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  1. thanks for any info you can give
  2. Hello...what year? And what model was it?
  3. Year? Model? See pics (14" cap) thanks.
  4. This is the one in Midlothian Va (guy wants $250 you pull it)
  5. If not too far away, a guy in Midlothian, VA has one complete (still in truck for $250 bucks)
  6. Dave. No Cadillac parts needed, thanks. Never got an email yet. What lights do you have? Thanks
  7. Dave..my email is rocklein@comcast.net -- you can reach me there. Send some pics & price. Thanks
  8. Great pic! Curious about the year make and model Thanks
  9. thanks guys, I appreciate the info...how come most of these '37s I see are 4 door? They must have made less two-doors? what are the production numbers? thanks
  10. what model is this? Obviously a 2 door. Thanks.
  11. when the tread got low....Tire-Savers/Tire-Protectors?
  12. I can't find any others on the Internet, what decade is this from?
  13. Davis? Maybe.. I dont know...the front emblem appears to have an 'R' for its 1st letter.
  14. this photograph was taken August 17th, 1907. Year/Make/Model? thanks
  15. Interesting...my initial thought was that it might be an aftermarket. I was thinking any logo/emblem could be put behind that piece of glass. Plus I see the metal shell is stamped 'Buick-Type', which might be an indication that it would fit numerous Buick-Type cars? I dont know
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