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  1. They rebuilt a coil for me. Worked out great. Zeke
  2. I converted my four foot fluorescent fixtures into LED by removing the ballast and wiring one tombstone hot and the other negative. I then installed a “plug and play” tube in and turned the switch back on. There are plenty of tutorials online.Not complicated. Zeke
  3. I opted to modify my existing eight foot single fluorescent fixtures to accept LEDs. Not long afterwards one half of one of my tubes went dark. The seller replaced it and told me that an eight foot tube is actually two four foot tubes linked together and sometimes the link between them separates. The light is much improved with LEDs. Zeke
  4. My 1928 Chrysler had four wheel contracting hydraulic brakes. The engine pilled me as fast as I wanted to go with the original gearing. Try making a few panic stops while the shoes and drums are wet before making the car go faster. Zeke
  5. I have used Car-Skadin Brake and bearings in IL. (815)625-2059. They have a lot of odds and ends parts. My interest is MoPar but he might have what you need. Zeke
  6. How do I put this? The term paddy wagon is offensive. I know you don’t mean the term that way, but think about it. Substitute Kike or the N word. How would it sound . No offense taken. Zeke
  7. I removed a broken stub by making a lasso using some heavy nylon string. I slipped the lasso around the stub and pulled. The harder I pulled, the tighter the lasso got. Nylon is strong and will tighten up well. Zeke
  8. Here are two concepts about transmission locks to consider. First, the lock operates by locking the transmission in neutral. Can you think of a situation where that would be desired? Second, what would happen if you locked the transmission in neutral and then couldn't get it unlocked? What then? I had a key made for my transmission just to have one. Tried it once to make sure it worked and then hung the key on a hook in the house never to be fooled with again. Zeke
  9. My Hudson has a similar transmission lock. There is a number located close to the keyhole. I took that number to a locksmith and he cut me a working key on the spot. Zeke
  10. I use Rain-X but it doesn’t work well with a near vertical windshield. The water just dances on the glass. Zeke
  11. This would be a very nice Glidden tour car. What’s not to like? Solid roof so no leaks if it rains. As dependable as they come. Comfortable, check. Roomy, so you can bring your friends. The condition is such that you don’t have to worry about scratches but still presentable. And look at the entry level price! Zeke
  12. It has been many years, but when I rewired my 1948 Jeepster I used an assembled harness. I closed the garage door and dared anyone to bother me or try to "help" me while I was working. It worked. Zeke
  13. If he was a rural carrier, he probably bought it for mail delivery. There were advantages to using a Model T as such. The transmission was easier to operate while delivering mail. No clutch pedal to pump. Zeke
  14. The first thing to do is find out where the brake fluid went. 3/4 of a master cylinder worth should leave a trail. The next step would be to fix the leak and bleed the system. Zeke
  15. It would be a brave or stupid husband who ask her,”Hey Babe, what did you fix me for supper?”. Zeke
  16. It is going to sound silly, but make sure that the spindle nut is not snug against the drum. It happens. Zeke
  17. Are you buying aftermarket pumps? If so, try one from the dealer. I had the same problem with a non Ford product years ago. Factory pump worked for years after installation. Zeke
  18. Check your condenser and coil. 80% of fuel problems are electrical in nature. Zeke
  19. How do you like Dagmars on a Buick?
  20. Oh my stars, what a beautiful Buick!
  21. Keith: While most Chryslers had hydraulic brakes from the beginning in 1924, they were external contracting bands until the 1928 Imperial. 1929 models had the superior internal expanding type. Hydraulic or mechanical, internal expanding is better than external contracting. Zeke
  22. Not sure which specific car you are referring to but there is a black 1938 Buick in several scenes. Great show. Zeke
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