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  1. ROA as mentioned above is really your best friend. Here are a few sites for consumables and manuals: http://www.oldbuickparts.com https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/buick,1968,riviera,7.0l+430cid+v8,1021420
  2. Melbourne Australia today, March 15th.
  3. Hi Tom, I have never heard about a central locking option for a '63. The one I have is an add on. I suspect that it is the custom interior that is installed in mine that they are hinting at in the ad.
  4. Hi John, I don't know about Canada but the '63 Riviera that I had in Sweden between '76 and '82 was sold new in Sweden. I seem to recall that they were assembled in Europe (the Netherlands?) and had a lower compression 401 than the one sold in the USA. So yes, they were sold new outside of the USA. The '63 that I have now in Australia was sold originally in Portland but that is another story.
  5. Carl, here is the service manual if that helps you to explain your point https://www.buick-riviera.com/servicemanual.html
  6. Ed, There seems to exist a lot of approximations out there such as this that talks about a 15% loss: https://autoexpert.com.au/posts/the-truth-about-carmaker-engine-power-claims
  7. Ed, if you look through your post you will see that the link you posted goes to a local copy of the file on your PC thus not usable. I guess this is the one you are trying to paste: https://mrgusa.com/pdfs/5-8rubgrmt
  8. Don’t know what went wrong with your link. This is the website for Mr G: https://mrgusa.com/fasteners/
  9. Could a dual battery setup create this weird behavior?
  10. This is his website: https://bestoffercounts.com
  11. Just a few suggestions but the rules without enough information seems to work against you, I looked at the AMA website and they talked about max 5 for a veteran, is that a veteran car registration or? 425BR64 or 64BR425 BR64 or 64BR BRIV64 42564 or 64425 LUCKY64 BLUE64 SMILE64 LOVE64 LOVEGAS (sorry) Good luck.
  12. Alberta seems a little bit behind. That is sad as I found it rather nice when I had a summer job there in 1985. Anyway, I could do the selection online and went with RIV63 as that was available. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  13. Ed, It is a little bit weird. If I click on the picture that seems empty on my iPad and use the arrows to go left then after three left arrows I get to the picture of the engine.
  14. Most of the information is in the thread if you read it all. As mentioned in it you have all the information for searching for the flasher there too.
  15. If you mean the fan shroud then you find some information here:
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