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  1. Interesting. I installed LEDs from superbrightleds 2 years ago and I do drive a lot. So far so god. Could you post a link to the YouTube info? BTW I also bought a flasher for LED. Search for 372451495059 on EBay.
  2. Here is one thank you as I have bought parts from Clarke’s and also had the caster adjusted based on your information. It is great to have all the information and parts available today compared to what was available in Sweden between 1976 and 1982 when I had my first Riviera.
  3. Tom, I installed the complete kit on my ‘63 with stock rim. This is the international version where you need to source some parts yourself but in the end it will be the same as I have. Only for the front. http://mako.com.au/ibm_bin/common/product_list_display.cfm?productID_list=193
  4. It is edmunds not edmonds and the article is a good read: https://www.edmunds.com/car-maintenance/how-old-and-dangerous-are-your-tires.html
  5. I am sorry but I don't see a future for the gasoline, or diesel, car engine as it depends on an energy source that is limited, often controlled by countries that are low on the list of nice places, and dirty. I would prefer fuel cells and hydrogen instead of batteries as, although there are large losses in the chain from energy production to driving the wheels, I find the idea of "polluting" the environment with water rather compelling. There are other ways of generating electricity than coal and oil as I am certain all of us are aware of and the increase of renewable energy should put us on track to be able to create clean solutions for tomorrow. Even batteries replacement can be managed, I am certain that there are smarter people than me looking into solution on how to reclaim batteries. Studies regarding total costs such as the one mentioned by Tom T. (any reference?) can be misleading but I guess that also depends on if one trust scientists regarding global warming or not as I doubt that the total costs includes the enormous bill that awaits our children if climate change, as I believe in, is true. Anyhow, I will continue to enjoy life in my '63 when I take it out for a spin as I hope you all are doing with your fantastic machines. I think it is possible to create a good future for us all whilst still enjoying driving a dinosaur which our cars actually are even if we only compare them with today's gasoline cars. But they are also art! Here is something to think about, it is a good and interesting presentation on the evolution of technology that, although not so much in regards to cars, has been driving our civilization forward and is likely to assist us in solving today's problem even for cars.
  6. The spindles are not the same on the 3 different years of first generation rivieras. I had to replace one spindle on my ‘63 and learned it the hard way. I was also the first to buy an Australian drum to disc conversion kit, see below, and it had to be modified slightly, by the seller, to fit as it originally was developed for a ‘65. http://www.mako.com.au/?content_destination=/ibm_bin/common/product_list_display.cfm&productID_list=187 It was the spacers on the brackets that needed to be different, rotors and everything else in the kit works fine for all first generations. I don’t know anything about the kit you are referring to.
  7. Don’t know if it help you but I did the timing chain last year and made a tool that worked for me. Beware it is a long story and I am not a mechanic...
  8. Good luck with your car. You are probably better of learning as much as possible and doing most of the work on your car than to trust someone else as not that many knows how to take care of them. If you haven’t got any repair manuals you need to invest in them. Here is one company that you could get them from: https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/buick,1972,riviera,7.5l+455cid+v8,1021464,literature
  9. I do also find that the members of this forum are very respectful and much helpful even when they have slightly different views on how to solve technical Riviera related issues. I am one of them that have benefited a lot from this. It is nice to see that even this discussion seems to benefit from the forum members good nature. It is hard to go against the mainstream in any area. This includes science although it is especially important in science that better understandings, new data and studies can move the frontline forward and replace or add to our older understanding. Sometimes the new information is looked at further and seen as lacking in one way or another. That seems to be the case with the cost/benefit analysis made at the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, see https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/may/21/experts-reject-bjorn-lomborg-centres-view-that-2c-warming-target-not-worth-it
  10. I linked this to "Buick Riviera Owners and Enthusiasts - Official ROA Facebook Group", hopefully there are someone there (or here) that can help you.
  11. I needed to have this certified by an engineer who informed us that the forces in a collision are so strong that one needed to built something that could withstand those forces. Just have a look at a modern car and you will see that there are some strong setups to anchor the seat belts. One doesn’t need to add seat belts to an old car in Australia but if one would like to install them then the installation needed to be certified by an engineer and have a reasonable chance to work.
  12. I had 3 point seat belts installed in my ‘63 in 2016. Have a look at this for the rear: