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  1. I'm trying to help a friend remove the rear wheels from his 1918 four cyl Overland. We don't have a manual and we're stuck. Anyone know how? Thanks in advance. Dick
  2. I'm interested in item number 24 part#sk54-3 Dick Lutey Cell# 906 360 7330 eastern
  3. I have the same mirror on an old Buick touring car. I could use one for the other side, because it is a driver. If you are interested in selling it give me a call. Dick 906 360 7330 (eastern time)
  4. Did you find the rim you need for the n'16? I think I have one that might work. Dick Lutey 906 360 7330 Michigan. ps I also drive a'13 model 31
  5. I am helping an old friend sell him 56 Sunliner. He has had it only about three years but is losing his eye sight, so he can no longer drive safely. The fairly recent professional restoration looks flawless and needs nothing additional for shows or driving. Please call me for details and pictures. Dick at 906-360-7330. This is a western car, now located in Northern Michigan. The asking price is $44,900.
  6. I have a reprint of models 24 and 25 owners manual that I don't need. My Buick is model 31. I will send it to you if you tell me where. Dick Lutey 906 360 7330 eastern
  7. I know of an older retired Michigan State Police plate owned by an old friend. Call me for details. Dick 906 360 7330
  8. Look up web www.viewsofthepast.com A 1911 Gaylord is shown The print can be purchased by order number tr au 282
  9. Charley Sorry for the slow response I was away from my computer for the week. I don't have a picture of the proper one Two of my wheels are a different make and they are slightly differently different. I believe the Kelsey is a smooth split straight side rim. If you have any thing close I would sure like to talk to you Thanks Dick
  10. I'm still looking for a 26 inch demountable rim for a Kelsey wheel. Two of them would be better. Please call Dick at 906 360 7330 Thank you
  12. Thank you Larry: I went through Wisconsin last weekend. We're supposed to get our first real snowfall tonight
  13. Marty: Neither Coker or Universal had a date when all white would be available. The car I'm trying to put on rubber is a 1913 Buick. I'd really like to go for a ride in your 1915 Hudson. Dick
  14. I haven't been able to find any new 34X4 all white tires. Anyone have four of them laying around? I would be happy with some used parade quality to get the car on the road .Thanks for looking. Dick Lutey 906 360 7330 Michigan