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  1. Man that’s rough. But loaded. Power vents, silver deluxe leather, I bet it was stunning when it was new. Those wildcat center caps too…..
  2. I run 215/75/15 on my 65. Generally considered close to original size. Hope that helps Brian
  3. Yes, they had a grey, cast look, center with a brushed finish rim. I like ‘em. pretty positive they are American Racing Salt Flat wheels or similar
  4. Ed, sorry to hear you’ve been down but glad your on the mend. 👍
  5. Ed, yeah it is an accessory tach. Definitely a little later era but kinda neat. The dial rotates around. post up some pics of your cars. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them. 😁
  6. Thing was cool. Silver interiors are so neat.
  7. Just throwing this out here. Pretty sure we all love looking at Rivieras, and since the meet was canceled... I’d love to see EVERYONE post some pictures of their cars on here. Virtual Riv meet if you will.. Here’s mine & Robert Doren’s black on red 64 at a show in Urbana Ohio on the 4’th. The silver/ silver 63 is a ROA member from Urbana. Unfortunately, I forgot his name. Beautiful car
  8. Agreed, and I’m ok with that😁 Those GS caps are cool too
  9. Hey Drew, thanks. Yes, you’re correct, the edges were perforated on the original so I tried to duplicate that. Zoom in on the pic of the original one. I scored and folded the new board,It fits in there tight. Take your time, you’ll get it. Let me know if you have any questions. Brian
  10. Very cool Alex, nice job. I’d love to know what you paid for that thing in ‘83 😁 great find.
  11. I made a new one from some heavy black cardboard type material and jute I got from my interior guy. Here are some pics of the original and the new one. One thing, it kind of made the trunk area air tight and the trunk lid is a little harder to close. Hope this helps, Brian
  12. If silver interior was available in 65 I’d have went that route. I think turquoise mist on silver would be amazing. That said I’m happy with the black cloth I got from Clark’s
  13. TA Performance is in Phoenix, fyi.
  14. Bill, Kevin, Yes, that’s why I asked. I just bought new tires and other than a Diamond back or Coker, I could only find 3 available in a white wall. A travelstar? A Cooper and the Hankooks I bought. Those seemed to be the best ones. They do ride great but they developed some light brown spots within the first couple weeks. Very disappointing. Bleache White cleaner helps but doesn’t remove it all. It comes back too. After I bought these, I saw a double thin white stripe Diamond back on skylark wires. Wish I’d went that direction. Seems like folks are happy with Diamond back products. Thanks for your reply. Brian
  15. Bill, that is beautiful. I love the white on silver. Curious, what tires did you go with? Thanks, Brian
  16. Hi EmTee, thank you. It was Beautiful. That is right off my phone. No filter at all. Brian
  17. Amazing car. Thanks for posting 👍
  18. Those are from US Mags and are very cool,,and expensive. 😳 I dig em though.
  19. Sad to hear this. Dick was a wealth of knowledge and generous with his time. Rest In Peace.
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