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  1. Happiness! The May/June Riview arrived today (1st of July) Down Under. I wish it had some kind of tracking device on it as it most have seen so much of the world. How long will the access to the ROA website work before the July/August Issue is starting its postal adventures? 😏 Have a great Riviera summer up in the north and please avoid anyone coughing.
  2. I am pretty certain that politicians all over the world will find new ways of taxing E-vehicles. They are sort of good in that area. Spending is another story.
  3. Sorry, I should have added that the pdf copy should have been emailed. This a little bit annoying That the info to get in is inside...
  4. I am still eagerly waiting it to be delivered Down Under. Maybe it is time to add an electronic version too (pdf)?
  5. I don't know him but I guess he was ROA #376 and there is some kind of auto generated(?) obituary at https://prod4.meaningfulfunerals.net/obituary/paul-duran?fh_id=16377 that could be for him. Beware, I might be wrong!
  6. Hej Olle, I very much recommend Clark’s Corvair that I used for my 63, see: Here is the link to the at Clark's Corvair for the Buick Riviera seats, the owner has a first gen Riviera and I think most have been very satisfied with the quality. http://www.corvair.com/user-cgi/pages.cgi?function=&category=buick&dbkey=24&level=1 Here is a tour of their upholstery factory:
  7. There are several in the forum that have installed that water pump including me. I have had it running for 2+ years without any issues. I think they only come for Thermal fan clutch setup, AC, (from memory).
  8. It is interesting to read about the fall of the postal system which I found pretty good when a lived for a year in Austin, Texas in 1993. I am so glad that the Australian post is still pretty good compared to, as an example, the Swedish post, that went sharp down hill after being privatized. What I do find strange is that checks are still used so much in the USA. When I lived in Sweden I got paid by electronic transfer already in the 70’s, I choose the same when I contracted for IBM in 1993 in the USA but I worked with people that wanted to have the check in the hand. Government payments such as unemployment benefits and the special COVID-19 payments are normally through electronic transfer down under. Very few checks are used today in normal transfers in Australia. Anyhow, not really Riviera related, please remove if not allowed. Still looking forward to receive the Riview which normally should be here ~6 weeks after most of you have received it.
  9. I haven't received mine but I live Down Under where time runs differently....
  10. Hi John, yes you can use them on both sides on a ‘63 but you need to put some metal under the door skin to support it as the skin is to thin to support it as is.
  11. How about putting in this in the rear instead? You replace the original speaker and it looks original with a dual in one speaker. RETROMOD™ NEO-SERIES 6'' x 9'' 200-WATTS DUAL VOICE COIL SPEAKER https://www.retrosoundusa.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=179
  12. This is an example for my ‘63 from the chassis manual. There should be something similar in the ‘65 manual.