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8 minutes ago, 64RivieraLife said:

Any tips on swaping the LEDs...and do i need replace flasher? Or fuses?

Fuses no, LED's actually pull way less amperage. I only did my interior so turn signals were not an issue for me. I pulled the gauge bezels for the large Gauges. Pulled the clock, pulled the center console wood grained pieces. Tech tip.... use a rattle can paint cap and press it over the clock bezel. Push and turn. Clock comes right out.

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15 hours ago, 71GS said:

Oh , there she is...😎Chris,  is that pic from Columbus when I first got it? 2010?

Thanks for taking good care of it👍


Yes, from Columbus OH, either 2009 or 2010 I think.  Looks the same now that I put whitewalls back on it.   The current pic I have on my computer is upside down.


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