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  1. In my '63 it has (1) ACCESSORY, (2) LOCK, (3) OFF, (4) ON, (5) START. Maybe PO has replaced the original with a '63? This ignition switch has always scared me somewhat as one easily can take out the key at the OFF position and it is possible to start the car without a key.
  2. Well, they are supposed to have a cardboard duct although it is likely to be different than in a ‘65 as the console is slightly different. I renovated the ‘63 I had in the late ‘70s and remember I had to put it back, it wasn’t that hard. Sorry no pictures and the only page where it is documented in the chassis manual, p11-26, isn’t so good.
  3. I have a dual master cylinder and front disk brakes in my ‘63 together with modern tires and modern bilsteins shocks as I love to drive my car a lot. I probably have some Chinese parts on the car too as some are not available made in the USA. Should I stop using the forum now? I try to keep the look original and parts that could be reused if one would like to revert back to complete original, whatever that is, are kept. To me it seems that the forum is going to support pure originals only for the future which in the end will take away us daily drivers. This would be sad as alternatives such as the Facebook forums are really crappy.
  4. Is this what you are looking for http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?products_id=6060
  5. This looks like the HAYDEN 2747 that I put in my ‘63. Worked fine for me. Good luck.
  6. Cars Inc. have kits for the door skin fasteners. Here is a link to the largest kit, you can also buy smaller kits on their website. http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?cPath=27_28_353&products_id=7195
  7. The chassis manual for ‘63 has the below information which might be different for a ‘64.
  8. Stuart, Here is a link to the Buick club in QLD, that and ROA would be valuable to belong to for you. There is a ROA meet each second year Down Under and this year it was in Adelaide. https://buickcarclubaustralia.com I have added the second page from my chassis manual, if you have that info for the Riviera (4700) then I guess you are fine.
  9. Stuart, I have both the paper copies and pdf of the chassis and body manuals. The chassis looks like this (both paper and pdf), your might be fine but it looks different. Btw where are you located in Australia, I am in Melbourne?
  10. Merry Christmas from Down Under! No real Christmas pictures from Melbourne as we are aiming for 43°C, 109°F, for tomorrow. For most of you: enjoy the snow, I do miss the white Christmas in Sweden.
  11. I got mine yesterday, the boat tail version. The information seems mostly correct with attribution to sources. Most, if not all photos, has courtesy information. I have added the preface FYI.
  12. Interesting. I installed LEDs from superbrightleds 2 years ago and I do drive a lot. So far so god. Could you post a link to the YouTube info? BTW I also bought a flasher for LED. Search for 372451495059 on EBay.
  13. Here is one thank you as I have bought parts from Clarke’s and also had the caster adjusted based on your information. It is great to have all the information and parts available today compared to what was available in Sweden between 1976 and 1982 when I had my first Riviera.