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  1. Here’s a shot of my car with the factory Turbine covers and the 18” wheels I have on it now. I like it both ways...but a set of skylark wires would be my holy grail! -Dave
  2. I’m with steeleman, I like the black ones. I guess I’m like some women (and men) with shoes, I don’t think you can have to many sets of wheels. I still want a set of Supremes with whitewalls for when that mood strikes....
  3. I started looking into 15” wheels, even bought a few different types, but ended up returning them when they didn’t fit. The issue with 15” aftermarket wheels is the backspacing, most of them have too much backspace to clear those finned brake drums. I could have made them work with spacers but didn’t want to go that route. The 18’s I just put on my car were a decent compromise I think. They clear the brake drums and still allow for a reasonable tire sidewall. The ride is firmer but the shorter coils probably have as much to do with that as the tires do. I still have my original wheels with tur
  4. Thanks Bernie! 225/50 R18 front, 235/55 R18 rear, Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 through Tire Rack. Its on 2” drop springs from Coil Spring Specialties. 18x7 w/4.25 backspace front, 18x8 w/4.5 backspace rear. centerbore was 87mm to clear the 3.375 hubs. Almost went with 18x9 rears but the backspace went to 5.25 and space for the exhaust is tight enough. These are 1 piece cast wheels so I couldn’t choose the offsets. Its been mentioned on the forum before, but if you go the billet route and choose your offset, you c
  5. No rubbing issues, but the fronts while wider than stock, are also shorter than stock tires so that may help.
  6. Finally, after 4 years, I found a set of wheels that I like and more importantly fit. They are American Legend Racer wheels, 18x7 front, 18x8 rear. I ordered them directly from the manufacturer and they were nice enough to open up the center bore for me. I almost went with the full polished version but decided the gray centered would look good with the silver paint. I have no affiliation with them, but great folks to work with and wheels were reasonably priced. -Dave
  7. You guys may have already seen these but while looking for wheels for my car look what I found. US Mag is making plus size road wheels. I'm thinking a set of 18" would look pretty sweet. No price is shown so I'm betting the per wheel price may scare me off.
  8. Bob, I would say it rides firmer but in no way bad. I did have to cut down the snubbers in the front so the suspension would have some extra travel. I can't speak to the wear because I haven't driven it enough to really tell. The alignment shop had no trouble aligning the front end so the change must not be too dramatic. The slightly firmer ride is worth it to me, it was always a cool car, but now it's cool with a bit of attitude...
  9. Here's a pic of my Riv with the 2" drop springs installed. Still haven't decided on wheels yet, but it looks pretty cool with the turbine wheel covers.
  10. Maybe a little late to the discussion, but would either the KYB's or Bilstien's work in a lowered application? I'm installing my coil spring specialties 2" drop springs and seems like replacing the shocks would be a good idea. -Thanks Dave
  11. Saw this on local Craigslist thought for sure someone might be interested. https://dayton.craigslist.org/wto/6057361982.html
  12. I've got one too so that's 4. Silver with silver leather and lots of options.
  13. Thought I'd post the results of my highly technical washer mockup. It looks like a .500 spacer will give me the brake drum clearance and allow space to the fender lip. So now all I need to find is a .500 spacer that has 3.375 or larger center bore. And of course the longer studs. I haven't tried the fronts yet, I'm guessing I'll need the same spacer there too. -Dave
  14. I did go buy a box of washers so I can stack them on the studs and see what the ideal spacing needs to be. Hopefully not too thick, but it sounds like an inch or less should be ok. Cstang, you're 1" spacers, are they the adapter type with their own studs? or just a spacer? Also, where did you get them? Thanks again guys for the help! -Dave
  15. Thats the plan, no slammed airbag setup but maybe a couple inches. I want to get the wheels on before I decide on the drop. Also, thanks for the tip on the adapters. I've been considering that route as well but they all seem to be 1.25" thick minimum. I'm pretty sure the wheel/tire will rub the body at that width. I'm thinking the ideal spacer will be .625" thick, haven't found one yet that thickness. Might have to have it custom made. -Dave
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