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  1. Sometimes these particular carbs (as well as the 69 430 carbs) show up on US eBay Motors.
  2. I have a full set of 1968 Buick Service Bulletins. I will look to see if any mention the carburetor update.
  3. Several of us from the Tarheel Buick Club (Raleigh, NC) met in Kinston, NC for a NC BBQ lunch and tour of the CSS Neuse Interpretive Center. We had the following Buicks show up: 1968 Electra 225 convertible (Canadian) owned by Roland and Valerie D. 1968 Riviera "The Aqua Zephyr" owned by Mike and Nora S. 1965 Skylark convertible owned by Paul and Mindy S. 1965 GS convertible owned by Chuck M. We also had a member show up in their 2002 Ford Thunderbird, which was a very nice car, I have to admit!
  4. This is a reposting site. They don't provide dates on the items listed there so chances are it's an eBay listing from 5 years ago!
  5. Excellent tutorial. Welcome to the family. Be sure to share some pics of your Riv in the Pictures section, or here.
  6. The boots are available from CARS (oldbuickparts.com)
  7. If we could get some detailed installed hood hinge photos posted here, we may be able to put the debate to bed. My car is in the shop getting one of Tom T's P/S boxes installed so I can't post any photos at this time. If we can get a close up of the hinge mounting bolts on the inner fender for both 68 & 69 AND images of both year hoods open to their maximum height with a tape measure (or other measuring instrument) measuring the forward lip height from the center of the radiator cross member, it might be educational! 🙂
  8. You might also check out "Onemansgarbage" on Ebay and FB. He parts LOTS of Buicks, to include 68-69 Rivieras. He's always got lots of parts.
  9. I have dealt with both. I have had no issues with either company.
  10. Two new classic Buick slides have been added to my archive. These images are from two 1942-era Kodachrome color slides. The colors in these slides is as vibrant as the day they were taken. Watermarks are mine. Featured is a great two tone gray (or silver and black) 1941 Buick Super Coupe with a 1942 Ohio license plate and cool fender skirts! Locations where these shots were taken is unknown to me. If anyone recognizes the locations, please let me know. One shot has a soldier sitting in the passenger side of the car. The other shot is a 3/4 view of the car parked on a bridge (?).
  11. The 68-70 hoods are the same. I believe the 69-70 hood hinges have a different mounting pattern to the inner fender than the 68's had. That is what I have read, at least. I have not seen them side by side to compare. But, if GM issued different part numbers between 68 & 69 then there must be a significant change between the two.
  12. There is always such a debate about whether or not the front hood hinges and springs for 1968 and 1969 Rivs are the same or different. . I finally looked up the part numbers in my two parts manual references [wildaboutcars.com & gmpartswiki.com]. These part numbers are different between the two years. 1968 Riviera, Lesabre, Wildcat & Electra hood hinges: 1387100 (R) / 1387101 (L) Spring: 1374459 [interchangeable with 1968 Riviera, Lesabre, Wildcat or Electra] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1969 Riviera hood hinges: 1230426 (R) / 1230427 (L) [not interchangeable with 1969 Lesabre, Wildcat or Electra] Spring: 1374459 [interchangeable with 1969 Riviera, Lesabre, Wildcat or Electra] Source: 1960-1973 GM/Buick Illustrated Parts Manual and Parts List Manual [wildaboutcars.com] and 1981 Buick Parts Manual [gmpartswiki.com]
  13. How much do you want to spend?
  14. Happy Independence Day Weekend my friends. For everyone outside of the USA, have a great summer weekend!
  15. Happy Independence Day Weekend my friends! For everyone outside the USA, have a great summer weekend!
  16. Buick Farm had the correct driver side motor mounts for 1968 Riviera. That's the one you need to consider changing out as it takes the worst of the engine torque stress. NOS or aftermarket Passenger side mounts aren't available. Check with them. https://buickfarm.com/ Steele Rubber in North Carolina will rebuild your original mounts with new rubber. Look for this service on their website: www.steelerubber.com
  17. You have a great looking Riv. It'll get there. Slowly but surely! 👍
  18. Check with CARS http://www.oldbuickparts.com/index.php?cPath=27_361_362
  19. My rule of thumb: Shop provided estimate to do the job x 2 = ACTUAL estimated time to do the job! 😁
  20. Tim, awesome inheritance! I hope to hear from you more often about your Riviera adventures!
  21. Welcome to the family and enjoy! If you are interested, contact @Schmiddy in Switzerland about joining the Riviera Owners Association in Europe.
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