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  1. thanks guys, I appreciate the info...how come most of these '37s I see are 4 door? They must have made less two-doors? what are the production numbers? thanks
  2. what model is this? Obviously a 2 door. Thanks.
  3. when the tread got low....Tire-Savers/Tire-Protectors?
  4. I can't find any others on the Internet, what decade is this from?
  5. Davis? Maybe.. I dont know...the front emblem appears to have an 'R' for its 1st letter.
  6. this photograph was taken August 17th, 1907. Year/Make/Model? thanks
  7. Interesting...my initial thought was that it might be an aftermarket. I was thinking any logo/emblem could be put behind that piece of glass. Plus I see the metal shell is stamped 'Buick-Type', which might be an indication that it would fit numerous Buick-Type cars? I dont know
  8. I know it is Buick. But what year/model?? Please and thank you
  9. Oldsmobile brand? Tourister brand? Thanks
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