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  1. Prophetic. I'll bet they never thought that the day would come when Chinese sales would be carrying the brand.
  2. When I visited the USSR back in the eighties, I made friends with a chauffeur who let me get an up close look at a Chaika sedan. It was an extremely crude copy of a 1955 or 1956 Packard. Putting it next to a real Packard would have made it clear that none of the parts were actually the same, but what surprised me how shamelessly they copied the details such as the instrument panel. In Kalinin (now called Tver) I was surprised to see a 1932 Ford coming up the street. It was in very nice condition and seemed to be running well. Close up, I could see that it was a GAZ, one of the cars that was built when Ford built a plant there in the thirties. Since that area was devastated in World War II, it was surprising that that car survived the war.
  3. 5219

    Old tools

    Somebody told me that Ford connecting rod bolts were 19/32. Is that true? I have never had anything that took that size wrench.
  4. No offense, but does that look like a place anybody would want to eat at?
  5. If you are a member of AAA you might want to speak with them. I have always found them to be very helpful in these matters.
  6. In the picture of the 1934 Packard in Poland, what is the man doing who seems to be kneeling in front of the sidemount?
  7. I always admired the way that they used up the leftover 1956 tail lights while making the fins bigger for 1957.
  8. Note the year on the license plate. I'll bet people were looking at you funny for driving that car in 1942. By the way, there are many pictures of Goering with his fat butt riding in various Cadillacs and at least one Buick. Evidently, he was fond of American cars.
  9. J.C. Whitney used to sell the conversion kits to "upgrade" to dual headlights.
  10. This car was on Craigs list in North Jersey a couple of months ago. This seller must be a flipper who dragged the car down to the D.C. area. The NJ ad had the registration without the address blanked out. Being a huge Sinatra fan, I googled the address, which was in Fort Lee, NJ. I found a picture of Frankie bringing Mia Farrow home to meet his parents. Sinatra's father's name was Martin. He died in 1968. I don't have any doubt that Martin Sinatra, father of Frank, owned that car. That Buick looks like it had a very hard life after Dad's demise. Aside from idle curiousity, I don't see much value there.
  11. I am pretty sure that Connolly Hide Food went away a long time ago. I think that Connolly leather is also gone. Hide Food was an excellent product. I used to buy it from Bill Hirsch. A clear glycerine based soap with clear water and a soft washcloth are the best things for leather cleaning. The lather needs to be thoroughly removed and no excess water left behind.
  12. I thought he was fanatically opposed to cigarettes.
  13. 5219

    Mice repellent

    I never liked the idea of poison because I don't want them going into the car to die. Nothing works like a wooden snap trap. The more the better. I have twelve of them in a 10X20 garage. I put them along the walls and bait them with peanut butter.
  14. To ask the simplest question first-How sure are you that the gauge is accurate?
  15. Did it act like this before you replaced the water pump?