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  1. I llstened today! Had the phone in my shirt pocket with the show tuned in to live stream via Facebook. while I was out walking the dog--GREAT JOB Alex and everyone! Alex brings a much-needed historical perspective to the discussion! Great job Alex and all of the Auto Lab Radio team! Thanks again Alex for the heads-up too, so I knew to tune in!
  2. Thanks very much Greenie & everyone. I saw them around a couple of times this year at Hershey also.
  3. stock_steve


    Brian: There was a sign at the BCA's Hershey Flea Market space last week indicating that BCA members who signed in would receive a gift. I waited patiently and eventually was able to sign in (didn't remember my exact member number except for the 47xxx part), and was presented with this very cool pen, wrapped in a sealed plastic wrapper. What a pleasant surprise! Thanks again BCA!
  4. stock_steve


    Thanks BCA for the very cool pen, which I received when I signed in last week at Hershey!
  5. I am sorry to have apparently created heartburn for the moderators here by sharing my photos & enthusiasm from Hershey as I have been doing. Hope you all enjoyed it, as far as we got. Looking forward to Hershey 2015. Over and out for now!
  6. Like with Alex, we've also known our long-time buddy Rich thru the old VW and old car hobby for many, many years, and always love catching up with him at Hershey. It was perhaps not surprising that we saw Rich right after we saw Alex, since I think their flea market spaces are adjoining. Love those guys!
  7. Happy Chilly Wednesday! Yeesh, a big 9F in little old Stony Creek, CT this morning... Where's that global warming when we need it? Ha ha!... From Hershey 2014 for this morning, here's a photo of Diane and our buddy Alex, who we have known for MANY years (30+, I'd estimate) thru the old VW hobby--and the old car hobby in general as well, now that he is a "Confirmed Hershey Regular," and not to mention a fully certified AACA Judge as well! Keep up the great work, Alex! Always great seeing you!
  8. Didn't plan the timing of this next Hershey 2014 flea market subject (given my above weather-related complaints)... But, here's a very nice 1970 Ski-Doo that we admired...
  9. Good morning and Happy Tuesday... Around Southern New England yesterday was NOT a great day, weather-wise (we're talking SNOW), and this morning the thermometer is reading a big *eight* degrees F (but at least it's not actually snowing)... Getting back to the ongoing Hershey 2014 flea market browse, here's a Nimbus motorcycle... Never heard of these, but apparently they were a Danish marque, manufactured 1919 thru 1960--wow, that's some history! Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nimbus_%28motorcycle%29 Have a good day and stay warm!
  10. Almost skipped these cool amusement park ride Mustangs!... Happy Friday once again!...
  11. Good morning and Happy Friday!... From our ongoing Hershey 2014 flea market browsing... Cool Crosley and Model A... Had to study those Crosley details a bit... Have a great day and a "Super" upcoming weekend!
  12. One more for now from the Hershey 2014 flea market browse... We always enjoy coming across the "Schwalm's Babbited Bearings - Model A Engine Rebuilding" (Strasburg, PA, ref: www.schwalms.com) booth in the flea market, to ogle that oh-so-beautiful hot rod '29 A Sports Coupe... wow...
  13. Good morning and Happy Early Thursday... Continuing our browse thru the Flea Market we ran into our old friend Ron, a.k.a. "sonefish" on the forums, who we later saw on the Saturday car show field with his "Superoo" vintage race car! Ron's a great friend who we've known thru the old VW hobby for many years, and it's always a pleasure seeing him!
  14. What do you know, we survived the Blizzard of 2015 in not too bad shape, here in Southern Connecticut... All shoveled out and ready for the next one... Anyway, getting back to our ongoing Hershey 2014 tour, we are still in the Hyman, Ltd. space, and took a couple of shots of a positively magnificent 1919 Locomobile (Bridgeport, CT manufactured, I believe)... I found some really interesting history about this positively awesome oldie online at an RM Auctions site, reference: http://www.rmauctions.com/lots/lot.cfm?lot_id=1064410 Happy Tuesday evening!
  15. Good afternoon and Happy Friday!... Continuing on with our tour of Hershey 2014, and we are still browsing some of the Hyman, Ltd. offerings... This 1961 Volvo P1800 coupe was really beautiful, and has a very fascinating history, as recounted on the info page at their web site: http://hymanltd.com/vehicles/5337-1961-volvo-p1800-coupe/ As I often say, sure wish I had paid more attention to the car at the time! Oh well!! Have a great afternoon and a great weekend! I'm not too psyched about the forecasts for tomorrow (that dreaded "s word"), but keeping fingers crossed that whatever we get doesn't amount to too much...
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