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  1. You can't read blue letters on a blue tube and red letters on a red tube. How could anyone remember which is which. I can't remember where I put my coffee cup.
  2. While you are cleaning up the channels, is there any felt in the rear channel or does the window just ride inside the channel with nothing? If there is felt, (mine does not have anything in them) what size and where to get that felt? Dennis
  3. I will "T". Thanks for the information. Need all I can get.
  4. Thanks Bill, I will make sure the ones I receive will be just like the original ones on the car......mine like yours are original.....
  5. I know this is an old post but I just bought the set from CARS and the inner felt still has the bent notch around the vent window. I called and the person I talked to was not very open to what I had to say. I too tried to straighten the wiggle out and like Bill said, it is not very appealing to look at. If Repops is like Bill says they are, straight by the vent window, I might have to purchase the inners from Repop. Too bad CARS did not help me. Dennis.
  6. So Tom, what is the helping hand suggestion in getting the plug out of the drivers head for a water temp gauge without stripping it?
  7. you got it.....when I get the parts, I will be sure to feel from the seat of my pants cause nothing else works on me. Thanks to all you knowledgeable fellows for holding my hand thru this fun adventure. Dennis
  8. Tom, first thanks for the response. Here is the cars cowl tag plate, the engine stamps and the plate from the passenger side of the tranny. Seems to me that the OP had an engine and tranny swap from a 1964. The tranny plate reads 6D - 64 77536 as seen.
  9. Well here is my filter for my transmission and I only have a two speed transmission. I would like more clarification......please. I still don't know what Transmission I have. It is a 1964 trans, but what kind I am still stumped. this a picture of the filter.
  10. Well thanks to Steve, Winston and Ed. I have rechecked the engine block per Ed and now things have changed. My '63 body Riv has a '64 401 cu in engine married up to a 64 trans........ Now to see how the ST400 tranny gasket looks. Thanks to to keep theoldman straight......
  11. Please Steve, where on the pan? here is the pan picture:
  12. Hey, I am soooooo confused now i need to ask you experts about what transmission I have in my 63 Riviera. Sorry up front but here is what I found under the car. I have a 13 bolt pan and a metal plate on the passenger side with the nomenclature printed on it that reads 6D - 64 77536 on the plate. I looked for a pan gasket and found that there are many more holes in them than the 13 holes in my gasket. this is the one from CARS for a 1963 Riviera This one looks more like the pan gasket configuration that I have. So, what transmission goes with this gasket? .
  13. Sorry, you are correct. The '64s are scripted on the right BAD. Also I found them on rebay from bestoffercounts. they are rectangle in shape measuring 7/32" by 3/16". Thanks for all who answered....that helped me figure out what they were.
  14. I am starting to gather parts for my '63 Riv so it can be put together after paint. I just took the "BUICK" letters off the deck lid and see that they were held in with some kind of fasteners. Can anyone tell me where these can be found to purchase? Are the letters on a '64 the same? Mine are in good shape just want to know for later. Thanks in advance.