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  1. THANKS TOM K, , exactly what I was looking for. Purchased these from his ebay site..........thanks again everyone for the great insight and help in finding these very hard parts. Far many smart individuals on this site
  2. Hi Tom, Dennis here (aka. TheOldMan). Yes I asked them and Kevin said he was not sure of the size that went there. Dennis Vercellino
  3. Thanks Ed, I will get the interior screw kit from Mr. G's as suggested. In reality, there was nothing in the holes so I have nothing to compare. The OP had these set in with nuts not clips. I don't even know what size to look for. Do I need these clips or what have others used?
  4. Gentlemen and ladies, Does anyone know where one can purchase the clips that hold the quarter belt reveal molding in place? I have searched for the clips with no luck. I know to use the nuts from the inner side of the trunk but I thought when I took them off that there were clips in the holes to use to push the front studs in. Thanks in advance......Dennis
  5. Great thought Terminator.....I remember reading about the taillight leakage and have that on my list. Thanks.
  6. The painter did not get much more of the car than the body....I have gone and inspected the rest of the car.... No sleep lost. tks Ed. If I remember correctly, These were very badly deteriorated so all I want to do is get new ones and go onward.
  7. Just got car painted and painter took these out of car and thru them away. Where can I find these and what is the real market name instead of insulators? Any help is appreciated. Pictures are attached. Dennis
  8. Sorry Ed not referring to the molded pieces or the metal pieces. Thanks Bill, that was exactly the post I was looking for. I just bookmarked it so I won't have to ask this again. Now to remember where I put that bookmark>😖
  9. Well my name says it all. Somewhere in this great forum I read about when putting on the outside trim of a car, some of you used something on the back of the posts before you put it on the car to seal up the holes as the piece goes on the car. For the life of me and 2 hours of searching, I can not find that thread. Can someone help out an Old Man 😊
  10. I have had this issue on some of my cars and yes they do relax. Although my 52 Ford F1 still has somewhat of an issue on the passenger door.... that said, it too relaxed but took time. I have no idea what it felt like from the factory. I was only a kid then lol. Dennis
  11. still closed from July 4th...... Thanks anyway.
  12. Looking for both vent windows non power. Dennis
  13. You can't read blue letters on a blue tube and red letters on a red tube. How could anyone remember which is which. I can't remember where I put my coffee cup.
  14. While you are cleaning up the channels, is there any felt in the rear channel or does the window just ride inside the channel with nothing? If there is felt, (mine does not have anything in them) what size and where to get that felt? Dennis