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  1. SwedeDownUnderR63

    1963 Riv headliner pattern

    The silver headliner in my 1963 from Clark’s Corvair was installed by the previously owner. I don’t know how perfectly it matches the original but to me it looks great and I am very happy with it. The headliner was installed in late 2012 and included parts R150 and R153 with color RHZ as per the order information. It might sound like a comercial but I must say that everything I have ordered from Clark’s Corvair such as new seat buns and bucket seat bottom (leather) have been of excellent quality. Good luck with your project.
  2. Tried all except for the dash pad.. Still took a few hours to finally get it to move. Thanks, but it will sit in its place now until I start with the internal setup for my AC conversion.
  3. Hi Jim, Thanks but I guess I just have to live with it until I feel the urge to remove the clock again. Setting the clock once at each trip isn't that hard compared to the hours I had to spend to get it out...
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. I got my '63 clock running again although it was horrible to remove the clock.... Question: the clock loses ~5 minutes a day. I understand that it is supposed to be self adjusted when one change the time but 5 minutes a days seems to be a rather large amount to adjust. Any comments?
  5. Looks like a 63 with a 64 variation for the instrument bezel.
  6. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Factory routing of spark plug wires

    Hi Ed, I bought a pair of holders from cars a few weeks ago. I just don’t understand why the spacing is so different for the fourth cable. Do you (or someone else) know?
  7. David, you are not alone. I have this policy of always looking in the mirror first to find the root of a problem if something no longer works after I have made a change. That works even for IT... Been there , done that.
  8. http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?cPath=27_354_355&products_id=6692
  9. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Appraisals for insurance

    That is a lot of money for a car without air conditioning. I don’t see your problem with the odometer as it is only likely to be how the photo has been taken. Maybe there is someone living near the dealer that could have a look for you. Good luck.
  10. SwedeDownUnderR63

    71 Headlamp Upgrade

    Tony, congratulations to have seen the light... I was extremely happy with my conversation in my ‘63 for which I also used Narva although another model (they might have changed). I also used 4 relays, all with a built in replaceable fuse but I might be a little bit over cautious.
  11. It is beautiful, I could almost eat it https://www.cloetta.com/en/our-brands/brands/ahlgrens-bilar/
  12. SwedeDownUnderR63

    No keys for my 64 Riviera

    Weird but fun. Another mystery to ponder, why did some ‘63 come with one and others with two different keys. A special unknown option?
  13. SwedeDownUnderR63

    No keys for my 64 Riviera

    It is the same setup for my '63 Riviera. The owner manual talks about "Two keys are provided with your new Buick. Each key operates all locks." (page 35).
  14. I bought a new one from Russ at http://centervilleautorepair.com/fuel-pumps-and-filters He might have old ones too as he works with nailheads. I am very happy with the new one that I got.
  15. I found this regarding removal of the rear windows in a ‘63 if it is of any help for someone. Never done it myself.