable gas. It was certainly not gasoline.
  2. The CDV was designated 6237X and coupes were 6207 6207X. Those were the only two interior colors offered on the CDV, Blue Plain Broadcloth & Gray Leather and Tan Plain Broadcloth & Tan Leather. I'm not sure about the body stamping. Some years and models panels were made with stampings from a few pieces and then spot welded together into one unit.
  3. I don't know if it's the photography but does anyone else notice a difference in the shade of the front passenger side fender and maybe the hood, from the rest of the car? Also the left corner of the truck lid is oddly misaligned.
  4. I don't think it would be sitting outside like that if it was $122,500.
  5. Those pistons remind of the one I had from a Cummins diesel that was from a semi. It was about the size of a coffee can. It was like this one but not as shiny.
  6. I've heard of a breast friend but this is the first time for a boob friend.
  7. I don't recall ever seeing any purple lights used in funeral processions. I've been in quite a few in the last 45 years in California. Every car in the procession was slapped with a "FUNERAL" sticker in the top corner of the front windshield and rear glass. I managed to sneakily remove one once from my car. I still have it in my desk drawer at home. It's nothing really fancy at all. Just a white sheet of paper stock with black lettering.
  8. Guess what's for dinner?
  9. Yes it was 70's and 80's. It's cheap material in contrast to leather. I'd never use any kind cloth in a convert. If I couldn't afford leather, I would use some kind of good vinyl. I had a '67 convert and it had a lot of rust even though it was a So Cal car all it's life. The top leaked at the back where it was sealed along the back of the rear seats. Enough water would collect in an area behind the rear seat that a small pond would form. The front and rear quarters were rusty and had been repaired by a previous owner with lots of bondo. The repair was failing big time. The rear window motors didn't work because the electrical wiring was rotted from water. Fortunately the top electrics still worked flawlessly. Also the seats were redone in a cheap but durable vinyl material. Otherwise it was a good driver and a good convertible car experience. I got it really cheap for around $600 in 1987 so I didn't really care about fixing it here and there.
  10. These cars never had velour. It most likely had leather. Also the door panels are covered in a similar material as the seats. They're probably covering some very badly cracked areas of the original soft vinyl padding. You can still see a crack on the divers door armrest. I'd bet it's a repaint. I would check the areas of the fenders behind the front wheel wells and the rear rockers behind the rear wheel wells. They're probably filled with bondo as they rusted easily. There's also no original cardboard in the trunk. Probably got wet and rotted away long time ago.
  11. I had a '51 and it didn't have a loop like it. If it were something to hang a shop light, I would have expected it to be located a bit more forward on the hood. A lamp would hang kind of low from there. I usually hung my shop light from the hood latch area.
  12. I've driven a '26 sedan and it was indeed slow. It wasn't that easy to drive because of the odd shifting pattern I wasn't used to.
  13. Ford LTD, maybe a '72.
  14. I had no problem using my run of the mill timing light on a 6V car. It seemed to flash the same way it did on any 12V car. I don't recall the brand. I would have to look for it to get the name. There is no 6/12V switch.
  15. The Javelin could have looked a lot better without the awful bulges in the front fenders. I almost liked it. Too bad about the bad quality on top of everything. My friend's Hornet actually held up well but looked really cheap. The seating position was terrible. The seat back was raked so far back you needed to pull the seat so close that the steering wheel was in my lap. It was like it was designed for someone with really long arms and short legs.
  16. I'm afraid most cars in '73 looked better than the Matador. I was never adventurous enough to buy an AMC so I'm not sure about their reliability. Their styling was always a bit odd. A buddy of mine had a '74 Hornet. It was about as bland as white toast. I don't know what possessed him to buy such a boring car. He wasn't a nerd or anything close. I would have easily expected he would have gotten something sporty. If I had to have a Matador, I'd get a 1st gen model. They were actually decent looking and even many police departments used them.
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