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On 12/23/2023 at 9:52 PM, Grimy said:

Ouch!!!  Good ol' wood-framed bodies don't afford much crash protection....

Yeah, this really caught my attention for a few distinctions - 

  • Looks like a big high-end 90 series
  • Looks like a reflection of Hebrew writing and a man on the drivers door
  • Lack of safety glass for a high end car (Buick was offering optional safety glass by Feb 1932 - LOF or Duplate, ref magazine snip below), so this might have been an early car, or frugal buyer??
  • Massachusetts license
  • What kind of force was applied to do that much damage, all windows are broken???  Wood/glass is much weaker than metal, but wow...50mph wrap around??
  • Wood wheels look to have survived!
  • Possibly had Mercury Man radiator ornament, but broken in the accident?
  • Roof looks like its made of metal vs factory non-metal?

24feb1932 accessories.png

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Found out this 32 Buick wreck was in 1936, a mere 4 yr old car, still looks to be the largest series 90 sedan, and for the life of me I cannot figure what events caused it to appear/become so demolished, its an awful wreck...the physical forces of dislodging doors and crushing the wood-metal body are astounding....cannot imagine what the folks in the car felt and experienced and maybe had to live with life-long injuries...



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