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  1. You guys behind the scene are truly something! I can't say that enough. Anyone (like me) who was the Gettysburg Grand Nationals this year will tell you how safe, spread out and how well done it was done. An amazing show and location to have it. You could sort of say that Gettysburg was a "1st time Covid practice run" and that this show will be tweaked even better! Thank you so much to everyone behind the scenes who amazingly pull these things off so quickly and safely for all of us. You are truly all amazing!!!
  2. I thought the CarsYeah interview was awsome and really explained what the AACA is all about. It's a unique Club that welcomes everyone and until your involved you really do not know what your missing. I think that came through loud and clear. Great job Steve! 🙂
  3. I know this 41 type 60 and know the restorer (Jacek Krajewski of Warsaw Poland) personally. As an owner of a 1944 KdF type 82e beetle here in the US I was invited to a meeting in Germany at a private museum there. The Museum owner Richard Hausmann organized the meeting for the sole purpose of bringing together all owners of "original" documented 1938 through 1944 KdF-Wagen Beetles only. The car is real and amazing. The most documented KdF Beetle restoration to date. These cars are extremely challenging to restore. This 41 was even more so as 1941 build info is extremely scarce. It's all o
  4. Ola, I don't mind at all. You don't know if you don't ask, right? I understand why you like these cars.
  5. Hi Buicknutty, Yes, I agree with that too. Last I checked there was something like 9 or 10 of these in the Buick Club worldwide with around 1/2 being overseas. (There must be more out there, right?) But I was not in the position to buy a big American 40s or 50s Convertible, and had always wanted one. This car came up at the right place at the right time. I was already hooked on the look of these cars. I knew I never saw one and quickly found out how scarce they were too. Buying one that needed a bunch of work was the only way I could get into a car like this. Despite different challenges I've
  6. Im not really too interested in selling it. I've been asked before, and so far have declined. I have alot into this car so far. I have had the complete driving mechanicals restored correctly so it drives wonderful now. A few years ago I was able to buy all the front & rear bumper chrome, teeth, driving light guards, backup light guards, hood bomb site, hood medallion, etc, all NOS from one person. It was a great find, and makes the car look much better now. (Especially in pictures) It still needs a whole lot more done to it but it is fun and reliable to drive now which I really like. My c
  7. Hi Carola, Yes, I still her. I'm in the USA in New York. Not many of these cars around for sure.
  8. How excited you must be to finally have it painted! Good luck. Seems like all Black might have been a popular paint choice for 1950 Buicks as well?
  9. Thank you Derek. I never owned a big American cruiser like this and always wanted to. I ordered the books today as well. Just found the rear convertible glass window in the trunk last night. Its filled with all kinds of extra parts including a grill. Seems that the rear bumper guards with back up lights are rotted on the bottom (as I hear they all are) so I will be needing them too if anyone can spare a set. Thanks.
  10. Absoluletly. Where do you suggest is the best place to get them? I joined the Club which I'm sure I will enjoy and learn a lot from. Thanks
  11. I'm looking for the complete front seat and rear seat too. I am going to Hershey and could pick them up there. Anyone have any? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Pete. I will have to explain the story how I aquired it in greater detail. Basically, I owe it all to one of my best friends Bruce who knew about the car for 35 years. http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii163/KdF1_01/1950%20Buick%20Roadmaster%20Convertible/1950%20Buick%20Roadmaster%20Convertible/IMG_1990.jpg http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii163/KdF1_01/1950%20Buick%20Roadmaster%20Convertible/1950%20Buick%20Roadmaster%20Convertible/IMG_1987.jpg
  13. Hi guys, Well, I'm happy to report you have another Buick owner among you! I was able to buy the 50 Roadmaster Vert. I'm very stoked for sure. Never thought I would have a car like this one day. It went into my garage a few hours ago. It has some issues for sure, but so far the only things I see missing are the all the seats, hubcaps, passenger door molding and hood molding. Everything else was in the trunk. It dosnt run yet but I will work on that at soon. Thanks again for all the quick educational help.
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