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From Instagram yesterday all of the new Encore GX 

First is Buick USA

Second is Buick Mexico

Third and fourth is Buick Canada

All that snow up north sure gives you Canadians a great perspective on things. And I just wanted to make sure you know how to use the tailgate. lol





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2 hours ago, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:

 I THINK it is a Buick! May have to join you and investigate a little more.  Difficult to remain focused.



I don't know.  Seems it may be more than just the Buick that is modified in that picture.  🤔

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3 hours ago, zeke01 said:

Look at the car, guys. Is the convertible top crooked? What is going on above the driver side window? To the extent possible avoid looking at the obvious. You beasts. Zeke




So just enjoy it on sunny days?


The Car - The Car !!  ??


and judging by the "relatively " narrow whitewalls,

the 1947/1948 Buick in the picture is possibly 10-15 years old-

and the charming young lady distracts most concerns per the Buick (IMO)-

Both seem in good condition, and I'm old enough to recall when photo prints had those edges.

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Another reason tops will shrink (up if you will) is that they don't have the cables sewn in along the edge of the top.

Going highway speed the top actually looks like it is raising up without the cables.

If you follow behind it becomes very noticeable. Over time and use that will effect the top material.

Ask me how I know.


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1 hour ago, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:

Top will suck down if wing vent is cracked open.




Also a good thing to do if transporting with an open trailer,

so as not to stretch the top material-

ask me how I know, 

or learned back in 1959

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