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15 hours ago, Machine Gun said:

Not really...those are Chevys 😀


We were driving our 1927 Chevrolet Capitol AA Roadster - Yellow, with black fenders and a red pin stripe, and having a ball.


Pinky Randall, well-known world-wide as "Mr. Chevrolet", learned during a 4-cylinder Chevy Club tour of Yellowstone Park - the day of Dale & my 25th wedding anniversary (June 29, 1994), that I had been looking to buy a 1934/1935 Buick 98C or 68C.


Pinky stood up to his full height and said "
Marty !!  Don't you know? 

A Buick is just a Chevrolet with LOCK WASHERS?"


So I asked Pinky

"So, what is a Cadillac"?


Pinky replied:

"Stainless Steel LOCK WASHERS"


No need to run down our Chevy "Little Brothers"

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8 hours ago, 1937McBuick said:



Probably popped open when the body twisted. Note the steering wheel hitting the sun visor. I dare think that there was at least one fatality here.  

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I remember my father telling me that those Buick two-way hoods invariably flew off if the car was in an accident. It looks like he was right.


Can you imagine how many must have struck passers-by or gone through windshields of nearby cars?

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