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  1. Looking for advice/suggestions on where to locate new chrome lug bolts for my 1953 Buick Special Riviera. I see Amazon has 12mmx1.25 or 12mmx1.50...are these correct? The threading on those look coarse. Mine are fine. Thank you
  2. Thanks MisterC9. I had no clue they made a puller that small!! I'm still learning. Thank you 😀
  3. man, I'm having a tough time getting the upper part of the rear lever arm extension out of the bracket that is on the frame. These are tapered bolts which were obviously designed to hold on tight! Last night it was a bitch, but I managed to get the passenger side off after drilling out the bolt (which I'm trying to avoid for the other side). I already pre-sprayed. I am considering putting heat on it, but thought I would post to see if there is an easier method that I have not thought of? I am a regular Joe, and am doing this in my garage with basic tools. Any advice/suggestions are appreciated. Thank you! Johnny Rock
  4. Where the heck is my vent located on my '53 Special rear? I took off the drain plug and it hissed like opening a bottle of soda. My vent is obviously clogged. Thanks
  5. thanks, the Special only. got it. Anyone know if '51 '52 or '54 Special will work?
  6. 1953 Buick Special rear bumper: can the '53 Roadmaster, or Super rear bumper bolt -on to the Special without modifications? Also, will any other year/make model fit '53? such as 52 or 54 without modification? How about Chevy/Pontiac, etc?? thanks for any knowledge that can be given to me.
  7. yea, he is not willing to do that for me . But I appreciate the suggestions 👍
  8. Va., yes, I've been looking up and down the coast. Not as plentiful as they once were.
  9. looking for a fellow car guy in the National City/ Lincoln Acres, California area willing to pick up a bumper and ship to me on the east coast. The seller out there is unwilling to box or ship to me. I am willing to pay you $150 dollars for this service . thank you
  10. Here is an original placard that was mounted above my rear trunk emblem. 1953 special Riviera.. aluminum. Anyone know of a company/person that may be able to restore this? I'd like to keep the history attached to my car. The placard reads: Goodwin Buick Sumter, SC. Thank you.
  11. The solution was right under my nose. I was too busy looking at the carb when I should have been looking at the upper part of the throttle linkage. The arm is currently set up to work the Carter. Simply removing the linkage and turning it 180 degrees, it will be ready for the Stromberg! I feel stupid not seeing it right away. See pic